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November 29

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1963 CANADA'S WORST AIR DISASTERSte-Thérèse de Blainville Quebec – – Trans-Canada Airlines DC-8F with 111 passengers and 7 crew crashes in woods north of Montreal 4 minutes after takeoff from Dorval Airport; there are no survivors; no satisfactory explanation to Canada’s worst air disaster.

Also On This Day...

Toronto Ontario – Premier Mike Harris vows to slash $6.2 billion in spending over 3 years and balance the budget by 2000, as part of his Common Sense Revolution; head of Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

George Brown 1818-1880
newspaper proprietor, politician, born in Alloa, Scotland in 1818; raised in Edinburgh; dies in Toronto May 9, 1880. Brown first immigrated with his father to New York in 1837; 1843 moved to Toronto to start the Banner, a newspaper for Upper Canada’s Presbyterians; 1844 founded the Toronto Globe newspaper to promote Responsible Government; 1851 elected MLA for Kent; 1853 promoted representation by population, to give the more populous Upper Canada a majority of seats in the legislature; Jan 1857 reorganized Reform Party adopted ‘Rep by Pop’ and annexation of the Northwest; Aug 1858 formed government with A.A. Dorion and his Lower Canada Liberals; 1863 married Anne Nelson, daughter of Edinburgh publisher; elected MLA for South Oxford; June 30, 1864, he and fellow Reform Liberals Oliver Mowat and William MacDougall joined Macdonald, Galt and Cartier in the Great Coalition Ministry to carry Confederation; Dec 1865 resigned from coalition Cabinet but continued to support Confederation; 1867 defeated in first federal election; 1874 appointed Senator by Alexander Mackenzie; 1880 died of infection from a minor leg wound when a dismissed Globe employee, George Bennett, shot him in his office.Also William Macdonald 1832-1916
Conservative politician, born in 1832; died Oct. 25, 1916. Macdonald was a Senator (British Columbia) for 43 years, 4 months; (Dec. 13, 1871 – Apr. 13, 1915).

Also Humphrey Carver 1902-
architect, author, born at Birmingham, England, on this day in 1902. Carver came to Canada in 1930; 1931-37 landscape architecture with Carl Borgstrum; 1938-41 taught at the University of Toronto’s School of Architecture; 1946-48 taught at U of T’s School of Social Work; pioneered Regent Park North public-housing project; 1948-55 chaired Research Committee of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation; 1962 author of Cities in the Suburbs.

Also John Tully 1906-1987
oceanographer, fisheries scientist, born at Brandon, Manitoba, on this day in 1906; died at Nanaimo, BC, May 19, 1987. Tully headed the Pacific Oceanographic Group in Nanaimo from 1946 to 1965.

Also John Fisher 1912-1981
broadcaster, public relations professional, ‘Mr. Canada’, born at Sackville, New Brunswick, on this day in 1912; died at Boynton Beach, Florida, Feb. 15, 1981. Fisher graduated in law from Dalhousie University; reporter in Halifax; 1943-55 CBC ‘roving reporter’, broadcaster of ‘John Fisher Reports’ a 15 minute show heard 3 times a week on CBC; 1956 executive director of the Canadian Tourist Association; special assistant to Prime Minister Diefenbaker; Canada’s chief Centennial Commissioner.

Also Robert Bell 1918-
nuclear physicist, professor, born at Ladner, BC, on this day in 1918. Bell graduated from UBC in 1941; worked on radar development at the National Research Council during World War II; 1945 graduate studies at McGill; 1948 PhD in nuclear physics; joined Canadian Atomic Energy Project at Chalk River; 1952 taught at McGill; 1960 Ernest Rutherford Professor of Physics; 1970-79 Principal and Vice-Chancellor.

Also Bickert Edward 1932-
jazz guitarist, born at Hochfeld, Manitoba, on this day in 1932. Bickert started playing professionally in 1955 in Toronto; has worked with Canadians Ron Collier, Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass, Don Thompson and Moe Koffman, as well as US saxophonist Paul Desmond.

Also Denny Doherty 1941-
singer, songwriter, actor, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on this day in 1941. Doherty started his first folk trio, The Colonials, later the Halifax Three, in 1959; signed a recording contract in New York, but the group broke up; joined Cass Elliot as a member of her Greenwich Village group, The Big Three; recruited Zal Yanovsky and John Sebastian and changed its name to The Mugwumps, a Beatles clone; group broke up without a contract, Sebastian and Yanovsky forming The Lovin’ Spoonful and Cass and Doherty joining John and Michelle Phillips of the Journeymen to become The New Journeymen and then The Mamas and the Papas; 1965 moved to Los Angeles and started generating hits like California Dreaming, Monday Monday, Go Where you Wanna Go, I Saw Her Again Last Night, Words of Love, Dancing in the Street, Dedicated to the One I Love, and Creeque Alley; 6 top 5 hits from 1965 to 1967; albums included If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears (#1), The Mamas The Papas (#4), Deliver (#2) and Farewell To The First Golden Era (#5); 1969 group split up; Doherty recorded two solo albums, then returned to New York; played the lead on Broadway in John Phillip’s Man on The Moon; 1978 returned to Halifax to host Denny’s Show for CBC TV; acted in Paul Ledoux’s North Mountain Breakdown and at the Neptune Theatre; has performed in Fire, The Secret Garden and his hit children’s TV show Theodore Tugboat; occasionally plays with the new Mamas and the Papas with Spanky McFarlane and McKenzie Phillips; Jan. 1998, inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Also Stan Rogers 1949-1983
folksinger, songwriter, born in Hamilton, Ontario, on this day in 1949; dies at age 33 in a fire on an Air Canada jet at Cincinnati airport June 02, 1983. Rogers recorded 4 albums: Fogarty’s Cove, Turnaround, Between the Breaks, Northwest Passage; two more compilations, From Fresh Water, and For the Family, were released after his death; hits include Barrett’s Privateers, Make and Break Harbour, The Mary Ellen Carter, and Northwest Passage.

Also Howie Mandel 1955-
actor, comedian, talk show host, born at Toronto in 1955. Mandel has played in St. Elsewhere (Dr. Wayne Fiscus), Parenthood, Good Grief!, and as the cartoon voice of Bobby/his dad in Bobby’s World’s; he now has his own talk show.

Also Brad May 1971-
NHL left winger, born at Toronto, Ontario, on this day in 1971; selected by the Buffalo Sabres in the first round (14th pick overall) of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft; now with Vancouver Canucks.

In Other Events…
1992 Toronto Ontario – Doug Flutie leads Wally Buono’s CFL Calgary Stampeders to win over Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-10 in 80th Grey Cup; 3rd title to Calgary. Pundits say this may be last all-Canadian event if CFL expands to US.
1991 Montreal Quebec – Environment Minister Jean Charest announces $34.9 million program to protect Canadian wildlife; set up national wildlife habitat network; plus $17.7 million for ecology research
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament backs UN resolution allowing the use of military force to end the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. Saddam Hussein will ignore UN deadline of Jan. 15 to withdraw, and Canadian units, including fighters, field hospitals and ships are sent to the Persian Gulf.
1987 Vancouver BC – Joe Faragalli’s CFL Edmonton Eskimos defeat Toronto Argonauts 38-36 in 75th Grey Cup game.
1983 Halifax, Nova Scotia – Kanchan Stott, age 37, reaches Halifax 207 days after leaving Victoria, BC; first cross-Canada run by a woman; longest recorded run (6688 km) by a woman .
1983 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa suspends enforcement of metric measurement after adverse court ruling; need to rewrite and clarify law.
1982 Vancouver BC – Percy Williams 1908-1982 dies; runner, born at Vancouver May 19, 1908; 1928 won gold medals in the 100 and 200 m sprints at the Amsterdam Olympics.
1977 Montreal Quebec – Quebec establishes provincially-owned National Asbestos Corporation.
1976 New York City – Gordon Lightfoot’s The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald stays at #1 on the charts for another week.
1974 Saskatoon Saskatchewan – Naim Djemal hijacks an aircraft over Saskatchewan, assaults a stewardess and orders the pilot to fly to Cyprus; on landing for fuel, he hands a knife to the captain, and is arrested as he walks off the aircraft.
1973 Toronto Ontario – 7,800 Toronto secondary teachers end work-to-rule campaign, sign contract with Metro school board.
1972 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa approves $74 million plan to computerize air traffic control; will improve safety and ease airport congestion
1965 Vandenberg AFB California – Thor Agena B launches Canadian communications satellite, Alouette II (mass 145 kg); to continue ionospheric research.
1964 Los Angeles, California – Canadian actor Lorne Greene, Pa Cartwright on the NBC TV show Bonanza, has a # 1 Billboard pop hit with ‘Ringo’; second Canadian to have a #1 pop hit in the United States, after Paul Anka.
1962 Toronto Ontario – Severe lakefront fog halts Grey Cup game between Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Winnipeg Blue Bombers with 9:22 left; Bud Grant’s Winnipeg team wins Fog Bowl next day by a score of 28-27.
1958 Vancouver BC – Bud Grant’s CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat Hamilton Tiger Cats 35-28 in 46th Grey Cup game.
1956 Egypt – Canadians join main body of United Nations Expeditionary Force in Egypt; with Colombians, and troops from four Scandinavian countries
1952 Toronto Ontario – CFL Toronto Argonauts beat Edmonton Eskimos 21-11 in 40th Grey Cup game.
1947 Ottawa Ontario – Proclamation removes ET IND IMP from the obverse legend of Canadian coins; means ‘and Empress of India’.
1947 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Argonauts beat Calgary Stampeders 10-9 in 35th Grey Cup game.
1941 Toronto Ontario – Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat Ottawa Rough Riders 18-16 in 29th Grey Cup game.
1924 Toronto Ontario – Queen’s University beats Toronto Balmy Beach 11-3 in the 12th Grey Cup game; before 5,978 fans.
1924 Montreal Quebec – Montreal Canadiens beat Toronto 7-1 in the first hockey game played in the new (old) Montreal Forum.
1918 Winnipeg Manitoba – Canadian Council of Agriculture calls for lower tariffs, free trade with Britain and the US; Farmers’ Platform
1916 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the National Research Council of Canada; to further scientific planning and development.
1913 Hamilton Ontario – Hamilton Tigers beat Toronto Parkdale 44-2 in the 5th Grey Cup game; before 2,100 fans.
1899 Cape Town South Africa – William Dillon Otter 1843-1929 arrives in Cape Town with the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, to fight in the Boer War.
1855 Brockville Ontario – Grand Trunk Railroad completed west from Montreal to Brockville.
1808 Quebec – Francis Burton 1766-1832 appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada; serves until Jan. 27, 1832
1798 Charlottetown PEI – Legislature of Island of St. John votes to change name to Prince Edward Island; takes place June 3, 1799
1784 Quebec Quebec – Louis-Philippe Mariauchau d’Esgly 1710-1788 appointed Bishop of Quebec; first Canadian-born bishop
1760 Detroit Michigan – Major Robert Rogers 1731-1795 gets surrender of French at Fort Detroit; when the British refuse to lower prices on trade goods and furnish them with ammunition, the Native Americans grow restive, stirred up by the Delaware prophet and his disciple Pontiac c1720-69, chief of the Ottawa.
1745 Saratoga, New York – French burn Saratoga and later Albany, to retaliate for the efforts of Mohawk Valley Indian trader William Johnson to get the Iroquois on the warpath; part of King George’s War (War of the Austrian Succession) 1744-1748.
1698 Quebec Quebec – Louis-Hector de Callières 1648-1703 appointed administrator of New France after Frontenac’s death; serves until September 13, 1699

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002.

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