Canadian Army Military Police Badge 

Hey, do you remember when some special personnel of the Canadian Army came home on leave with their small arms with them? Right up to 1949 and maybe later the Royal Canadian Army Provost Corps and Royal Canadian Navy Police manned the trains from Sydney/Halifax to Montreal and maybe even beyond. Soldiers as well travelling by train were often seen with their rifles and small arms.

Canadian Military Police being Inspected

We had a neighbor during the war who came home weekends – he was on a schedule from Halifax to Sydney and return. As youngsters we loved to hang around to see his Colt 45 ( M1911-A1) pistol, hand cuffs, and billy club. I don’t think it was legal but he also had a black jack and brass knuckles. He used to tuck the black jack up his sleeve and if he got into a racket he simply flicked his sleeve and the black jack slid down and into the palm of his hand. You could do severe damage with a black jack not to mention brass knuckles.

Black Jack

Deadly Brass Knuckles

If some of these fellows were around today and in and around Jane and Finch, I assure you we wouldn’t have as many homicides as we do. Of course with the Charter of Rights and the need to be so political correct they would be stymied so we would  just keep burying the results.

Royal Canadian Navy Police

MP Directing Traffic in Korea – Smartly Turned Out

Colt 45 – Carried by Officers and Some Enlisted Men 

(Ah how we wish for the way it used to be – CAPER)

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  1. Posted by Tony King on December 11, 2010 at 14:12

    How well I remember! Late summer ’56 on leave from Gagetown to Syd Mines complet with LeeEnfield, mark 5 kitbag full with all I owned plus ten 50 round boxes of blank 303 ammo (put there by my “friends”. Hitchhiking no less – can you see that today! Same year, posted fm Camp Boredom to Ladner via TO – again everything I owned including rifle – which we were not allowed to check as baggage. Two hour layover in TO wandering around the station with a rifle slung over my shoulder – along with 11 other guys “loaded for bear”. AAAAH them were the good old days!
    Best regards and wishing you and Carmen a very very Merry Christmas.


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