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December 05

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1902 WIRELESS ACROSS THE ATLANTICGlace Bay, Nova Scotia – Italian engineer Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 transmits the first readable wireless radio signals 3,200 km across the Atlantic from his station at Glace Bay, Cape Breton to Poldhu in Cornwall, England. Two years earlier, he had sent a message across the English Channel; on Dec. 12, 1901, he had sent the first transatlantic wireless test signal – the letter ‘S’ repeated over and over – from Poldhu to his assistant Percy Wright Paget flying a box kite trailing a 121 metre long copper wire antenna on Signal Hill, St. John’s. Nfld. The Canadian government gave Marconi $80 000 to set up wireless operations at Glace Bay, after nervous Newfoundland undersea cable companies, claiming a monopoly on transatlantic messages, booted him off the island. The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of Canada Ltd. – today’s Canadian Marconi Company – was chartered in 1902.

Also On This Day...

Toronto Ontario – William Lyon Mackenzie 1795-1861 leads 800 rebels 8 km down Yonge Street from Montgomery’s Tavern to Toronto, where they are met by Dr. John Rolph and Robert Baldwin; a group led by Samuel Lount is dispersed by a picket at Gallow’s Hill below St. Clair, and the rebels flee in disorder; two days later they are routed by the militia.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Arthur Currie 1875-1933
businessman, soldier, the victor of Vimy Ridge, was born at Napperton, Ontario in 1875; dies in Montreal Nov. 30, 1933. A militia officer from Victoria BC, Currie was appointed first Canadian commander, in 1917, of Canada’s overseas forces in World War I, and was Canada’s first General. He ended his career as Chancellor of McGill University.Also Henri-Gustave Joly de Lotbinière 1829-1908
lawyer, politician, was born on this day at Épernay, France, in 1829; died in Quebec City Nov. 15, 1908. Joly de Lotbinière served as the member for Lotbinière in the Assembly of the Province of Canada 1861-67; 1867-85 Quebec MLA Lotbinière; 1874-79 replaced Boucher de Boucherville as Premier of Quebec until defeat; 1867-74 and 1896-1900 MP Lotbinière; 1896-1900 Laurier’s Minister of Inland Revenue; 1900-06 Lieutenant Governor of BC.

Also Ernest Cormier 1885-1980
architect, engineer, was born on this day at Montreal in 1885; died there Jan. 01, 1980. Cormier studied engineering from École Polytechnique, Montréal and architecture at the École des beaux-arts in Paris from 1908-14; works include the Palais de Justice, Montréal (1920); l’Université de Montréal (1924-50); his Montreal house (1418 Avenue des Pins, 1930-31); the Supreme Court building in Ottawa; St Michael’s College, Toronto.

Also Brian Timmis 1899-1971
football player, coach, was born on this day in 1899; died Aug. 22, 1971. Timmis helped Hamilton Tigers win three Grey Cups in 1928, 1929 and 1932; later coached Hamilton to the 1934 Grey Cup.

Also Desmond Burke 1904-1973
soldier, sharpshooter, was born on this day in 1904; died Apr. 11, 1973. Burke won the King’s Prize at Bisley at age 24; wrote technical books on the sport of rifle shooting.

Also Gérard Dion 1912-1990
priest, sociology professor, was born on this day at Ste-Cécile de Frontenac, Quebec, in 1912; died in Quebec City Nov. 06, 1990. Dion studied at the Collège de Lévis; 1939 ordained with degree in theology from Laval; 1943 taught sociology at Laval; 1946 assistant director of new Department of Industrial Relations; 1957-63 Director of the Department; writings include ‘L’Immoralité politique dans la province de Québec’ (with Father Louis O’Neill) and the ‘Dictionnaire canadien des relations du travail’ (1976).

Also Frank Thurston 1914-
aeronautical engineer, was born on this day at Chicago, Illinois, in 1914. Thurston’s British parents took him to England as a child; 1937 joined the National Physical Laboratory; 1947 recruited by the National Research Council to help develop Canada’s aircraft industry; 1959 director of the National Aeronautical Establishment after cancellation of the Avro Arrow project; engineered low-speed aerodynamics and STOL projects, chaired NATO’s Advisory Group for Aerospace R&D; organized development of the Canadarm used by NASA’s Space Shuttle.

Also Andy Kim 1946-
pop singer, songwriter, was born on this day in 1946. Kim wrote the Neil Diamond hit Rock Me Gently, and co-wrote Sugar Sugar.

Also Bruce Deacon 1966-
marathoner, school teacher, was born on this day at Ottawa, Ontario, in 1966. Deacon’s personal best time of 2:13:35 was set at the 1994 London Marathon; he ran 39th at the 1996 Olympic Games (2:19:56).

Also Kevin Haller 1970-
NHL defenseman, was born on this day at Trochu, Alberta, in 1970; selected by the Buffalo Sabres in the first round (14th pick overall) of the 1989 NHL Entry Draft; traded by the Philadelphia Flyers to the Hartford Whalers for Paul Coffey on Dec. 15, 1996; currently with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

In Other Events…
1997 Montreal Quebec – Quebec police arrest Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang chief Maurice ‘Mom’ Boucher on suspicion of the murder of two prison guards; fail to get a conviction one year later.
1996 Paris France – Quebec singer Robert Charlebois receives the Grande médaille de la chanson.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio Canada announces layoffs of 1,100 employees.
1987 Montreal Quebec – Hydro-Quebec signs a long-term $7.2 billion supply contract with the state of Vermont.
1983 Ottawa Ontario – Roberta Bondar 1951-, Marc Garneau 1949-, Steven Maclean 1953-, Kenneth Money 1952-, Robert Thirsk 1953- and Bjarni Tryggvason 1954- chosen as Canada’s first six astronauts for Space Shuttle work.
1983 Quebec – Hells Angels motorcycle gang invade Quebec to do battle with the Rock Machine.
1976 Oxford England – The first 4 Canadian women Rhodes Scholars are chosen.
1973 Montreal Quebec – Official opening of Maison Radio-Canada in Montreal.
1970 Toronto Ontario – The Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe Trophy and Bill Masterson Trophy are all stolen from the NHL Hall of Fame; later recovered.
1970 Montreal Quebec – British Trade Commissioner James Cross returns to London after two days of debriefing following his release by FLQ terrorists.
1967 Ottawa Ontario – The Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism releases first Report.
1962 Quebec Quebec – Marie-Claire Kirkland-Casgrain 1926- appointed Minister Without Portfolio; first woman given Quebec Cabinet post.
1960 Ottawa Ontario – Charlotte Whitton re-elected Mayor of Ottawa.
1950 Nashville Tennessee – Nova Scotia’s Hank Snow has a #1 country hit single with ‘IÕm Moving On’.
1947 Ottawa Ontario – Opening of another session of the 20th Parliament.
1944 San Leonardo Italy – 1st Canadian Infantry Division launch attack on San Leonardo, but are driven back by a German counter-attack; an attack on the 7th will be successful and San Leonardo will fall on the 9th.
1940 Atlantic – First Canadian corvettes join Battle of the Atlantic.
1940 Britain – Torpedoed Canadian destroyer ‘Saguenay’ limps into British port after taking a hit from a German torpedo; first Canadian warship torpedoed.
1939 Ottawa Ontario – Wartime Prices and Trade Board given more control over prices and supply; investigative, price-fixing and licensing powers.
1936 Toronto Ontario – Sarnia Imperials beat Ottawa Rough Riders, 26-20 in the 24th Grey Cup game.
1925 Toronto Ontario – Ottawa Senators beat Winnipeg Tammany Tigers, 24-1, in the 13th Grey Cup game.
1924 Toronto Ontario – NHL Hamilton Tiger Red Green [seriously – Ed.]scores 5 goals as his hockey team beats the Toronto Maple Leafs 10-5.
1924 Calgary Alberta – Calgary Police Chief Ritchie says his police cannot stop the Ku Klux Klan from recruiting in Calgary, if no laws are broken.
1914 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Argonauts beat the University of Toronto, 14-2, in the 6th Grey Cup game.
1912 Ottawa Ontario – Robert Borden proposes a gift of $35 million to Britain to assist with rearmament.
1893 Toronto Ontario – F. B. Featherstonhaugh buys first electric car in Toronto; built by Dickson Cartage Works.
1892 Ottawa Ontario – Mackenzie Bowell 1823-1917 appointed to the Senate; later Canada’s 5th Prime Minister.
1892 Ottawa Ontario – John Sparrow David Thompson 1845-1894 sworn in as Prime Minister; former Nova Scotia Premier and Justice, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia ; serves until his death at Windsor Castle, Dec. 12, 1894.
1890 USA – Quebec strongman Louis Cyr lifts 490 lbs with one finger; working with Barnum circus.
1869 Winnipeg Manitoba – English and French Red River settlers publish List of Rights, with 14 demands, including the right to elect their own legislature, the use of French and English in the legislature, representation in the Canadian Parliament, and free land grants.
1837 Montreal Quebec – Martial law proclaimed in Montreal.
1807 Quebec – Complains made that the fur trade is corrupting the morals of the people.
1775 Quebec Quebec – Richard Montgomery 1736-1775 begins American siege of Quebec with aid of Benedict Arnold; will try to capture fortress before onset of winter.
1749 Montreal Quebec – Pierre de La Vérendrye 1685-1749 dies at Montreal; soldier, farmer, fur trader, explorer, born at Trois-Rivières Nov. 17, 1685; he and his sons were the first to bring the French fur trade from Lake Superior to the lower Saskatchewan and Missouri rivers.
1700 Montreal Quebec – Severe influenza epidemic hits the people of Montreal.
1560 Paris France – King Charles IX 1550-1574 starts reign; to 1574; on death of François II.

Today in Canadian History is written, compiled, edited and produced by Ottawa Researchers © 1984-2002.

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