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November 25

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1885 BANFF PARK OPENS TO TOURISTSBanff Alberta – – Canadian government establishes Rocky Mountains Park at “Siding 29” on the CPR, 3 km from present-day Banff, which was relocated 3 years later to be near the local hot springs. Now the main town in Banff National Park, it was named by financier Donald A. Smith, later Lord Strathcona, for his home county in Scotland.

Also On This Day...

St-Charles Quebec – Col. George Wetherall and 350 British troops charge 100 Patriote rebels holed up in the Manoir Debartzch, south of the village of St. Charles, two days after the rebels declare a republic known as the Confederation of the Six Counties, and after Francis Gore’s defeat at St. Denis. The British storm the manor house, then burn the village before leaving; they lose 7 dead and 23 wounded; the Patriotes lose about 30 wounded and 28 dead, some shot as they swam across the Richelieu River.


Also On This Day...

Kingston Ontario – George-Etienne Cartier 1814-1873 forms the Macdonald-Cartier Ministry with John A. Macdonald on the retirement of E-P Taché. Cartier, who was a rebel in 1837, is Attorney-General Canada East; his French Canadian ‘bleu’ members hold the balance of power in the Union.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Eddie Shore 1902-1985
hockey defenceman, was born at Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan in 1902; died in Springfield, Massachusetts, Mar 16, 1985. Shore first played pro hockey with the Regina Pats and Edmonton Eskimos of the Western Hockey League, where he got a name as a tough and ruthless defender. When the WHL went bankrupt in 1926, he was sold to the Boston Bruins, where he won the Hart Trophy as MVP four times, and was a first team NHL All Star seven times.Also Tom Thompson 1843-1933
journalist, was born on this day at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, in 1843; died in Oakville, Ontario, May 20, 1933. Thompson wrote political satire for St Catharines and Toronto newspapers under the pseudonym ‘Jimuel Briggs’; 1874 started The National, a weekly political paper; 1879 returned to Toronto after a few years in the US; spokesman for the Knights of Labour; 1887 published The Politics of Labour; 1890-91 edited weekly Labour Advocate.

Also David Goggin 1849-1935
schools administrator, was born on this day in Durham County, Ontario, in 1849; died in Toronto Dec. 18, 1935. Goggin served as Superintendent of Education in the North-West Territories from 1893 to 1902, and established the centralized school systems of Alberta and Saskatchewan along the Ontario model, in spite of the objections of francophone Catholics.

Also Frank Shepherd 1851-1929
medical doctor, professor, was born on this day at Como, Quebec, in 1851; died in Montreal Jan. 18, 1929. Shepherd taught Anatomy at McGill University for many years; pioneer dermatologist; Dean of Medicine; President of the Art Association of Montreal; Chairman of the Board of the National Gallery of Canada.

Also Frederick Haultain 1857-1942
lawyer, politician, was born on this day at Woolwich, England, in 1857; died in Montreal Jan. 30, 1942. Haultain qualified as a lawyer in Ontario; 1884 set up practice at Fort Macleod, NWT; 1888 elected to the Territorial Assembly; 1896-05 served as nonpartisan Premier of the Territories; 1904 campaigned for federal Conservatives; 1905-12 led the opposition Provincial Rights Party in Saskatchewan; 1912 Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Saskatchewan; 1916-38 Chief Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Also Herbert Greenfield 1867-1949
farmer, politician, businessman, was born on this day at Winchester, England, in 1867; died in Calgary Aug. 23, 1949. Greenfield came to Canada in 1892; 1906 homesteaded north of Edmonton; 1921 President of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and VP of the United Farmers of Alberta; 1921 elected for the UFA in the provincial election; asked to accept the position of premier after it was refused by Henry Wise Wood; 1925 resigned due to illness; replaced by John Brownlee.

Also Alfred Charpentier 1888-1982
union leader, was born on this day at Montreal in 1888; died in Montreal Nov. 13, 1982. Charpentier started bricklaying in 1905; 1911 President of the International Union of Bricklayers; 1916 developed the Catholic union movement with Fathers Joseph-Papin Archambault and Maxime Fortin; 1921 helped found the Confédération des travailleurs catholiques du Canada (CTCC), with 80 Catholic unions; 1935-46 President of the CTCC; 1971 published memoirs, Cinquante ans d’action ouvrière.

Also Bob Abate 1893-1981
coach, was born on this day at Toronto in 1893. A sports coach for 40 years, Abate was supervisor at the Elizabeth Street Playgrounds in Toronto – his teams were called the Lizzies – and he coached such greats as Lionel Conacher.

Also Gillis Philip Purcell 1904-1987
journalist, was born on this day at Brandon, Manitoba, in 1904; died in Toronto Nov. 16, 1987. Purcell was educated at the universities of Manitoba and Toronto; joined The Canadian Press; served as press officer for the 1st Division, Canadian Army, and lost his left leg during maneuvers; 1945-69 CP General Manager; set up photo, broadcasting and French services.

Also Beland Honderich 1918-
newspaper owner, was born on this day at Kitchener, Ontario, in 1918. Honderich started his career in 1935 with the Kitchener-Waterloo Record; 1943 reporter then financial editor with the Toronto Star; 1955 Editor in Chief; 1966 President and Publisher; 1969 Chairman of the Toronto Star and Torstar.

Also Jacques Leduc 1941-
film director, cameraman, was born on this day at Montreal in 1941. Leduc joined the National Film Board in the early 1960s as a cameraman; 1967 started directing for the NFB; 1970 first film ‘On est loin du soleil’, about Brother André; 1973 Tendresse ordinaire; 8 film series, Chronique de la vie quotidienne; 1982 Albédo; 1984 Le dernier glacier, on the closing of Schefferville; 1986 Trois journées dans l’histoire recente du Québec.

Also Jacqueline and Jillian Hennessy 1969-
actors, were born on this day at Edmonton, Alberta, in 1969. The Hennessys played twin sisters Coral and Mimsy in David Cronenberg’s 1988 shocker Dead Ringers.

Also Magnus Arvedson 1971-
NHL left winger, was born on this day at Farjestad, Sweden, in 1971. Arvedson is in his second season with the Ottawa Senators.

In Other Events…
1995 Toronto Ontario – Venard (Len) Gaudet sentenced to 8 years in jail for his role in the costliest brokerage failure in Bay Street history; former Osler Inc. Chairman
1992 Ottawa Ontario – General John de Chastelain says Canada should specialize in sending peacekeepers to areas of conflict for shorter periods; Canada now providing 10% of UN force.
1990 Vancouver BC – Mike Riley’s CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers wallop Edmonton Eskimos 50-11 in the 78th Grey Cup; game attracts 46,968 fans, lowest since 1975; the win is Winnipeg’s second Grey Cup in three years.
1989 Chicoutimi Quebec – Earthquake centered near Chicoutimi hits eastern Canada; measures almost 6.0 on the Richter Scale.
1988 Nelson, New Brunswick – Allan Legere captured by police after six month killing spree; convicted murderer had escaped from jail in Moncton May 3 and was the subject of a huge manhunt.
1987 Sutton Quebec – Jehane Benoît 1904-1987 dies; cooking consultant, author and broadcaster, born Jehane Patenaude at Montreal Mar. 21, 1904. Madame Benoît studied at the Cordon Bleu in Paris; 1925 started a cooking school in Montreal called Fumet de la Vieille France; 1935-40 started The Salad Bar, concentrating on vegetarian cuisine; appeared on CBC’s Take 30; wrote over 30 books, including Madame Benoît’s Microwave Cook Book (1975).
1979 Montreal Quebec – Hugh Campbell’s CFL Edmonton Eskimos defeat Montreal Alouettes 17-9 in the 67th Grey Cup game.
1976 Quebec Quebec – René Lévesque sworn in as Premier of Quebec, replacing Robert Bourassa, in power since May 12, 1970; Bourassa will return to power Dec. 12, 1985.
1976 San Francisco, California – The Band bid farewell to the world in a concert at the Winterland Ballroom; backing guests Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters and others; event is filmed and made into a movie by Martin Scorsese.
1973 Toronto Ontario – Jack Gotta’s CFL Ottawa Rough Riders beat Edmonton Eskimos 22-18 in the 61st Grey Cup game.
1971 Toronto Ontario – CRTC grants a broadcasting licence to Toronto’s Channel 79 (CITY-TV); Canada’s first commercial UHF television station.
1968 Burnaby BC – Police charge 104 student radicals with trespassing after three-day occupation of Simon Fraser University’s administration building.
1959 London England – Donald Grant Creighton 1902-1978 named to Britain’s Monckton Commission, to examine constitution of Rhodesia and Nyasaland; University of Toronto history professor
1956 Ottawa Ontario – Blessing of the new Grand Séminaire d’Ottawa; Oblate seminary.
1950 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Argonauts beat Winnipeg Blue Bombers 13-0 in the 38th Grey Cup game.
1950 Seattle Washington – Lt-Col J.R. Stone, commandant of the 2nd Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, embarks with 927 soldiers for United Nations service in Korea; the PPCLI will be rushed into battle when Chinese armies cross the Yalu River; will suffer first battle casualties in the Korean hills on February 22, 1951.
1948 Quebec Quebec – Jean Béliveau 1931- gets his first junior hockey goal for the Quebec Aces in the Colisée de Québec; the Victoriaville native will play two more years with the Aces before joining the Canadiens in 1953, signing the NHL’s most lucrative contract to that date.
1944 Hamilton Ontario – Montreal HMCS beat Hamilton Flying Wildcats 7-6 in the 32nd Grey Cup game.
1943 Italy – Canadian Eighth Army smashes across Sangro River.
1935 Quebec – Quebec Premier Louis-Alexandre Taschereau 1867-1952 wins re-election for the Liberals; Premier since July 1920; will stay in power for only 6 months, as the Depression deepens, and young rebels in his party join Maurice Duplessis.
1923 Montreal Quebec – Montreal hit with early 30 cm snowstorm.
1915 Montreal Quebec – New York Central Railroad signs 21 year lease for Ottawa and New York Railway; renewed for 99 years in 1936.
1911 Toronto Ontario – University of Toronto beats Toronto Argonauts 14-7 in the 3rd Grey Cup game.
1904 Quebec – Quebec Premier Simon-Napoléon Parent 1855-1920 wins re-election for the Liberals; driven from office by young nationalists in 1905.
1878 Ottawa Ontario – John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, later 9th duke of Argyll 1845-1914, sworn in as Governor General of Canada; the 33 year old Lorne will serve until 1883; his wife is Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter Princess Louise.
1851 Montreal Quebec – George Williams founds a branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association in St Helen’s Baptist Church; first YMCA in North America.
1837 St-Denis Quebec – Funeral of the Patriotes killed at St-Denis.
1795 Montreal Quebec – Beaumarchais’ play ‘le Barbier de Séville’ and Regnard’s ‘le Retour Imprévu’ performed in Montreal.
1791 Nova Scotia – Richard Berkeley 1717-1800 appointed administrator of Nova Scotia on death of Governor Parr.
1770 Churchill Manitoba – Samuel Hearne 1745-1792 arrives back at Fort Prince of Wales from his travels on the Barrens.
1758 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – John Forbes 1707-1759 renames Fort Duquesne Fort Pitt, which later becomes Pittsburgh; end of French rule in Ohio Valley
1743 Quebec Quebec – Religious communities forbidden to acquire land without royal permission.
1657 Montreal Quebec – Marguerite Bourgeoys 1620-1700 starts teaching in Montreal; the following year she will open Montreal’s first school in a converted stable; later organizes a boarding school for girls in Montreal, and a school for Native girls on the Sulpician reserve of La Montagne.
1654 Quebec Quebec – First Quebec-born Ursuline nun takes her vows.

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002.

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