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November 15

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1960 LADY CHATTERLEY NOT OBSCENEToronto Ontario – Ontario panel of experts, appointed by Attorney General Kelso Roberts, finds that D.H. Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover is not obscene according to the Criminal Code.

Also On This Day...

Quebec – Rene Levesque 1922-1987 leads Parti Quebecois to victory in Quebec election, defeating Liberals under Robert Bourassa; wins 69 of 110 seats in the National Assembly; four women are elected: TV star Lise Payette, Louise Sauvé Cuerrier, Jocelyne Ouellet and Denise Leblanc-Bantey; Bourassa loses his own riding (Mercier) to the PQ poet Gérald Godin.


Also On This Day...

Quebec – Louis Stephen St. Laurent 1882-1973 succeeds William Lyon Mackenzie King as Canada’s 12th PM; to June 21, 1957; King in power since Oct. 23, 1935, setting a British Commonwealth record for long service.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Louis Quesnel 1746-1809
sea captain, poet, opera composer, was born on this day at St. Malo, France; died in Montreal Jul. 3, 1809 Quesnel came to Canada by accident, being captured by the British in 1799 while shipping arms to the American revolutionaries Governor Haldimand gave him safe conduct after the war, and Quesnel set up a wine importing business in Boucherville. He was a poet and musician as well as a merchant, and wrote Canada’s first opera, Colas et Collinette, a work first performed in Montreal in 1790. Geoffrey Ridout reconstructed it to great acclaim in 1963.
Also Gordon Churchill 1898-1985
lawyer, politician, born at Coldwater Ontario; died in Vancouver BC Aug 3, 1985. Churchill was a veteran of both World Wars I and II. He was first elected to Parliament in 1951, and became close to John Diefenbaker, managing his leadership bid and 1957 election. A stalwart of the Cabinet, he served as Minister of Trade and Commerce, Veterans Affairs, and National Defence.

Also Yanick Tremblay 1975-
NHL defenseman, was born on this day at Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec, in 1975; plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In Other Events…
1996 New York City – Céline Dion’s album ‘Falling Into You’ is certified Multi Platinum 6.00.
1993 Canada/USA – NHL referees go on strike.
1991 Toronto Ontario – Rob McCall 1958-1991, figure skater, dies of AIDS-related cancer at age 33. He and ice dancing partner Tracy Wilson won seven Canadian championships in a row from 1982-1988, and they took the Bronze medal at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics; native of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
1990 Washington DC – George Bush passes Clean Air Act; commits US to cut Sulphur Dioxide emissions from power plants by over 50% by year 2000. Act took 16 months to get through Congress; intended to reduce acid rain damage in New England, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.
1989 Ottawa Ontario – Liberal Senator Hazen Argue charged by the RCMP with misuse of Senate funds; first Canadian Senator to face criminal charges; dies in 1991 before case goes to trial.
1983 Ottawa Ontario – Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1919- starts 19-day peace initiative to Japan, Bangladesh, China and Commonwealth conference in India.
1981 Hamilton Ontario – Ottawa Rough Riders beat first place Hamilton Tiger Cats 17-3, becoming the first CFL team to advance to the Grey Cup after regular season losing record (5-11).
1974 Montreal Quebec – Ottawa signs James Bay Agreement with Cree and Inuit; $150 million grant for land lost to power dams.
1974 Hollywood California – Genevieve Bujold stars in film ‘Earthquake’, with Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner; features ‘Sensurround’, with low-frequency noises supposed to suggest a quake
1973 Montreal Quebec – ‘Charbonneau et le chef’ premieres; about Maurice Duplessis and Quebec’s Archbishop.
1972 Edmonton Alberta – Alberta passes provincial Bill of Rights.
1968 Montreal Quebec – FLQ bomb explodes on Rue d’Iberville.
1968 Nigeria – Canadian aid to Biafra ends after 11 air relief trips; Canadian families and institutions allowed to return.
1967 Ottawa Ontario – Secretary of State Judy LaMarsh 1924-1980 opens new Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa; part of the National Museums of Canada.
1963 Rana Pratrap Sagar, India – Canada to help India build CANDU-type nuclear power station.
1962 New York City – Nova Scotia born singer Hank Snow has a #1 country hit single with ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’.
1954 NWT – SAS makes its first regularly scheduled commercial flight between Los Angeles and Europe; first commercial flight over the Canadian Arctic and the North Pole.
1951 Hanover Germany – First units of 27th Canadian Brigade arrive in Germany for NATO service.
1944 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings score five goals in the span of one minute, 39 seconds in an NHL game.
1935 Washington DC – William Lyon Mackenzie King 1874-1950 signs reciprocal trade deal with US President Franklin D. Roosevelt; first treaty with US since 1866; substantial concessions on 88 items and new quota system to ease depression caused by high tariffs.
1933 Victoria BC – Thomas Dufferin Patullo 1873-1956 sworn in as British Columbia Premier, replacing Simon Fraser Tolmie, Premier since Aug. 21, 1928.
1920 Geneva Switzerland – George Eulas Foster 1847-1931 attends first meeting of League of Nations held at Geneva; with C. J. Doherty and N. W. Rowell; until December 18.
1911 Ottawa Ontario – First session of 12th Parliament meets, until April 1,1912; adds Ungava Peninsula to Quebec territory, and remaining area of NWT.
1885 Regina Saskatchewan – Father André, Louis Riel’s priest, visits his charge in his jail cell and tells him he is to be hanged the next day; according to the priest, Riel takes the news calmly, and says he has made his peace with God, and is fully prepared.
1881 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of the United States and Canada founded at Pittsburgh; becomes the American Federation of Labor (AFL) in 1886.
1880 London, England – Ned Hanlan 1855-1908 defeats Australian Edward Trickett to win world single sculls rowing championship; Trickett was roughly 6’6″ compared to Hanlan’s 5’10”. Hanlan will hold the world title for four years, until 1884, when he will be defeated in Australia by William Beach.
1877 Regina Saskatchewan – North-West Territorial Council passes ordinance ‘For the Protection of the Buffalo’ in a failed attempt to slow the wanton destruction of the herds; provides for closed season on cows from Nov. 15 to Aug. 14; as many as 60 million buffalo once roamed the North American plains; by the late 1880s they are almost extinct.
1855 Brockville Ontario – First Grand Trunk train reaches Brockville from Montreal.
1849 Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Government Telegraph carries first European cable despatches to and from the US and Newfoundland, as the Pony Express era comes to an end.
1831 Quebec – Opening of second session of fourteenth Parliament of Lower Canada; meets until Feb. 15, 1832; passes first copyright law, and sets up Boards of Health; Robert Christie again expelled from the Chamber.
1815 Quebec Quebec – John Wilson appointed administrator of Lower Canada; serves from May 21, 1816 to July 12,1816.
1804 Quebec Quebec – Presentation of two Moliere plays, ‘Le Médecin malgré lui’ and ‘Les Fourberies de Scapin’.
1777 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Continental Congress of the 13 colonies approves the articles of confederation; provision made for the future admission of Quebec and the other British colonies.
1765 Quebec Quebec – Governor James Murray admits French speaking jurors to Quebec courts and allows lawyers to plead in French.
1765 Quebec Quebec – Rev. George Henry establishes the first Presbyterian Church in Canada.
1761 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – Louis-Joseph Gaultier de la Vérendrye 1717-1761 drowns when his ship, en route from Quebec to France, is smashed on the shores of Cape Breton during a gale; member of the family of fur traders and explorers of the Canadian and American west.
1701 Quebec Quebec – Fire badly damages the Séminaire de Québec.
1690 Quebec Quebec – Three supply ships evade Phips’ squadron and relieve Quebec.
1644 Quebec – François-Joseph Bressani 1612-1672 survives Iroquois torture, sold to Dutch, who pay ransom to free him and return him to France.
1613 Paris France – Samuel de Champlain c1570-1635 founds la Compagnie du Canada.
1603 Paris France – Samuel de Champlain c1570-1635 publishes ‘Des Sauvages’: his account of New France.

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002.


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