WlliamandMaryWilliam & Mary Belle Pearo

I would like now to include a very prominent family that has long been resident in Alder Point and they are the Pearo family. God fearing, hard working and devoted family members who contributed to the growth of the community and were not shy in supporting their country in time of need such as WWII.

There are a number of spellings for Pearo such as Pereau, Peiro, Pero and Pearo. To make it easier to follow I am going to paint everyone with the same brush that is – Pearo.

The Pearo Family

“Lifelong Residents of Alder Point“



When we look back at records and pictures and hear stories about the “good ole days” it’s hard for us to imagine the lives of our ancestors.  A time in which there was no electricity, fields were plowed by hand and travel was done by carriage, boat or on foot seems virtually non-existent.  However; these times did exist and early Alder Point settlers worked hard to provide for their families.


The Pearo’s of Alder Point are derived from the Pearo’s who settled in and around Boularderie Island (Mill Creek and Point Aconi).  The earliest of the Pearo (Pero, Pereau, Piero) settlers, known as Peter Piero and his family, are recorded to be in the Boularderie area around the 1750’s.  There are many variations of the spelling of the name which makes it difficult to research.  Most commonly used spellings are Pearo and Pero.  From this family, many descendants settled throughout Cape Breton and beyond as far as the New England States. 


The Pearo’s of Alder Point, outlined in this brief history, are primarily from the family of the late William and Mary Belle.  Both were highly respected and long time residents of Alder Point who chose the area, along the shores of the St. Andrew’s Channel, to build their home and raise their large family.

 fishing19000Fishing in the Alder Point Gut


William and Mary Belle began their married life on a cold January 7th, 1902.  William, who had been born in 1866 to William Sr and Catherine (McKenzie) Pearo, was a farmer and carpenter who immediately put his skills to work building their home.  Purchasing 50 acres of land from early Alder Point settler Samuel Plant, for the price of $127, William and Mary Belle cleared the land and planted large gardens in which to grow their food.  Their home was built upon a hand mixed foundation of rock and sand gathered from along the shoreline.  Wide plank floors were laid throughout the house and a large upstairs accommodated several children in each room.  The cellar kept food cold and a pantry with a large vegetable bin was located directly off the kitchen.  Because William was a carpenter, he made most of the furniture himself; many of these pieces still exist in the home today.  Mary Belle, the eldest daughter of Angus and Flora McDonald, was a strong Scottish woman nearly 13 years younger than William.  Over the next 20 years, William and Mary Belle would raise 11 children, most of who would settle close to their parents and raise large families of their own.  In later years, William would become known to his family as Grand-daddie, the patriarch and staple of the Pearo family.  As a devote Christian, he was known to always offer a helping hand to anyone in need and especially enjoy the company of his large family.  He attended church service every Sunday and was recognized as a Church Elder.   He passed away in 1960 at the age of 94.  Mary Belle remained in excellent health and spirit until she passed away in 1983 at the age of 103.

 haymakingHaymaking on the Pearo farm – 1940


For those who can remember, William and Mary Belle’s door was always open to everyone.  Mary Belle was known as a hard worker and exceptional baker; traits that would be inherited by her daughters Flo and Mae.  Mary Belle especially enjoyed when her sister Jennie would visit from Boston and her son Murray would travel from Ontario for late summer visits.  William worked hard to keep the land and, with the help of his grandchildren, especially Melvin Jr, he plowed and planted, raised livestock and tended to his horses.

 Pearo Homestead

                                       The Pearo Homestead

William and Mary Belle had their first child in 1903.  John William, with several of his siblings, would attend the first Alder Point School until he left to work full-time.  In 1931 he married Mary Elizabeth Dugas, and settled on a parcel of land given to him by his father.  Together, John William and Mary would have a family of nine which included:  Lorna (Mrs Harvey Hanson), Barbara Jean (Deceased (1946), Richard (Louise), Ray (Gwen), Myrtle, Joan (Deceased – Mrs John Hawkins), Edie (Mrs John Carey), Isabelle (Deceased – Mrs Danny Serroul) and Debbie (Mrs Colin Fifoot).  Mary Elizabeth passed away in 1981 while John William passed away in 1995 at the age of 92.

 Nat Beaton & Murray Pearo

                                                  Nat Beaton and Murray Pearo

After John William, William and Mary Belle had Hubert (nicknamed Colin), Thelia, Lillian, Gustavus, Myrtle, Florence (Flo), Mary (Mae), Melvin, Murray and Lily E.  Thelia passed away in 1916 at the age of 9 and during the Spanish Flu of 1918, Colin and Lillian both died.  William and Mary Belle’s youngest child Lily E. would contract pneumonia after singing in a Christmas concert and passed away in 1925 at the age of 4 followed by Myrtle who passed away at the age of 18 in 1928.  Most all of William and Mary Belle’s remaining children settled in the local area with the exception of Murray who, after returning from WWII, moved to Ontario where he married Patricia Dawe and had four sons: Donald (Sue), Keith (Francis), Glen (Waive) and Colin.  Patricia passed way on January 11th, 1999 while Murray passed away on June 1st, 2008 at the age of 93.

 Murray & William

                                    Murray & William

Gustavus (Gus) married Susan Bungay of Alder Point and settled a short distance away from his parents.  Together they raised the following children including:  Ena MacFarlane (Husband Robert Deceased), Barbara (Mrs Roger Chinn), Dorothy (Mrs William Arsenault), Peter, Michael and Daniel Creighton (Deceased in infancy).  Gus passed away in 1970 followed by Sue in 1984.

 Flo Murray Mae

                                                   Flo, Murray & Mae

Mary Elizabeth (Mae) would marry John Joe Arsenault of Alder Point and settle directly behind her parents.  Together they raised a family of seven which included:  Betty Campbell (Husband Ronnie Deceased), Lois (Mrs Austin LeBlanc), William (Dorothy), Jane (Mrs Don Fogarty), Florence (Mrs Dale Carman), Patricia (Mrs John Joliman) and Peter.  John Joe passed away in 1972 and Mae, celebrated her 91st birthday this year (2009) and still resides in Alder Point.


Florence (Flo) married James Wallace and settled in the Green Hill area of Florence.  James was a miner and Flo a homemaker.  There they built their home and had Mary (Deceased 1947 age 4), Catherine (Cathy), Sandra (Mrs Trevor Currie) and Jim (Cindy).  James passed away in the 1980’s while Flo passed away on May 8th, 2008 at the age of 95. 

 Mel Nana Agnes Dewey Wanda Jean

                            Melvin, Nana, Agnes, Dewey & Wanda Jean

Melvin remained living at home with his parents until he met and married Ellen Jane Rice of Sydney Mines.  On the evening of his wedding, June 3rd, 1940, Melvin left by train for Camp Aldershot and from there served overseas for the duration of WWII.  Melvin and Ellen Jane remained living in the home with William and Mary Belle and had a son Melvin Jr who married Agnes Rambeau (Daughters JennyLynn and JoyLene) and a daughter Wanda Jean (Bruce Noble) (sons Eddie and Evan).  Like his father, Melvin Sr was a well respected carpenter who built many homes in Alder Point.  Melvin passed away in 1995 at the age of 78 while his wife Ellen Jane (Nellie) remained living in the Pearo home until her death in July 2009 at the age of 88. 

Nellie & Nana

                                                Nellie and Nana Pearo

(The foregoing was compiled and written by Jenny Lynn and Melvin (Dewey)


Sgt Melvin Pearo – while serving Overseas 1940

(many of the pics from Colin)


Note: When we talk about the different spellings for Pearo I am reminded of a story told to me by my Uncle Johnny Fraser when he and Gus Pearo were taking loads of coal by boat up the Bras d’Or Lake to different communities many years ago and one time they were heading with a load for Nyanza. Uncle Johnny said to Gus, “when we get to Nyanza you’ll meet lots of Pearo’s.” Gus was delighted and said, “great maybe I will meet some relatives.” When they got there they found out that there were many Pierro’s  all full blooded Native Indians but no relatives. Uncle Johnny got a great laugh out of that.


I have created a genealogy review of those Pearo’s I have information on and have included it here for the information of those who may be interested. 




Descendants of Peter Pearo









Generation No. 1




Notes for PETER PEARO:

It becomes extremely difficult attempting to trace this family because of a number of reasons, one of which is the spelling of the name:

Pero, Pearo, Pereau, Piero, Perrault, etc.


It is believed that Peter Pearo father of William lived and died in Boulardarie, NS.



2.                i.    WILLIAM2 PEARO, b. Abt. 1832, Cape Breton Island, NS.



Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM2 PEARO (PETER1) was born Abt. 1832 in Cape Breton Island, NS.  He married KATHERINE MACKENZIE.  She was born Abt. 1843 in Boularderie (Black Rock) NS.



William Pearo married Catherine MacKenzie and resided at Mill Creek, NS

William was a carpenter/farmer

They are buried in St. Andrew’s Pioneer Cemetery – Protestant, Little Bras d’Or, NS


In 1871 William was French Catholic and Catherine McKenzie (b. 1840 Scotch Presbyterian)


In 1871 and again in 1881 he was living next to the widow May Pero (Pearo)


dwelling # 46 Church of Scotland

dwelling # 47 Church of Scotland


dwelling # 127 – # 131 All Catholic Boularderie District C (census)

The children were all Presbterian French or Church of Scotland

1901 cunsus – family # 79 Boularderie

Catherine is a widow with Mary, Annie & Samuel

1911 census – family # 232 section 14 page 24 Sydney Mines

William & Mary Pero (Pearo) in 1911 with his brother Peter Pero b. Apr 1862 lived with him, along with a boarder, Joseph MacIntyre a widower b. 1878 age 33


Catherine c 1843 in 1871, 1881


1901 census – family # 79 Boularderie

Catherine is a widow with Mary, Annie & Samuel


In 1901 an 11 yr old Mary Forest lived with family # 79 Boularderie

the widow Catherine Pero (Pearo) (w/o William) see John Forest & Jessie Pero (Pearo)

1911 census Boularderie – div 2 pdf 7 dwelling # …. family # 61 she lived with her son Samuel







3.                i.    MARY3 PEARO, b. Abt. 1863, Mill Creek, NS; d. 1903, Point Aconi, NS.

4.               ii.    WILLIAM CHARLES PEARO, b. 13 Feb 1866, Mill Creek, NS; d. 11 Mar 1960, Alder Point, NS.

                 iii.    ANNIE PEARO, b. 1864; d. 1955.


Notes for ANNIE PEARO:

Annie did not marry



Burial: Sydney Mines, NS


5.              iv.    PETER PEARO, b. Abt. 1873; d. 1932.

6.               v.    SAMUEL PEARO, b. Abt. 1875; d. 1959.

7.              vi.    JESSIE PEARO, b. Abt. 1876; d. 1904.

8.             vii.    WILLIAM PEARO, b. 1860; d. 1952.



Generation No. 3


3.  MARY3 PEARO (WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born Abt. 1863 in Mill Creek, NS, and died 1903 in Point Aconi, NS.  She married PETER ARTHUR STUBBERT.  He was born in Point Aconi, NS.


Notes for MARY PEARO:

Mary died abt 1903 due to childbirth – the daughter Mary survived



Peer Arthur Stubbert was Baptist



                   i.    MARY4 STUBBERT, b. Abt. 1903, Mill Creek, NS.



4.  WILLIAM CHARLES3 PEARO (WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born 13 Feb 1866 in Mill Creek, NS, and died 11 Mar 1960 in Alder Point, NS.  He married MARY BELLE MCDONALD 1901 in Bras d’Or, NS, daughter of ANGUS MACDONALD and FLORA MACLEAN.  She was born 1879, and died 1983 in Alder Point, NS.





In memory of father William C Pearo 1866 –                               

                mother Mary Belle 1879 – 1983 “Rock of ages, cleft for me”


Father John William Pearo 1903 – “Forever with the Lord”

        (picture of man engraved on stone)


Brookside Cemetery, Sydney Mines, NS



Mary Belle was Presbyterian



William and Mary Belle made their home in Alder Point, NS



9.                i.    JOHN WILLIAM4 PEARO, b. 1903, Alder Point, NS; d. Deceased.

                  ii.    MYRTLE PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; d. Deceased, Alder Point, NS.

                 iii.    LILLIAN PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; d. 1928.

                 iv.    GUSTAVUS (GUS) PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; d. Deceased; m. SUE BUNGAY; b. Alder Point, NS.

                  v.    COLIN H. PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; d. Bef. 1928, Alder Point, NS.

10.            vi.    MARY ELIZABETH PEARO, b. 12 Jul 1918, Alder Point, NS.

                vii.    FLORENCE PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; d. 2008; m. JAMES WALLACE.

11.          viii.    MURRAY NATHANIEL PEARO, b. 28 Sep 1914, Alder Point, NS; d. 01 Jun 2008, Cobourg, ON.

12.            ix.    MELVIN GRANT PEARO, b. 1917, Alder Point, NS; d. 1995, Alder Point, NS.

                  x.    LILY EDITH PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; d. Bef. 1928, Alder Point, NS.

                 xi.    THELIA MAE PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; d. Bef. 1928, Alder Point, NS.



5.  PETER3 PEARO (WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born Abt. 1873, and died 1932.  He married BERTHA (BETHINA) JARDINE 1898 in Sydney Mines, NS (Presbyterian).  She was born in Sydney Mines, NS.



                   i.    FREDA4 PEARO.

                  ii.    EVERETT PEARO.

                 iii.    RAYMOND PEARO.

                 iv.    BERTHA PEARO.

                  v.    EDITH PEARO.

                 vi.    LEONARD PEARO.

                vii.    LESTER PEARO.

13.          viii.    RUSSELL PEARO, d. Auto Accident.



6.  SAMUEL3 PEARO (WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born Abt. 1875, and died 1959.  He married DAISY HUTCHINS.  She was born in England.



                   i.    MARY4 PEARO.

                  ii.    ELLA PEARO.

                 iii.    HAROLD PEARO.

                 iv.    GEORGE PEARO.

                  v.    SAMUEL PEARO.

                 vi.    ROBERT PEARO.



7.  JESSIE3 PEARO (WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born Abt. 1876, and died 1904.  She married JOHN FORREST 1889 in Bras d’Or, NS (Presbyterian).  He was born in Point Aconi, NS.


Children of JESSIE PEARO and JOHN FORREST are:

                   i.    PETER4 FORREST.

                  ii.    GEORGE FORREST.

                 iii.    MURDOCK FORREST.

                 iv.    KATIE FORREST.

                  v.    MAMIE FORREST.

                 vi.    ANNIE FORREST.

                vii.    SARAH FORREST.



8.  WILLIAM3 PEARO (WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born 1860, and died 1952.  He married MARY MACINTYRE. 



Mary Macintyre was Catholic in census



                   i.    TEN CHILDREN4 PEARO.



Generation No. 4


9.  JOHN WILLIAM4 PEARO (WILLIAM CHARLES3, WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born 1903 in Alder Point, NS, and died Deceased.  He married MARY ELIZABETH DUGAST, daughter of AMABLE DUGAST.  She was born in Alder Point, NS.


Children of JOHN PEARO and MARY DUGAST are:

                   i.    LORNA5 PEARO.

                  ii.    BARBARA JEAN PEARO, b. 16 Nov 1941, Alder Point, NS; d. 02 Feb 1943, Alder Point, NS.



Poor little Barbara Jean died of Pneumonia in the winter of 1943 in Alder Point



10.  MARY ELIZABETH4 PEARO (WILLIAM CHARLES3, WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born 12 Jul 1918 in Alder Point, NS.  She married JOHN JOSEPH ARSENAULT. 



                   i.    PETER5 ARSENAULT.



11.  MURRAY NATHANIEL4 PEARO (WILLIAM CHARLES3, WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born 28 Sep 1914 in Alder Point, NS, and died 01 Jun 2008 in Cobourg, ON.  He married PATRICIA DAWE.  She died in Toronto, ON.



Murray Daniel Pearo

Murray Pearo passed away peacefully at the Northumberland hills Hospital in Cobourg, Ont., Sunday, June 1, 2008, at 93 years of age.

Born in Alder Point, Cape Breton, he was the son of the late Mary Belle McDonald and William Pearo. Murray was a veteran of the Second World War.

He was the beloved husband of the late Patricia Pearo (nee Dawe), dear father of Donald and his wife Suzette, Keith and his wife Frances, Colin, Glenn and his wife Waive, cherished grandfather of David (Sarah), Steven (Kristeen), Julie, Stephanie (Leonard) and Bryan, great-grandfather of Thomas, Lauren, Payton, Kallista, Sarina and Trent and brother of Mae Arsenault. He was predeceased by his brothers, John William, Gus, Melvin and Colin Pearo and sisters, Lillian, Theila, Myrtle, Edith and Flo Wallace.

A funeral service will be held at MacCoubrey Funeral Home, 30 King St. E., Cobourg, Friday, June 6 at 1 p.m.. Interment to follow at Cobourg Union Cemetery. Visitation to be held at the fundeeral home., Thursday, June 5 from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.

Memorial donation may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation.

Condolences received at

“We will remember him at the going down of the sun over the Gut”



                   i.    COLIN WILLIAM5 PEARO, b. Scarborough, Ontario.



Colin reports that the family was raised in Scarborough, ON

But spent each summer in Alder Point. Dad (Murray) would pack the Pontiac and Bell tent and drive the family down to Alder Point and return back to Ontario to work until he had his summer vacation.


                  ii.    DONALD MURRAY PEARO, b. 1948, Scarborough, Ontario.

                 iii.    KEITH PATRICK PEARO, b. 1948, Scarborough, Ontario.

                 iv.    GLEN PEARO.



12.  MELVIN GRANT4 PEARO (WILLIAM CHARLES3, WILLIAM2, PETER1) was born 1917 in Alder Point, NS, and died 1995 in Alder Point, NS.  He married ELLEN JANE RICE 03 Jun 1940 in Bras d’Or, NS.  She was born 1921 in Sydney Mines, NS, and died Jul 2009 in Alder Point, NS.



Melvin remained living at home with his parents until he met and married Ellen Jane Rice of Sydney Mines. On the evening of his wedding, June 3rd, 1940, Melvin left by train for Camp Alershot and from there served overseas for the duration of WWII. Melvin and Ellen Jane remained living in the home with William and Mary Belle and had a son Melvin Jr. who married Agnes Rambeau (daughters JennyLynn and JoyLene) and a daughter Wanda Jean (Bruce Noble) (sons Eddie and Evan). Like his father, Melvin Sr. was a well respected carpenter who built many homes in Alder Point. Melvin passed away in 1995 at the age of 78 while his wife Ellen Jane (Nellie) remained living in the Pearo home until her death in July, 2009 at the age of 88.



Ellen Jane Rice Pearo age 88 lived in the old family home that was built by William and Mary Bell Pearo until she passed away in July, 2009.


Ellen ‘Nellie’ Pearo, Alder Point

Born in 26/12/1920 at Sydney , Nova Scotia , Canada


Ellen Jane ‘Nellie’ Pearo, age 88, passed away peacefully on Thursday, July 9, 2009 at the Northside General Hospital after a brief illness.

Born in Sydney Mines, December 26, 1920, she was the daughter of the late Weston and Ellen Matilda (Boutilier) Rice. Mom was “Silver Cross Mother”, Remembrance Day 2000 at Branch 83 Royal Canadian Legion, Florence. Mom was a lady through constant prayers remembered her family and friends.

She is survived by her daughter Wanda Jean (Bruce) Noble and her son Melvin (Agnes) Pearo, grandchildren Jenny Lynn (Jerome), Joylene, Eddie (Alise) and Evan, great grandchild Aliyah Noble, her sister; Dorothy Theriault and brothers Tom, Albert (Irene) and Roy Rice, all of Sydney Mines; best friend and sister-in-law Mae Arsenault, Alder Point, who spent many hours together, also surviving are many nieces and nephews whom she loved dearly. She will be missed by her furry friends Geisha and Gypsy.

She is predeceased by husband Second World War veteran Sgt. Melvin Pearo Sr. in 1994 and brothers Walter and Lewis Rice.

Visitation for Ellen will be held 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Sunday in the W. J. Dooley Funeral Home, 107 Pleasant St., North Sydney. A Funeral service will be celebrated 2 p.m. Monday at Trinity Anglican Church, Sydney Mines with Rev. Peter Rafuse officiating. Burial in Holy Cross Cemetery North Sydney.

Online condolences may be sent to

Mom, a new “Angel” in heaven is watching over us.




Children of MELVIN PEARO and ELLEN RICE are:

                   i.    MELVIN JR. (DEWEY)5 PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; m. AGNES RAMBEAU, 1969, Bras d’Or, NS.

                  ii.    WANDA JEAN PEARO, b. Alder Point, NS; m. BRUCE NOBLE.



13.  RUSSELL4 PEARO (PETER3, WILLIAM2, PETER1) died in Auto Accident.  He married MABLE FORREST. 



                   i.    CATHERINE5 PEARO, b. Abt. 1938, Alder Point, NS; m. GORDON GEAR.

                  ii.    CLARENCE PEARO, b. Abt. 1940, Alder Point, NS.


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  1. Posted by Malcolm on August 29, 2009 at 15:13

    Thank you Jenny Lynn, Melvin and eorge. This is a great place for the Family History..


  2. Posted by Wanda Pearo on August 31, 2009 at 00:29

    Thanks for including our family in your blog.I am so proud of my ancesters because of their values and beliefs,I hope I can do my part and make my children & grandchildren proud of me.


  3. Posted by Alex Burton RN BSC.NSG. on September 5, 2009 at 16:31

    Thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the Pearo history.Especially enjoyed viewing pictures of Aunt Bell.I would visit her with my grandmother ( Ellen Jane MacDonald )they were sisters.Keep up the excellent work.


    • Hello Alex, haven’t seen you in years, hope all is wonderful in your life, I’m still living in Sydney, if you ever make it down this way would love to see you again. I often speak about you, all good, lol, and the fun we had, me, you and Maxine down in Alder Point. Please check out the Heritage site, you’re in there. Actually if you spot anything incorrect please email me with a correction, please email me anyway.
      your cousin,


  4. Posted by Audrey Radies (Dugas) on September 6, 2009 at 15:22

    Melvin, I am Audrey Dugas, Micky & Miriams daughter. It is so neat to see how families are interconnected. Dad’s sister Mary Elizabeth married John Willie and I have lots of memories of spending time down the road with them. I went through a bunch of old pictures this summer and found a few with you, dad, uncle law and a couple of other men I don’t recognize. You guys were certainly a handsome group. Was wondering if you have any picutres of Dad and Mom with this arm of the family?? Also, Joe Joe was Mom’s brother.


  5. Posted by Donna Michel on September 23, 2009 at 11:33

    Dewey and Agnes,
    I so enjoyed reading all the wonderful stories and info re the “Pearos”I remember as a Kid going to visit your Grandmother Mary Belle in the House where Aunt Nellie lived until she passed away.Always fond memories of Alder Point and going to see the relatives ..Dad, Tom Rice Nellie,spend many hours talking to Aunt Nellie on the phone and visting when health and weather permitted.Keeping all those great memories of home and family always in our hearts.Donna Michel


  6. Posted by emma on October 16, 2009 at 19:15

    hi jen n dewey thank s for the great history on aunt bell n uncle will and everybody n the old pic are great brings back lots of memorys what a nice history of the pearo’s beautiful pic of aunt bell n your mom brought tears to my eyes but the story is great love your cousin emma


  7. Posted by David Everett Pearo on October 26, 2009 at 20:19

    Thank’s so much for this interesting history on our family. As you can tell I am named for my granfather “Everett” who I never met. I am the oldest son of David Leonard “Peter” Pearo. I have been contacted by a gentleman in the US Michael Pearo who is th grandson of Louis Pearo. He is wanting to learn more about his family. Perhaps this information you produced might help him in his search.


    • Posted by glenn pearo on October 27, 2010 at 23:00

      Hi David, my name is Glenn Pearo, I remember your grandmother “Mae”, your grandfather Everett was the only Pearo family member who was able to attend my parents wedding in Toronto in 1947, in fact, he officiated along with my Mother’s family minister in the ceremony. I had met your Father on a few occassions and my Dad asked me to attend his funeral on his behalf because he was unable to leave my Mother to attend because of her failing health. (My parents were Pat and Murray Pearo, Everett was my father’s uncle, so we referred to him as Uncle Everett when we spoke of him. My Dad died in 2008 at 93 years old


  8. I am pleased that you have enjoyed what we have produced about the Pearo family. Thank you and I hope your U.S. friend enjoys the information as well.
    It is pleasing to note that The Pearo Family Parts I and II are still the most popular post on my Blog.


  9. Posted by Wanda Leblanc on August 25, 2010 at 21:32

    Can you please help me find my family? I see there is a name of Agnes Rambeau on the main page for your beautiful website and I was wondering if you can help me with any more information?
    God Bless,
    Wanda Leblanc


  10. Posted by Melvin D.Pearo on December 7, 2010 at 21:11

    Wanda Le Blanc are you Everett Le Blanc&Agnes(Dugas)grand- daughter, your grand mother,s grandmother was Agnes Rambeau of White Point, my wife is Agnes Rambeau of White Point history repeating itself, her grand- father Frank Rambeau and Agnes Rambeau Mac Cready were cousins. Melvin Pearo.


    • Posted by angela nelson on January 19, 2011 at 15:41

      I am looking for info on my great grandmother Jane Rambeau. Her sister Elizabeth was born in White Point Cape breton. Jane was married to Thomas Donovan. Just wondering if Agnes was a relation of these two which might help me in my search. Do you know anything of the Rambeau’s, or know where I could find any info?


  11. Posted by Linda Carey on January 8, 2011 at 15:54

    My brother Richard has been working on our family tree. Today we were trying to find some info and holy I came across this site. We are so excited that we have this information to proceed. I have tried to work on our tree for years and have not been able to commit myself completely to doing all the footwork.

    My mom is Edith (Carey) Pearo, daughter of John and Mary.


    • Nice to have you aboard Linda. Check out THE PEARO FAMILY – PT II as well.


      • Posted by Melvin D.Pearo on January 19, 2011 at 21:49

        George— first to answer the Nelson girls inquiry of her relative Jane Rambeau, the Rambeau’s north of Smokey are all related, my neighbour Peter Donovan’s grandmother was Jane Rambeau Donovan his father was Tim Donovan a small world. Agnes(Rambeau)& Melvin Pearo.

        George—welcome to Linda Carey she is my cousin Edith Pearo Carey daughter, I was glad to meet Linda at her mom,s funeral service. Glad she enjoyed your wonderful story on our Pearo Family. Thanks,Melvin(Dewey)Pearo.Alder Point.

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