“An Alder Point Class ‘A’ Outhouse”

 This was your typical outhouse in Alder Point and Area in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.They served the purpose and were a target at Halloween. For devilment the idea was to sneak onto someone’s property without being caught and tipping one of these outhouses over then run like hell and not get caught.

 Note: I won’t divulge his name but one Halloween a bunch of us were in the process of tipping one of these outhouses over and one of our buddies fell into the hole up to his chest. It took us some time before we had the nerve to reach in and haul him out. As sad as it was it was also hilarious and we were all weak with laughter at the scene before us. I can tell you one thing there was not a rush to pull him out of that outhouse pit filled as it was with feces and urine and smelling to high heaven. With a measure of reluctance from all of us we finally got a grip on him and managed to pull him over the edge and onto the ground. We then had to get away and took off in order to get clear of him and the smell and the fear of being caught by the owner. To this day I don’t know how he got cleaned off and home and into his house. He never spoke about it that I know of to this day. The poor devil was ‘lucky’ he didn’t fall in head first.


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