Old Fashioned Wall Telephone


Hey, do you remember the old wall telephone? These existed throughout rural Cape Breton back before the 1950’s. You were lucky if someone had one every two or three miles apart for use primarily for those without one in emergencies.

In our particular part of Cape Breton over a space of six miles from The Beach to Bras d’Or corner there might have been five or six such phones. They were located at, Arsenault’s Store, Phon Plant’s, Walter Dugas’, Mrs. LeBlanc’s and Angus MacNeil’s.

Far stretch from what we have today where it is not uncommon to see 9 and 10 year olds with a cellular telephone stuck to their ear – God only knows what they are talking about. As for adults, it appears that many can’t drive without using a cell phone.

Oh well – progress!


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  1. Posted by Nancy Gauthier (Jessome) on December 3, 2010 at 23:53

    I remember those old black phones very well. I still “listen” to ensure no one else is talking (on the party line), before dialing. And strangely enough I can still remember our phone number from the 50’s.


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