Ingonish student wins prize for her work on Joggins mines


 Sarah Quann of Ingonish Wins Award

(You go girl – CAPER)

INGONISH — A Cape Bretoner and third-year environmental science major has received top honours from a group of geographers.

Topics :

Mount Allison University , Sackville

Sarah Quann of Ingonish, a student at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B., won best overall undergraduate presentation at the 22nd annual Atlantic division of the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference in St. John’s, N.L.

Quann competed in an open forum against students from across the region to win the award.

“I was stunned when my name was called,” Quann said in a media release. “I was so impressed with the quality of the other student presentations that I saw at the conference, I had no idea I would be ranked above so many other excellent talks.”

As part of her presentation, Quann used the results of her directed studies project on past mining at the Joggins fossil cliffs, which she carried out in her second year under the guidance of geography and environment professor Colin Laroque.

Her presentation highlighted results of a dendroarchaeology investigation of wood left over from past mining activity that is eroding out of the cliffs.

Dendroarchaeology involves the use of tree rings to determine the age of wood in a historical structure, in this case, pit props from past coal mine workings. Quann was able to determine when specific mine shafts were in use across two of the major coal-bearing seams exposed at Joggins. By establishing a timeline, she was then able to research historical documents to determine which company was working each mine shaft along the current cliff sections.

For her work, Quann received a presentation plaque and a monetary award for her achievement

 (Cape Breton Post)


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