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November 21

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1784 BIRTH OF NEW BRUNSWICKFredericton, New Brunswick – – Thomas Carleton, younger brother of Sir Guy Carleton, and defender of Quebec against the Americans in 1775-76, arrives at Parrtown as first Governor to proclaim the new Province of New Brunswick.

Also On This Day...

London England – King George V proclaims Canada’s Coat of Arms, designates white and red as the official Canadian colours.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Foster Hewitt 1902-1985
broadcaster, voice of Hockey Night in Canada, was born on this day at Toronto; died in Scarborough in Apr 21 1985. Hewitt started as a sportswriter for the Toronto Star. He started in radio in March, 1923, when he made one of the world’s first hockey broadcasts from Toronto’s Mutual Street Arena, using an upright telephone. For over 50 years he was the announcer for thousands of NHL, world and Olympic hockey matches. He also did the broadcast of the 1925 King’s Plate, Canada’s first broadcast of a horse race. Conn Smythe got him to MC and call the play-by-play at the opening of Maple Leaf Gardens in 1931. Hewitt served as the voice of the Leafs up until the 1960s, both radio and TV, when his son Bill took the reins. Hewitt also wrote several sports books.Also René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle 1643-1687
fur trader, explorer, was born on this day at Rouen, France in 1643; murdered by his men Mar. 19, 1687 in Texas. La Salle entered the Jesuit order as a novitiate in 1658, but was released from his vows in 1667 due to mental instability; sailed for New France; joined Sulpician expedition, falsely claiming to speak Iroquois; 1673 persuaded Frontenac to grant him letters of nobility; 1678 got commission to explore the west, and started chain of trading posts; 1682 descended the Mississippi to its delta with a party of French and Indian guides, and on April 09, claimed the entire region for Louis XIV; 1864 given command of an expedition to invade Mexico via the Rio Grande; Feb. 1685 landed at Matagorda Bay in Texas after losing most of his supply ships; Apr 1686 set off for Fort St-Louis-des-Illinois with 20 men to seek help, but killed en route.

Also Samuel Cunard 1787-1865
merchant, ship owner, was born on this day at Halifax Nova Scotia in 1787; died in London Apr 28, 1965. Cunard started working in the timber business with his father, then expanded into shipping. He was a founder of the Halifax Bank in 1825, and a shareholder in the Great William in 1833. In 1838 he founded the British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, later known as the Cunard Line, Ltd., and won the British mail contract for ten years. In 1840, his first steamship, the Britannia, with Cunard himself at the helm, made the voyage from Liverpool to Boston in 14-days, 8-hr, beginning the first regular transatlantic service by steamship. Cunard launched his first iron ship, the Persia, in 1855, and by his first screw-propelled ship, the China, in 1862. Queen Victoria knighted him in 1859 for his contributions to British shipping.

Also Angus MacDonald 1893-1952
educator, co-op leader, was born on this day at Glassburn, Nova Scotia, in 1893; died at Ottawa Sept. 13, 1952. MacDonald studied at St Francis Xavier, the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph and the University of Toronto; 1925 inspector of schools for Antigonish and Guysborough counties; 1930 associate director of St Francis Xavier’s extension department; leader of the department’s Antigonish Movement; organized credit unions; 1934 managing director of the Nova Scotia Credit Union League; 1943 helped reorganize the Co-operative Union of Canada; 1944 CUC national organizer; 1945 CUC national secretary.

Also Tom Gayford 1928-
equestrian, was born on this day at Toronto in 1928. Gayford represented Canada on the international equestrian scene for several years, starting at the 1959 Pan American Games. In 1968 he brought home Canada’s first ever equestrian Olympic gold medal, from the Mexico Olympics, with team mates Jim Day and Jim Elder. Gayford designed the 1976 Montreal Olympics jumping course, and has served as equestrian team leader since 1978.

Also Laurier LaPierre 1929-
broadcaster, author, academic, was born on this day at Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, in 1929. LaPierre earned his PhD in history from the University of Toronto in 1962; taught French Canada studies at the University of Western Ontario in London, and Loyola College in Montreal; 1962-78 teaches at McGill; 1964-66 co-host with Patrick Watson of the CBC’s This Hour Has Seven Days; moved to Vancouver to host a daily show on CKVU-TV; 1991 served on the Citizen’s Forum on Canada’s Future; 1992 wrote Canada, My Canada.

Also Howard Pawley 1934-
lawyer, politician, academic, was born on this day at Brampton, Ontario, in 1934. Pawley moved to Winnipeg at age 17 and was educated at Manitoba Teachers College, United College and Manitoba Law School; 1969 elected as CCF/NDP MLA for Selkirk, and re-elected 1973, 1977, 1981; 1969-76 minister of municipal affairs in Schreyer government; 1973-77 attorney general until defeat; served in Opposition; 1979 Nov. elected provincial leader of the Manitoba NDP; 1981 Nov. elected Premier in election; 1986 March reelected; 1888 resigned as Premier; 1990 joined the political science department at the University of Windsor.

Also Alex Tanguay 1979-
NHL centre, was born on this day at Ste-Justine, Quebec, in 1979; in rookie season with the Colorado Avalanche.

In Other Events…
1995 Montreal Quebec – Lucien Bouchard announces he will resign as leader of the Bloc Quebecois to seek the leadership of the provincial Parti Quebecois; he wins by acclamation Jan 20th, 1996, replacing Jacques Parizeau as Quebec Premier.
1992 Ottawa Ontario – Mel Hurtig chosen leader of new nationalist party by 40 delegates at founding convention; most members active in the Council of Canadians
1990 Paris France – Brian Mulroney 1939- signs Charter of Paris for Canada. The treaty and non-aggression declaration among 16 NATO and 6 Warsaw Pact nations effectively ends the Cold War, and reinforces human rights and freedoms in Europe.
1989 Moscow Russia – Brian Mulroney 1939- makes an official state visit to the USSR.
1988 Canada – Brian Mulroney 1939- wins federal election with 169 seats to 83 Liberal; 43 NDP; 0 other; ran on a platform of Free Trade with the US.
1985 Bromont Quebec – Quebec government lends Korean auto company Hyundai $260 million to build car body plant at Bromont in the Eastern Townships.
1982 Malibu California – Joni Mitchell marries her bass player, Larry Klein, at the Malibu home of her manager, Elliot Roberts.
1979 Ottawa Ontario – Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1919- announces his resignation as Liberal leader after leadership convention in March selects his successor; after defeat by Clark’s PCs. He would return, however, after the Clark government is defeated on a Non-confidence motion, and loses the 1980 election.
1976 Ottawa Ontario – Orillia’s Gordon Lightfoot has a #1 Billboard single with ‘The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald’.
1970 Montreal Quebec – Edward Cyril ‘Newsy’ Lalonde 1887-1970 dies at age 88; hockey and lacrosse player, coach; born at Cornwall, Ontario, Oct. 31, 1887. Lalonde got his nickname as a reporter and printer for the Cornwall Freeholder; 1904 started playing lacrosse at age 16, and spent his summers playing lacrosse for various clubs until 1928 (Vancouver paid him $6,500 for one season); 1910 played pro hockey as one of the original Montreal Canadiens; 1910-11 played for the Renfrew Millionaires; 1913 rejoined the Canadiens; led the league in scoring 4 times, and got 124 goals in 98 games over the next 5 years; on 2 Stanley Cup winning teams; 1926 retired; later coached the New York Americans, Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators; voted as Canada’s Lacrosse Player of the Half Century in the 1950 Canadian Press poll.
1968 Montreal Quebec – FLQ terrorists explode bomb on Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal.
1968 Quebec Quebec – Quebec votes to abolish the Upper house or provincial Senate, and change the name of the Legislative Assembly to the National Assembly.
1954 Halifax, Nova Scotia – HMCS Labrador arrives in Halifax via the Northwest Passage and around North America via the Panama Canal; a 29,000 km voyage.
1952 Toronto Ontario – Johnny Metras’ University of Western Ontario Mustangs capture the Yates Cup with a 12-8 win over Toronto Varsity Blues on a 52-yard touchdown pass from Don Getty to Murray Henderson with 45 seconds left in the game.
1950 Canoe River, BC – Canadian military troop train collides with CNR passenger train at Canoe River, after failing to get off on a siding; 21 killed (including 4 engine crew), 53 injured. The soldiers were all members of the 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, bound from Camp Shilo, Manitoba, to Fort Lewis, Washington, for winter training prior to going to Korea. None of the east-bound passengers on the other train were injured but their baggage and express cars were derailed. The wreck was the result of a mistake on the part of a CNR dispatcher, who wired the troop train to pull into Blue River instead of Canoe River; charges were dismissed because of the courtroom skill of the dispatcher’s lawyer, John Diefenbaker.
1950 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian commander H.D.G. Crerar promoted to full General after leading the First Canadian Army in the invasion of France; commanded the field army throughout the north Europe campaign; retired Oct. 1946.
1930 Los Angeles, California – Cobourg, Ontario’s Marie Dressler opens in the film ‘Min and Bill’, co-starring Wallace Beery; she will win the Academy Award for her performance.
1902 Ottawa Ontario – Henri-Elzear Taschereau 1836-1911 appointed Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
1902 Victoria BC – Edward Prior sworn in as Premier of British Columbia, replacing James Dunsmuir; serves to June 1, 1903.
1899 Montreal Quebec – First automobile appears on the streets of Montreal; a ‘Crestomobile’.
1856 Sarnia Ontario – Grand Trunk Railway completes last stretch from St. Mary’s to Sarnia, adding 1,789 km of track to its 3,200 km of lines already in Canada.
1838 Washington DC – US government says that Americans entering Canada in violation of US neutrality law will not be given protection; this effectively ends the activities of the Hunters Lodges and other Republican factions.
1829 Toronto Ontario – Egerton Ryerson 1803-1882 publishes first issue of the ‘Christian Guardian’, organ of Methodist Church; now United Church Observer.
1825 Montreal Quebec – Opening of the Theatre Royal in Montreal.
1817 St John’s, Newfoundland – St John’s suffers second disastrous fire in three weeks, after previous conflagration of Nov. 07, and another Feb. 12, 1816; 2,600 of a total population of 10,000 homeless. Other fires will level the city on June 09, 1846, and July 8, 1892, before proper water mains and pumps are installed.
1763 Quebec Quebec – James Murray officially appointed Governor-in-Chief of Quebec; serves from Aug. 13, 1764 to May 12, 1768; was former military Governor. Murray clashed with the British and Yankee merchants who swarmed into Quebec, because he would not violate his promises to the French. Recalled to England in 1766 to face charges of partiality, he saw the charges dismissed, but never went back to Canada.
1737 Montreal Quebec – Marguerite d’Youville 1701-1771 welcomes her first protégé to the Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns); ten years later they took over the Hôpital Général de Montréal .
1694 Montreal Quebec – Opening of the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Montreal.
1648 Quebec Quebec – First Quebec born Ursuline nun takes her vows; order came to Canada in 1639 with Marie de l’Incarnation.
1642 Quebec Quebec – Opening of first home for girls in Quebec.

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002.


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