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November 16

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1983 MARGARET CALLS IT QUITSOttawa Ontario – Margaret Trudeau 1947- files for divorce from Prime Minister Trudeau; granted April 2, 1984.

Also On This Day...

Regina Saskatchewan –
Louis Riel 1844-1885 hanged in Mounted Police barracks in Regina; before dying, he gives exclusive interview to journalist Nicholas Flood Davin, who entered prison disguised as a priest. Just after eight in the morning, the hangman appears in the doorway of his cell; Riel asks, ‘Mr. Gibson, you want me? I am ready’; after receiving absolution from the priest, he ascends the scaffold; as he and the priest are reciting the words of the Lord’s Prayer, the trap door drops. Riel’s body is sent to St-Boniface and interred in the cemetery in front of the Cathedral.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Louis-Honoré Fréchette 1839-1908
poet, playwright, born at Levis Quebec; dies in Montreal May 31, 1908. Fréchette got a law degree from Laval, while at the same time publishing poems and plays. After he failed to set up a profitable law practice and newspaper, he emigrated to Chicago and worked for the Illinois Central Railway from 1866-71, while continuing to write. He lost all his manuscripts in the Great Chicago fire, and returned to Quebec, where he threw himself into politics, getting elected as the Liberal MP for Levis in 1874. He married into a wealthy family, which let him devote himself to literature, and he soon won a French prize for his second book of poems, Pêle-mêle. Fréchette wrote the historical epic La Légende d’un Peuple, as well as political polemics. He was elected President of the Royal Society of Canada in 1901.
Also Don Loney 1923-football player, coach, was born on this day in 1923. Loney played as a CFL centre for 8 years, and was Captain of the Ottawa Rough Riders for three of those years. After leaving pro football, he went to coach at St. Francis Xavier University, where he became known as the Father of Maritime Football. In 1959 he helped establish the Atlantic Bowl, and from 1957-1974 he led the St. FX team to 133 wins, 31 losses and 2 ties. His teams won nine conference titles, four Atlantic Bowls and Canada’s first ever College Bowl in 1966.


In Other Events…
1997 Vancouver BC – Toronto Argonauts beat Saskatchawan Rough Riders 47-23 in CFL Grey Cup.
1995 Ottawa Ontario – Cabinet puts Canadian National Railways on the block for $2.2-billion; the biggest initial public offering in Canadian history.
1989 Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court rules fetus has no right to life under common law, the Quebec Civil Code or the Quebec Charter; following injunctions brought under Barbara Dodd and Chantal Daigle cases.
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Lou Applebaum & Jacques Hébert release Applebaum-Hébert report on federal cultural policy; recommend more arts funding and Canadian content; severe changes to CBC, such as elimination of television commercials and dropping of private affiliates
1979 Mississauga Ontario – Mississauga residents start to return after work crews drain liquid chlorine from rail tankers; no one killed or injured in largest single movement of people in Canada
1972 Toronto Ontario – Unity National Bank chartered; head offices in Toronto; Canada’s 11th bank
1970 Botswana – Canada arranges $20 million development loan for Botswana.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Maxwell Weir Mackenzie 1907- appointed to chair Royal Commission into Canada’s national security.
1960 BC – BC fishermen end 12-month labour dispute that shut down province’s herring fishery.
1959 Toronto Ontario – Leslie Miscampbell Frost 1895-1975 Ontario Premier turns first sod for extension of Toronto’s Yonge Street Subway.
1928 Ottawa Ontario – Georges-Jean Knight first French Ambassador to Canada presents credentials to Governor-General.
1869 Winnipeg Manitoba – Louis Riel 1844-1885 invites settlers and Metis to meet at Fort Garry to form a provisional government; most reject his proposals
1857 Lucknow India – William Hall wins Victoria Cross at Relief of Lucknow; first Canadian Sailor, First Black Canadian; first Nova Scotian to be awarded the VC.
1838 Chippewa Ontario – Edgeworth Ussher militia captain murdered by rebels at Chippewa.
1838 Pakenham Ontario – Republican rebels battle with militiamen at Pakenham.
1838 Prescott Ontario – Republican Colonel Nils Von Schoultz surrenders with 137 of his Hunters Lodge rebels after the four day battle of the Windmill; Hunters’ losses estimated at 80, and British and Canadian losses were 16 dead and 60 wounded; Von Schoultz and 10 other men are later hanged at Kingston
1837 Quebec – Archibald Acheson, Lord Gosford 1776-1849 issues warrants for the arrest of 26 Patriote leaders on charges of high treason, after the Rebellion of 1837’s first skirmish at Longueuil; Wolfred Nelson among those named.
1784 Montreal Quebec – Henry Hamilton c1734-1796 appointed Lieutenant-Governor and administrator of Canada during Haldimand’s absence; until Nov. 2, 1785

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002

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