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December 03

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1960 CANADA GETS TWO MILLIONTH POST-WAR IMMIGRANTQuebec Quebec – – Annette Toft arrives at Quebec City from Denmark; Canada’s 2,000,000th immigrant since 1945.

Also On This Day...

Winnipeg Manitoba – Canadian Pacific Railway connects Winnipeg with Emerson, Minnesota, and the outside world; Pembina branch connects with St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. Here’s the engine, the Countess of Dufferin, arriving on a river barge with one boxcar.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

William Otter 1843-1929
soldier, was born on this day in Clinton, Ontario; died in Toronto May 6 1929. Otter fought in the Canadian militia against the Fenians at the battle of Ridgeway in 1866; 1883 joined the permanent force; 1885 commanded the Battleford column in the North West Rebellion; 1899 commanded the first Canadian contingent in the Boer War; 1908 first Canadian-born chief of the general staff; 1910-12 Inspector General of the Canadian Militia; 1914 in charge of enemy internment in World War I; 1922 second Canadian soldier, after Arthur Currie, to reach the rank of general.Also William Bowser 1867-1933
lawyer, politician, premier of BC, was born on this day at Rexton, New Brunswick, in 1867; died at Vancouver Oct. 25, 1933. Bowser graduated from Dalhousie in law; 1891 set up practice in Vancouver; 1903-24 Conservative MLA; 1907 BC Attorney General; Dec. 15, 1915 succeeded McBride as Premier, but the divided party defeated at the polls; 1916-24 Leader of the Opposition; 1933 died while leading an independent nonpartisan group to find ways of dealing with the Depression.

Also Arthur Hardy 1872-1962
was born on this day in 1872; Liberal Senator (Ontario) for 40 years, l month, 3 days; from Feb. 10 1922 until his death March 13, 1962.

Also John Ferris 1878-1970
was born on this day in 1878; Liberal Senator (British Columbia) for 33 years, 1 month, 16 days; from Jan 09, 1937 until his death Feb. 25, 1970.

Also Florence Inman 1890-1986
was born on this day in 1890; Senator (Prince Edward Island) for 30 years, 10 months, 3 days; from July 28, 1955 until her death May 31, 1986.

Also Miriam Waddington 1917-
poet, social worker, professor, born Miriam Dworkin at Winnipeg in 1917; Waddington studied at the University of Toronto; 1945 awarded MSW from the University of Pennsylvania; 1964 English professor at York University; books of poetry include Green World (1945), The Season’s Lovers (1958), The Glass Trumpet (1966), The Price of Gold (1976), The Visitants (1981) and Collected Poems (1986).

Also Charles Lynch 1919-1994
journalist, was born on this day in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but came to Canada at the age of two weeks; died in Ottawa July 21 1994. Lynch grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick; 1936 started his career in journalism with the Saint John Citizen at age 17; 1943 war correspondent for Reuters; 1944 posted to London; covered D-Day landings and the Nuremberg War Trials. He became head of Southam News, and wrote a daily column on national affairs for 20 years.

Also Eli Mandel 1922-
poet, was born on this day at Estavan, Saskatchewan in 1922, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants. Mandel has taught English and creative writing at the universities of Alberta, Victoria, Toronto and York; 1967 won the Governor General’s Award for his collection An Idiot Joy.

Also Yves Trudeau 1930-
sculptor, was born on this day at Montreal in 1930. Trudeau studied at the École des beaux-arts; 1950s produced stylized bronze spiral figures; 1960s moved into iron and wood organic creations; 1970s became more geometrical and abstract; 1984 produced a large sculpture of a ship under full sail to mark the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s landing at Gaspé.

Also Melody Anderson 1955-
TV and soap actor, was born on this day at Edmonton, Alberta in 1955. Anderson has acted in Manimal, as Neely in Jake & the Fatman, and as Natalie Dillon in All My Children. For a list of her credits, check out the Internet Movie Database.

Also Laura Schuler 1970-
hockey forward, was born on this day at Scarborough, Ontario, in 1970; plays for the University of Toronto Blues and Newtonbrook Panthers; 1997 member of the gold medal team at the World Championship in Kitchener, Ontario.


In Other Events…
1996 Paris France – Hélène Viel of Montreal killed in a terrorist attack in the Paris Metro; an innocent bystander.
1995 Montreal Quebec – Goalie Patrick Roy fired by Montreal Canadiens GM Réjean Houle; traded 3 days later to the Colorado Avalanche for Jocelyn Thibault.
1991 Ottawa Ontario – Denis Desautels issues Annual Report; criticizes farm aid, Indian Affairs, investment of government pension funds; new Auditor-General of Canada.
1991 Ottawa Ontario – Governor-General’s Awards: Rohinton Mistry for English Fiction for first novel ‘Such a Long Journey’; Bernard Arcand for French non-fiction for ‘Le Jaguar et le tamanoir’; Andre Brochu for French Fiction for novel ‘La Croix du Nord’; from Ville Mont-Royal; Gilbert Dupuis for French drama for ‘Mon oncle Marcel qui vague vague près du métro Berri’; Madeleine Gagnon for French poetry for ‘Chant pour un Québec lointain’; Robert Hunter, Robert Calihoo for English non-fiction for ‘Occupied Canada: A Young White Man Discovers his Unsuspected Past’; Joan MacLeod for English drama for book ‘Amigo’s Blue Guitar’; Don McKay for English poetry for book ‘Night Field’.
1991 Kapuskasing Ontario – Employees acquire 52% of Spruce Falls pulp & paper mill; cut workforce to 800, take pay cut; residents own 7%; Tembec 41%.
1985 Quebec Quebec – Old Quebec classified as a United Nations (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.
1981 Hollywood California – Allan Dwan dies at age 96; born Apr 3, 1885; Canadian born director of 1,850 films.
1981 Hamilton Ontario – Stelco workers end company’s longest strike after 125 days.
1979 Toronto Ontario – Chang Kuo-tao dies in a Toronto nursing home at age 82; last survivor of the 12 founding members of the Chinese Communist Party.
1978 Montreal Quebec – Former FLQ terrorists Jacques Cossette and Micheline Lanctôt return from exile in Cuba and France.
1975 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa starts selective wage controls on 4,300,000 workers; price controls on 1,500 large companies; after Commons passes anti-inflation legislation.
1973 Montreal Quebec – National Hockey League ends reserve clause in future player contracts, favouring a one-year option system similar to that used in National Football League contracts.
1971 Washington DC – Canada signs new extradition treaty with US; two new offenses added; adds conspiracy to commit assault and unlawful seizure of aircraft.
1970 Montreal Quebec – James Cross taken to Cuban pavilion at Expo ’67 site and released to Commissioner; FLQ terrorists Jacques Cossette, Jacques and Micheline Lanctôt, Marc Charbonneau, Pierre Séguin and two others given safe passage to Cuba; British Trade Commissioner in Montreal had been captured in October.
1963 New York City – Conductor Walter Susskind leads the Toronto Symphony Orchestra in its successful Carnegie Hall debut.
1960 Edmonton Alberta – Opening of Edmonton International Airport, Canada’s largest airport.
1960 New York City – Canadian Robert Goulet stars as Lancelot in the Lerner and Loewe musical, Camelot, opening at the Majestic Theater; with Richard Burton and Julie Andrews in the lead roles; Goulet gets rave reviews for his singing of the songs, If Ever I Would Leave You, Then You May Take Me to the Fair and How to Handle a Woman; also stars in film version.
1958 St-Jovite, Quebec – Opening of the Autoroute des Laurentides from Montreal.
1956 Montreal Quebec – Canadian Overseas Telecommunication Corporation introduces international Telex to Canada.
1956 Ottawa Ontario – Walter Gordon’s Royal Commission on Canada’s Economic Prospects issues a preliminary report on the government’s economic policies, particularly on foreign investment; after 18 months or research directed by Douglas LePan; final report issued Nov 1957.
1951 Cornwall Ontario – Ottawa and Ontario agree to proceed with St. Lawrence Power Development.
1943 Cassino Italy – US-Canadian First Special Service Force takes Mount la Difensa on Cassino front.
1932 Toronto Ontario – Hamilton Tigers beat Regina Roughriders, 25-6 in the 20th Grey Cup game.
1921 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Argonauts beat Edmonton Eskimos, 23-0 in the 9th Grey Cup game.
1921 Canada – Founding of the Canadian Badminton Association; first championships held in Montreal in 1922; becomes an open world tourney in 1957.
1919 Ottawa Ontario – Federal government makes $25 million available to help tenants buy their homes.
1917 Ste-Foy, Quebec – First train crosses the new Quebec Bridge.
1915 Ottawa Ontario – Charles Philippe Beaubien 1870-1949 appointed to the Senate as a Conservative; serves for 33 years, 1 month and 14 days, until his death Jan 17, 1949.
1887 Toronto Ontario – Edmund Ernest Sheppard 1855-1924 founds Saturday Night magazine.
1882 Ste-Foy, Quebec – Arrival of Les Soeurs de Ste-Croix at Montreal.
1880 Hull Quebec – Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental Railway extends its line from Hull to Chaudière over the Prince of Wales Bridge.
1874 Winnipeg Manitoba – Robert Atkinson Davis 1841-1903 succeeds Marc Girard as Premier of Manitoba; will negotiate better financial terms with Ottawa, and abolishes the Legislative Council; serves until Oct. 15, 1878; sells his hotel business in Winnipeg and moves to Chicago.
1855 Toronto Ontario – Opening of Great Western Railroad from Hamilton to Toronto.
1838 Windsor Ontario – 400 republicans and Canadian exiles cross from Detroit and attack Windsor.
1837 St-Charles, Quebec – Lt-Col Charles Gore and his troops arrive at St-Charles, and leave the following day for St-Hyacinthe.
1810 Alberta – David Thompson 1770-1857 reaches Athabasca River; continues upstream on Dec. 30.
1775 Pointe Aux Trembles, Quebec – Richard Montgomery 1736-1775 meets up with Benedict Arnold’s force; the two American armies of the Continental Congress turn downstream to attack Quebec; arrive in sight of the walls later that day.
1738 North Dakota – Pierre Gaultier de Varennes de La Vérendrye 1685-1749 travels south to Mandan country with sons Louis-Joseph and François; reaches main Mandan village on the Missouri River.
1667 Quebec Quebec – Mgr. de Laval abolishes certain obligatory feast days, and institutes the Feast of Ste-Anne..
1653 Canso Nova Scotia – Fur trader Nicolas Denys 1598-1688 purchases rights to islands of the Gulf of St. Lawrence from Cap Canseau to Cap des Rosiers on Gaspé; gets royal mining concession; becomes Lord Proprietor and Governor of Cape Breton.

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002.


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