Alder Point School
Alder Point School
Alder Point Boat Ramp
at The Beach
Post Office
Post Office – Mr & Mrs Dugas


The Alder Point that I grew up in began at Arsenault’s Store down at “The Beach” as we called it and went up towards Bras d’Or and ended about where the “Mulley House” is or more accurately the corner of Alder Point Road and Toronto Road. Our old two room school house was located at the corner of Alder Point Road and Little Pond Road. If you lived up the road from the school you were identified as an “up the roader” and below the school as a “down the roader.” Let us with the help of others provide now a snap shot of who lived along this road in the 1930’s, 1940’s and the 1950’s. They were:

Captain John and Mrs. Mary Ann (Theriault) Arsenault, son Ludgie, and a sister Sheela both of whom never married. They also had a man servant (who everyone referred to as Arsenault’s dummy). It wasn’meant to be derogatory that just was what every called him. He di not have the ability to speak and I don’t know if he could hear or not, I think he could. He was treated as one of the family, had his own room and worked in the barn and at whatever other chores were assigned to him. His real name by the way was Christopher J. Richard or Reashore more likely Richard because there were Richards in the family history.

Above Arsenault’s store in a small apartment lived Mrs. Francis Pattengale with daughter Gladys, and sons Hughie, Jamie and Dougie. (she was married to Jack Pattengale’s brother Jim who with George MacLellan were killed at the Bras d’Or RR crossing about 1930.)

Mr. Roddie MacLeod from the North Shore moved to Alder Point and married Leona Doucette and lived above Arsenault’s store after Mrs. Pattengale. Leona was a sister to Viola Theriault who was married to Phonse Theriault. Later on when they first arrived in Alder Point, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ryan lived above Arsenault’s store.

Mr. and Mrs. Greg (1925 – 1993) and Marjorie (MacNeil) Dugas and family.

There was then Horatio (Ratio) Plant (1880 – 1941) who had a farm and for many years (we thought) a wild bull. We would scare ourselves by warning each other not to have anything red on if were were going to walk past the pasture where the bull was grazing on our way to and from the store. We always checked to see what we were wearing (making sure there was no red showing) to make sure we wouldn’t agitate the bull on our way to and from The Beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert & Evelyn Theriault and family (Wilfred {Ishy}, Helene, Margie, Millie, Freeman, Lenny and Phillip).

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold & Mary MacKenzie and son Kenny

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Edward & Lucinda Stubbert and family

Mr. and Mrs. Orie and Alice MacKenzie and children Laura Mae, Lorraine, Ola, Joan and John William, Charles Sylvester and Robert Calvin

Mr. and Mrs. Jack & Sadie Pattengale and family (Doris, Gordie, Alvin, Bill, Alfie, Evelyn, Eileen, Georgina, Pearl, and Richard)

Mr. and Mrs. Neil & Evelyn (Pattengale) MacNeil and family

Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly & Mammy (Fraser) MacLean and family (1939 – 1940 they lived in a lean-to constructed of poles and spruce boughs and an open fire located in the woods across from Jack Pattengale’s). They had just arrived from Cape North.

Mr. John (Johnny Tom) and Kate (MacLellan) Burton

Mr. and Mrs. Leander & Lizzie (MacLean) LeBlanc and family

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur (1875 – 1944) & Mary (Theriault) (1873 1950) Plant and adopted daughter Mary

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Mary Pickup and family

Mr. and Mrs. Vilbon & Julia (Arsenault) Theriault and family. Vilbon was Mary Ann Arsenault’s brother. His house was built by his cousins who were master carpenters. Desiree and Hypolyte Theriault who also built Captain John’s home and the Bras d’Or Glebe Hous as well and many other homes in the area. Vilbon operated Captain John’s fish plant located at Ingonish Island.

Vilbon built his home near where Boulardarie had built his house so many years before. He built it around about the time Captain John moved to Alder Point in 1889. Vilbon’s mother, Gennieve (Doyle) Theriault on a visit from her home in the Magdalen Islands when she was 88 years of age died in Alder Point and was buried in the old Roman Catholic cemetery at Bras d’Or. Julia, Vilbon’s wife, was a talented pianist and a very social person who kept a lovely home and loved to entertain.

This house was then occupied by:

Mr. and Mrs. Solly & Vie (Plant) LeBlanc and family.  This house was then occupied by:

(Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Bessie (Roland) Burton and family moved in on departure about 1948 of LeBlancs)

 Mr. Jim Walsh

 Mrs. Martha Paine and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Stewart LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Phonse & Viola Theriault

 Mr. and Mrs. Homer & Zenobie (Poirier) Theriault. This hard working couple had the great misfortune of losing 4 children between 1916 – 1918 and as a result were without issue.

I used to visit Zenobie as a young boy and do a few chores for her. She was always busy running a little farm and churning milk and making butter and collecting eggs. I marveled at how when she took a break she used to place one leg on the chair and sit on it (her leg) and then rolled a cigarette and smoked it in this position.

 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon & Irma (Devoe) Buffet and family (followed by Mr. and Mrs. Alvin & Jean (MacLellan) MacLean and then Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Bessie (Rolland) Burton and family.

 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold & Harriet (Rolland) LeBlanc and family (Stanley, Peggy, Henry, Nettie, Dorothy and others).

 Mr. and Mrs. Jack & Jen (O’Shea) MacLellan and family (Jean, Toot, Greg, Dude, Byron, Fred, Austen, Maxie, Eric, Nancy, Ronnie, and Karen.)

We found it hard to understand as youngsters when Karen was born she was often pushed around in a baby carriage by Toot’s daughter who was her niece. Toot of course was Karen’s older sister.

 Mr. and Mrs. Solly & Margaret (Rolland) Thurbide and family after MacLellans moved

 Mr. and Mrs. Johnny & Sadie (MacLean) Boutilier and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Simon & Viola (Burton) Fraser and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Phonse (Phon) & Bessie (Bonner) Plant and family (Audrey, Edie, Verna and Jim)

This was another family that belonged to the pioneer settlers to Alder Point. Phon was married to Bessie Bonner d/o George Bonner who lived in Point Aconi and for many years operated a business there. Phonse (Phon) Plant was a grandson of Samuel Plant who had one of the earlier land grants which included Alder Point. Samuel Plant b. 1828 d. 1911.

 Mr. and Mrs. Dan & Audrey (Plant) MacQueen (Dan married Phon and Bessie Plant’s daughter Audrey)

 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph & Sara Jane Dugas and family (Cecil, Warren, Robena, Sadie, and maybe others) then occupied by:

 Mr. and Mrs. Johnny & Edie Mae (Jessome) Fraser and family (Bernie, Mary, Ronnie, David, Walter and Alec)

 Mr. and Mrs. Warren (1908-1990) & Grace (1915-1993) Dugas and family

 (Later: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ryan and family)

 Mr. and Mrs. Kye & Nellie (McCready) Dugas, son Rolly and daughter Veronica (later: Long Bill & Babe (MacLellan) Maclean and family)

 Mr. John R. (Grampa) Fraser and Russell Fraser (Melvin MacKenzie also boarded with Grampa Fraser after Russell married Theresa Broderick and moved to Millcreek)

 Mr. and Mrs. Walter & Bertha (O’Shea) son Grattan and adopted son Joe and sisters Connie, Nettie and Jen. Jen married Jack MacLellan (and there always seemed to be a school teacher boarding there as well)

 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Joe) & Joesy (Harriatha) O’Shea and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Russell & Theresa (Broderick) Fraser and family moved into O’Shea’s home after they left for the West Coast around 1957

 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (Big Sandy 1874-1939)) & Ellen Jane (MacDonald). Alexander MacLellan d. 1939 (Nat, Red Alec and sisters Luella, Theresa, Francis, Lillian)

 Mr. Jack MacDonald and sons Johnny and Little Alex

 Mr. and Mrs. George Allan & Mary Florence (Fraser) MacLellan. George d. October 29, 1931 (Jack, Ronald, Dan, Simon, Florence, Christina, Bill, Dave, Earl, and Bessie)

 Mr. and Mrs. Willie Joe (Burton) & Bessie (MacLellan) Campbell and family (Len, David and others)

 Mr. and Mrs. Louis & Mary (Williams) Roland and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Victor & Celine (Walker) Roland and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Roland and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Buddy & Sadie (Bungay) Roland and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gerry & Tilley LeBlanc and family

Mr. and Mrs. Carl & Anna LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Elias & Keen LeBlanc and family

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald & Louise (Rolland) Confiant and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Harry & Hattie O’Toole and family (Biff, David and others)

 Mr. and Mr. Edmund & Edna Boudreau and family (Gerry, Terrance,

Byron, Harley)

 Mr. and Mrs. Ranny & Mable (Forrest) Rasmussen and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Pascal & Maggie LeBlanc and family (Bernie, Clifton, Chester, Millie, Frances, Margaret and others)

 Mr. and Mrs. Stricklen & May LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. George & Jane Bungay and family (George, Creighton, Bill, Clyde, Murray, Sadie, Sue, Mary, Joyce and others)

 Mr. Ranny LaGoff (Barber shop) across from Bungay’s

 Mr. and Mrs. John Willie & Mary Lizzie Pearo and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Will &Mary Belle Pearo and family

 Mr. George Forrest (George was a confirmed bachelor and lived alone. He was a pleasant man to visit and get your skates sharpened and he could tell interesting stories). George was a brother to Naomi, mother of Walter Dugas.

 Mr. and Mrs. Gus & Sue (Bungay)  Pearo and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Lauchie & Mary (Bungay) Stubbert and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Steven (Red) & Elizabeth (Pacquet) Leblanc and family (Billie, Eddie, Freda to name but three)

 Mr. and Mrs. Homer & Wilena Arsenault and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Fudgy & Eunice (LeBlanc) MacFarland and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Pat & Donalda Vigneault and family

 Mrs. Elma Jessome and Dean, Elma and Ena

 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall P. & Edith Pacquet and family (Ella, Charlie, Jimmy, Cecilia, and Irene, maybe others) Marshall was in the Royal Canadian Navy in World War One. (Edith was a WWI war bride)

 Mr. Jim & Ellen Bonner and son Farrell (also a lady known as “Rosie the Riveter” who was the significant other of Jim following Ellen’s death)

 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon & Tilley McGrath and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Sadie (Dugas) Power and family (Jimmy, Joe, Donnie, Wensley, Murdock, Charlie, Peter, Dela, Rhoda, June, Robina, and Jane.)  Sadie was a daughter of Joe and Sarah Jane Dugas and a first cousin to Walter Dugas.

 Mr. and Mrs. Martin & Rose (Dugas) Simon and family (Doris, Magdalene, Joe, Amadee, Melinda, Agnes, Barry, Basil and Cecil)

 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Joe & Doris Mary (Simon) Laffin and family (Gwen, Ann, Judy, Brenda, Michael, Bernadette, Eleanor Blanche, Kevin, Joseph, and Martin ‘D.D.’)

 Mr. and Mrs. Charlie & Mary “Mae” (Jessome) Bonner and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Silas Stubbert and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bonner and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond & Eva May Leblanc (Barney, Joyce and others)

 Mr. and Mrs. Amable  & Mary Sarah (Steele) Dugas. This man’s name was Amable but because of poor English translation he became known as Marble or Old Marble in later years. (Children were: Hughie, Alex (Law), Mickey, Katie (1904-1939 –John W. Broderick’s wife), Jimmy, Mrs. John Willie Pearo, Joey and Joy)

 Law and Joey Dugas lived aboard their boat at the government wharf

 Mr. Hughie Dugas

 Mr. and Mrs. Justin (Juck) & Flora (Taylor) Dugas and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Theresa (Arsenault) Dugas and family (Marguerite, Genevieve, Al, Gert, Justin, Reginald, Greg and Melita).

 Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Nellie (LeBlanc) Thurbide and family (Solly, Reggie, Millie, Stanley, Mary Eva, there may be others)

 Mrs. Annie Devoe and children Willard and Madonna

 Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim & Rosina ‘Rosie’ Arsenault and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Leo & Bridget (Arsenault) Levionnois and family (Leona, Joe, and John Leo).

 Mr. Mick Devoe

 Mr. and Mrs. Allan & Christine Walker and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Danny & Euphemia (Livingstone) Walker and family (Rita, Mary, Justin (Buddy), Bernie, Alex, Dawson, Paddy)

 Mr. and Mrs. Johnny& Josephine (Chisholm) Walker and family

Mr. and Mrs. Neil and Victoria Walker and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Ben & Ida Gracie and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Charlie & Bertha Jessome and family (Loretta, Barney, Andy and others)

 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew & Pauline LeBlanc and family (Aubrey and Norma). Andrew and his brother Solly LeBlanc were both in WWI.

 Mr. and Mrs. John Mathew & Margaret LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Homer & Florence LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Alec (Alecky Barb) LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Alec LeBlanc and family

 Mrs. O’Connell and family

 Mr. Gerald (Gerry Tiny) LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Tingy Gracie and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew & Kate LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Dave (Red) & Gladys (Gracie) LeBlanc and family (Greta, Lillian, Cameron, Loretta, and Gloria)

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond & Ella (Bonner) O’Toole and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. & Victoria (Thurbide) Walker and family

 Mr. and Mrs. George & Genevieve (Devoe) Walker and family (Helene, Gilbert, Leonard, Ken, Don, Vince, Pius, Sheldon, Richard, Gordie, Gerard, Ann, Joan, Betty, Carol, Norma, Vickie, Gregory)

Genevieve was born February 1, 1915 d/o of Charles L. Devoe and Maggie Alice Livingstone

 Mr. and Mrs. Bill & Minnie Buffet and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred & Millie (Boutilier) Marsh and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Neddie Lewis & Irene (McNeil) Marsh and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Angus & Gladys (Almon) McNeil and family (Willie, Gordon, Francis, Irene, Nathan, Earl, and David)

(David m. Elizabeth Stubbert from Florence, NS)

(Nathan m. Lorraine Laffin from Bras d’Or, NS)

(Francis died when a teenager)

 Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius (Kern) Arsenault and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Joe & Iselin Boutilier and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver & Lizzie Pearl and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Theresa (McNeil) Howatson and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Wally & Kate Rasmussen and family (Wally and Billie and others)

 Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Bea LeBlanc and family (Luigi, Tony, Mike, Adrian, Elva, Dora, Evangeline, Mary, Camila, Elvina and Helen)

 Mr. and Mrs. James & Julia LeBlanc and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Nicky & Angeline (LeBlanc) Laffin and family (Nicky married Angeline, Mark LeBlanc’s daughter)

 Mr. and Mrs. Ray & Ella Mae MacKinnon and family

 Mr. and Mrs. George & Beanie (Boutilier) Reashore and family (Louie, Francis, Henry and Wilson)

Mr. and Mrs. ? & Ruth Hoyt and family (Spurge, Cyril)

 Mr. and Mrs. Archie & ? (O’Connor) MacKinnon and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Alex MacLellan and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Thurbide and family

 Mr. and Mrs. O’Neil and family (Anne)

 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Devoe and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Devoe and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Fred & Elizabeth Devoe and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Howard & Agnes Deveaux and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Tommy & Della (Devoe) Gaskell and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Mike & Violet (Buffet) Williams and family

 Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Charlie Kit) Devoe (Sonny, Jimmy, Frankie)

 Note: If I missed anyone on this journey from The Beach to No. 4 Road and I am sure I did don’t blame me blame my 75 year old memory. (Ed)

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  1. Posted by Audrey Laffin on December 14, 2009 at 15:51

    I was born in Alder Point in 1951, my family lived there: James & Muriel Laffin until 2004. They had 13 Children in Alder Point, Helen, Ken, Bernie, Gerri, Audrey, Vicki, Jacki, Glenda, Janet, Gilbert ,Hilly, Stan & Leon. also My Uncle & Aunt Gerald & Louise Confiant Lived in alder Point and still do. Also my son Elliott was born in Alder Point.


    • Hello Audrey I was trying to check the family and I immediately thought this is Earl Rolland’s sister married to that guy from “The Crick”.
      Nice to hear from you. How is Earl doing?


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