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December 11

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1931 CANADA NOW FULLY INDEPENDENTLondon England – British Parliament passes Statute of Westminster; gives complete legislative equality to Dominion Parliaments; marks the final independence of Canada from Britain; BNA Act becomes Canadian, but no amending formula for constitutional change.

Also On This Day...

St. John’s Newfoundland – Joey Smallwood 1900-1992 signs Confederation agreement for Newfoundland to enter Confederation as Canada’s 10th province.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Carolyn Waldo 1964-
synchronized swimmer, broadcaster, born on this day in Montreal Quebec. Waldo nearly drowned as a 3 year old and it took her 7 years to overcome her fear of water. At age 18, she moved to Calgary to train with coach Debbie Muir. She won Silver in the Solo Synchronized Swimming event at the 1984 Olympics, and at the 1986 World Aquatic championships, she and Michelle Cameron won duet gold, while Cameron won the solo gold. At the 1988 Olympics the duet also won Gold, and Waldo won the Gold Medal in Solo, making her the first Canadian woman to win 2 gold medals at one Olympiad. She is now a sportscaster with CJOH-TV in Ottawa.Also John A. Larson 1892-
born in Shelburne, Nova Scotia in 1892; inventor of the lie detector, which he called the ‘polygraph’, a device to simultaneously and continuously record the pulse rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and perspiration secretion of potential liars; not foolproof, but useful.

Also Pauline Jewett 1922-1992
professor, politician, born at St Catharines, Ontario in 1922; died at Ottawa July 05, 1992. Jewett was educated at Queen’s, Radcliffe, Harvard and London School of Economics; 1955-74 Professor of Political Science and head of the Institute of Canadian Studies at Carleton University; 1974-78 President of Simon Fraser University, the first woman to head a large Canadian university; 1963-65 Liberal MP for Northumberland; 1966 VP of the Liberal Party of Canada; switched to the NDP; 1979, 1980, 1984 MP for New Westminster-Coquitlam; NDP critic on education, external affairs and disarmament, and federal-provincial relations.

Also Pilote, Pierre 1931-
NHL defenseman, born at Kenogami, Quebec, in 1931; played 14 NHL seasons from 1955 to 1969 with the Chicago Black Hawks (Norris Trophy winner 1964, 1965, 1966) and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Also Tony Gabriel 1948-
football player, was born on this day in 1948. Gabriel began his pro career with the CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats in 1971 and played a key role in their 1972 and 1976 Grey Cup wins. An 8 time all star, Gabriel won the Schenley Trophy 4 times as the Outstanding Canadian and once as the league’s Outstanding player.

In Other Events…
1996 Ottawa Ontario – CBC/SRC President Perrin Beatty announces new cuts of $5.5 million and 378 employees.
1995 Ottawa Ontario – House of Commons passes resolution recognizing that Quebec is a distinct society within Canada.
1995 NWT – Innu First Nations choose Iqaluit as capital of the Nunavut Territory to come into effect April 1, 1999; Inuit plebiscite.
1992 Vancouver BC – Woodward’s files for court protection from creditors who are owed over $65 million; company consists of 26 department stores, 33 Woodwyn discount outlets, 20 travel agencies, four Abercrombie & Fitch specialty stores and three Commercial Interiors divisions in BC and Alberta; assets will be acquired in 1993 by the Hudson’s Bay Company which converts old Woodward’s stores into new Bay or Zeller’s outlets. Store established by Charles Woodward in 1892 selling dry goods, men’s clothing and footwear; moved from Main and Hastings Street over to Hastings and Abbott in 1903.
1992 Philadelphia Pennsylvania – US lawyer Gary Bettmann becomes first Commissioner of the National Hockey League.
1991 St. John’s, Newfoundland – Miller Ayre announces closing of 60 store Ayres chain; blames GST; company 142 years old.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Environment Minister Robert de Cotret unveils $3 billion Green Plan; over 100 measures to protect land, water, soil, forests and wildlife; also Arctic strategy, programs to combat pollution.
1985 Edmonton Alberta – Edmonton Oilers beat Chicago Black Hawks 12-9 in a record game – ties NHL record of 21 goals in a game; new NHL record of total points in a game – 62 (36 by Edmonton, 26 by Chicago).
1983 Manitoba – Gary Filmon 1945- elected leader of the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party.
1981 Nassau Bahamas – Trevor Berbick 1953- defeats three-time world champion Muhammad Ali in Nassau in 10-round unanimous decision; Canadian and Commonwealth heavyweight boxing champion.
1975 BC – Bill Bennett 1932- son of W.A.C. Bennett, wins British Columbia election for Social Credit; defeats NDP under Dave Barrett 1930-, in power since Aug. 20, 1972.
1967 Montreal Quebec – Paul-Émile Cardinal Léger leaves Montreal for missionary work in Zaire.
1964 Los Angeles, California – Lorne Greene, Canadian star of the Bonanza TV western, has a #1 Billboard hit with ‘Ringo’.
1962 Toronto Ontario – Ronald Turpin and Arthur Lucas hanged in the Don Jail; Canada’s last judicial hanging.
1961 Ottawa Ontario – Assistant Military Attaché at Soviet Embassy expelled for receiving secret Canadian documents.
1944 Montreal Quebec – Camilien Houde re-elected Mayor of Montreal after release from Camp Petawawa.
1942 Winnipeg Manitoba – John Bracken 1883-1969 chosen as Progressive Conservative Party leader on second ballot, replacing Arthur Meighen; to Oct 2; wins 538 votes, to M.A. MacPherson (255), J.G. Diefenbaker (79); Conservatives change name to Progressive Conservative Party to reflect the absorption of many members of the Progressive Party.
1941 Hong Kong – D Company of the Winnipeg Grenadiers dispatched to the mainland to strengthen the Gin Drinkers’ Line against the Japanese invaders; sees some action, thus becoming the first Canadian Army Unit to fight in World War II; at midday, General Maltby orders the mainland troops to withdraw to the island; the Winnipeg Grenadiers cover the Royal Scots’ withdrawal down the Kowloon Peninsula.
1937 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Argonauts beat Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 30-7 in 25th Grey Cup game.
1936 London England – King George VI 1895-1952 starts reign; to 1952 on abdication of brother Edward VIII, who reigned for only 11 months, and left the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson.
1934 Toronto Ontario – Charlie Conacher unsuccessful against the New York Rangers when he takes the first Toronto Maple Leaf penalty shot.
1916 Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan votes to abolish liquor stores.
1911 Edmonton Alberta – Alberta brings in first Motor Vehicles Act; sets speed limit in towns and cities at 15 mph, and at 20 mph in less settled areas; outside urban areas, drivers required to slow down to 6 mph when approaching or passing pedestrians and horses, and to assist any horseman who required assistance; drivers required to take out a license, must be over 16 if a boy or over 18 if a young lady.
1909 Bronx New York – Hamilton Tigers beat Ottawa Rough Riders, 11-6 before 15,000 fans in a Canadian Football exhibition game in Van Cortlandt Park.
1901 Poldhu Cornwall – Italian engineer Guglielmo Marconi sends first transatlantic radio signal; received by Percy Wright Paget in St Johns, Newfoundland.
1871 Montreal Quebec – Russian Prince Alexis visits Montreal.
1860 Vancouver BC – Twelve children from the Musqueam Reserve are baptised by Oblate Father Leon Fouquet.
1837 Buffalo New York – William Lyon Mackenzie 1795-1861 flees Upper Canada for US, and reaches safety in Buffalo.
1753 Ohio – George Washington 1732-1799 arrives in the Ohio Valley with Tanaghrisson and two other chiefs to help Senecas and counter French; a young Major from Virginia.
1713 Quebec Quebec – Michel Beaudoin the first native born Quebecker to enter the Jesuit Order.

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