As of May 19, 2009 the price lobster fishermen were getting for their catch at the wharf ranged between $4.00 and $4.50 per lb with very little promise at present that it would increase.

Lobster buyers in Bras d’Or Gut as of today are:



Three Ports marine,


Broderick’s Lobster Pound (Jim and Marilyn) in Point Aconi 902-736-6560 are selling them cooked or live for $5.50 per lb.

Hi George, here is  thanks for memories in your book of alder point. Our blessing of the fleet takes place on May 31, 2009 at 2p.m.at alder point wharf  known as the beach wharf to you. I take part in the blessing.  
we dont have the parade as big as days past especially since the school closed in alder point and the children  have been bussed to other districts. In 2005 we had the fifthieth anniversary of the blessing of the fleet. in 2004 my husband stanley made a suggestion  to place a wreath in the water before the blessing of the boats. all boats and fisher people could take part. this will be my fifth year to make a wreath.It is biodegradeable. I make it natural fresh flowers, paper ribbon, natural fillings.The card on the wreath reads,in memory of stanley marsh, and all deceased fisher people.when the weather is  warm we have a huge turnout. take care ,  Mary.

Thank you Mary (Mary Fraser Marsh) for this news and good luck to you and all participants in the Blessing of the Fleet Ceremonies.


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