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November 24

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1905 RAILWAY REACHES EDMONTONEdmonton Alberta – – William Mackenzie 1849-1923 & Donald Mann 1853-1934 complete the Canadian Northern Railway to Edmonton, as Lieutenant Governor G.H.V. Bulyea drives home a silver spike. Mackenzie & Mann’s northern transcontinental will eventually run from Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton to Vancouver, but the effort bankrupts the pair, and in 1917 the line becomes a part of the Canadian National Railways.

Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – John Joseph Caldwell Abbott 1821-1893 resigns due to ill health; Canada’s 3rd Prime Minister after John A. Macdonald’s death; took the post turned down by Langevin, Tupper and Thompson; served from June 16, 1891; replaced by John Sparrow David Thompson 1844-1894, Canada’s fourth Prime Minister until his sudden death on Dec 12, 1894, after being sworn in as a member of the Imperial Privy Council by Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle.


Also On This Day...

Burlington Ontario – Joseph Brant 1742-1807 dies at Wellington Square; Six Nations Mohawk Chief who fought on the British side in the War of American Independence, and led his people to settle in the Grand River Valley after the war; gave his name to the city of Brantford; translated some scriptures and part of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer into Iroquois.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

William Stevens Fielding 1848-1929
journalist, politician, was born at Halifax, Nova Scotia; died in Ottawa June 23, 1929. Fielding was Canada’s Finance Minister for a total of 19 years, the longest tenure in Canadian history.Also Curé Antoine Labelle 1833-1891
Roman Catholic priest, was born on this day at Ste-Rose, Quebec in 1833; died at Quebec City Jan. 04, 1891. Labelle was appointed parish priest of St-Jérôme de Terrebonne in 1868; had vision of a chain of francophone and Catholic colonies from Montreal to Winnipeg; ardent supporter of the CPR in 1872; 1888 Deputy minister of agriculture and colonization in the Mercier government.

Also Alexander Davie 1847-1889
lawyer, politician, was born on this day at Wells, England, in 1847; d at Victoria 1 Aug 1889. Davie immigrated to Vancouver Island in 1862; 1873 first to be called to the BC bar; 1872-74 Clerk of the BC Legislature; 1875 elected in Cariboo; 1877 Cabinet minister in the Elliott government; 1882 elected for Lillooet; 1883 attorney general in the Smithe government; 1887 succeeded Smithe as premier but died in office two years later.

Also Adam Shortt 1859-1931
economic historian, was born on this day at Kilworth, Ontario, in 1859; died at Ottawa Jan. 14, 1931. Shortt was educated at Queen’s, Glasgow and Edinburgh universities; 1886 joined the staff at Queen’s; 1891-1908 professor of political science; 1908-17 served on the first Civil Service Commission in Ottawa; 1918-31 chaired Board of Historical Publications at the Public Archives of Canada; works include Documents Relating to Canadian Currency, Exchange and Finance During the French Regime (1926); Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada 1759-1791 (1907, 1918; with A.G. Doughty); and the 23-volume Canada and its Provinces (1913-1917; with A.G. Doughty).

Also Andrew Macphail 1864-1889
medical doctor, professor, editor, was born on this day at Orwell, PEI, in 1864; died at Montreal Aug. 01, 1889. Macphail studied at Prince of Wales College, Charlottetown, then took medical studies at McGill; 1893-1905 practiced medicine and taught at Bishop’s University medical school in Montreal; 1907-37 McGill professor of the history of medicine; 1911 founding editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal; 1914 enlisted as medical officer in World War I; 1907-20 edited The University Magazine, a quarterly of political and social criticism.

Also Florence Wyle 1881-1931
sculptor, poet, was born on this day at Trenton, Illinois, in 1881; died at Newmarket, Ontario, Jan. 14, 1968. Wyle moved to Canada in 1913; worked for over 50 years with her companion Frances Loring in a converted Toronto church; 1928 founding member of the Sculptors’ Society of Canada.

Also Al Christie 1886-1951
writer, director, producer, was born on this day at London, Ontario, in 1886; died in Hollywood April 14, 1951. Christie made the first of his 70 movies in 1912; produced a remake of Tillie’s Punctured Romance with W. C. Fields in 1928. For more, check out the Internet Movie Database.

Also Andrew Sarlos 1931-
financier, was born on this day at Budapest, Hungary, in 1931. Sarlos studied economics at the University of Budapest; 1956 fought in the anti-Soviet revolution and escaped to Canada via Austria; qualified as a chartered accountant; worked with Canadian Bechtel and Acres Ltd. and ended up running their merchant banking; 1974 set himself up as an investment counselor, managing assets of over $500 million.

Also Also Todd Brooker 1959-
alpine skier, was born on this day at Paris, Ontario in 1959; Brooker started skiing at age 4 and racing at 12; 1979 injured a knee his first year on the Canadian team; 1982-83 won 2 World Cup events and ended the season as #1 ranked FIS downhiller; 1985 won downhill in Japan, and had 8 other top-ten finishes; 1987 forced to retire after serious knee injury at Kitzbuhel.

Also Also Keith Primeau 1971-
NHL centre, was born on this day at Toronto, Ontario in 1971; selected by the Detroit Red Wings in the first round (third pick overall) of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft; traded with Paul Coffey and a 1997 first-round draft pick to the Hartford Whalers for Brendan Shanahan and Brian Glynn on Oct. 9, 1996; currently with Carolina Hurricanes; brother of Wayne, number one draft pick by Buffalo in 1994.

Also Also Christian LaFlamme 1976-
NHL defenseman, was born on this day at St. Charles, Quebec in 1976; in his second season with the Chicago Blackhawks.

In Other Events…
1996 Hamilton Ontario – Doug Flutie passes for 302 yards and runs for 98 and a touchdown as Don Matthews’ Toronto Argonauts beat the Edmonton Eskimos 43-37 in the 84th CFL Grey Cup.
1995 Pembroke Ontario – CN runs last train over the Beachburg subdivision from Pembroke (mile 89.20) to Nipissing (mile 215.36) through Algonquin Provincial Park; will abandon line the following year.
1993 Montreal Quebec – Royal Bank announces it is cutting 3,000 positions; Royal Trust Royal says it is cutting 1,100..
1992 Ottawa Ontario – Commons passes new Immigration Act; limits right of appeal to adverse rulings; overhaul of 1976 version; some must move where skills are needed.
1991 Winnipeg Manitoba – Raghib Rocket Ismail leads Adam Rita’s CFL Toronto Argonauts to 36-21 win over Calgary Stampeders in 79th Grey Cup game; makes record 87 yard kickoff return in 4th quarter.
1986 Buffalo, NY – Sabres’ center Gilbert Perreault announces his retirement after 17 seasons in the NHL.
1985 Montreal Quebec – Don Matthews’ CFL British Columbia Lions defeat Hamilton Tiger Cats 37-24 in 73rd Grey Cup game.
1981 Ottawa Ontario – Metric Commission orders scales in 35,000 stores altered from Imperial units to metric by Dec. 1983; advertising allowed only in metric after Dec. 31, 1983
1976 Poland – Canadian Wheat Board sells Poland up to 1.2 million metric tons of wheat, barley, oats over 3 years.
1974 Vancouver BC – Marv Levy’s CFL Montreal Alouettes beat Edmonton Eskimos, 20-7 in 62nd CFL Grey Cup game.
1972 Quebec – Quebec creates 13 electoral districts in northern Quebec for 1,500 Inuit and 3,500 Indians; a few non-aboriginals only
1968 Montreal Quebec – FLQ terrorists let off two bombs in the Eaton store in downtown Montreal.
1956 Egypt – First 20 Canadian peace-keeping troops arrive in Egypt as part of UN multinational force created by Lester Pearson.
1956 Toronto Ontario – Pop Ivy’s CFL Edmonton Eskimos beat Montreal Alouettes 50-27 in 44th Grey Cup game.
1951 Toronto Ontario – CFL Ottawa Rough Riders beat Saskatchewan Roughriders 21-14 in 39th Grey Cup game.
1944 Quebec – Anti-conscription riots in Montreal and Quebec City, after Mackenzie King’s announcement that 16,000 conscripts would be sent to England
1944 Newfoundland – Canadian corvette HMCS ‘Shawinigan’ lost in Cabot Strait.
1940 Britain – First Canadian graduates of Commonwealth Air Training Plan reach Britain.
1937 Ontario – Bertram Brooker 1888-1955 wins first Governor General’s Literary Award for novel; Award established by Canadian Authors Association; given annually to best Canadian books in several categories.
1934 Toronto Ontario – Sarnia beats Regina 20-12 in Grey Cup game.
1922 Edmonton Alberta – City Council approves by-law outlawing swearing in public; after complaints from golfers on public courses.
1899 Montreal Quebec – Donald Alexander Smith, Lord Strathcona 1820-1914 founds Royal Trust, with an office in the Bank of Montreal Savings Dept; only one full time staff, Albert E. Holt, and a borrowed desk.
1897 Kingston Ontario – Canadian Intercollegiate Rugby Football Union organized in Kingston.
1890 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – Opening of the Cape Breton Railway; part of Intercolonial Railway.
1869 Winnipeg Manitoba – Louis Riel calls a meeting of the inhabitants of Red River in Fort Garry and proposes the creation of provisional government to replace the Council of Assiniboia; the English Metis ask for time to study the idea; the cession of the territory is to take place Dec. 01.
1859 Montreal Quebec – First train crosses the new Victoria Bridge to the south shore.
1852 Toronto Ontario – Opening of Toronto Normal School (teachers college).
1845 Quebec – Assembly appoints commission to inquire into losses sustained in Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837-38.
1843 Montreal Quebec – Robert Baldwin & Louis-H La Fontaine, fighting for Responsible Government, demand that Governor-General Metcalfe make no government appointments without consulting them; he refuses; all the Ministry resigns except Dominick Daly
1837 Chambly Quebec – George Wetherall marches from Fort Chambly toward St-Charles; with British regular troops, many battle-hardened from Waterloo
1837 St-Benoît, Quebec – Patriote leader Amury Girod wants to march on Montreal, but after a council of war, the rebels decide to go on the defensive.
1830 Quebec Quebec – Matthew Whitworth-Aylmer, Lord Aylmer 1775-1850 appointed Governor-in-Chief of Lower Canada; serves from Feb. 4, 1831 to Aug. 24, 1835
1817 Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick – Commission awards Britain all islands in Passamaquoddy Bay, except Moose, Dudley, and Frederick; commission established under Treaty of Ghent
1815 Quebec Quebec – Moliè’s play ‘L’Amour Médecin’ presented in Montreal.
1807 Quebec Quebec – Newly arrived Governor James Craig grants a royal pardon to Pierre Bédard and the rebels in the Assembly.
1758 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – John Forbes 1707-1759 captures Fort Duquesne, after French blow it up.
1648 Montreal Quebec – Barbe Meusnier first white child born in Montreal.
1648 Quebec – 1000 Mohawks and Senecas go on warpath against Hurons.

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002.


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