RCMP cracking down on speeding on newly-twinned highway

New Twinned Highway (Part of 125) Attract Speeders 


Published on December 11th, 2010

Published on December 11th, 2010

Staff ~ The Cape Breton Post 

SYDNEY — If you’re looking to test out the newly-twinned Highway 125 between Balls Creek and Sydney River by putting the pedal to the metal, think again.

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The RCMP has stepped up their patrols along the highway since it opened, Dec. 4. They’ve written 40 offence tickets, 30 of which have been for speeding.

Cpl. Ron MacDonald of the RCMP Cape Breton Traffic Services said the new road is safer, straight and well built, but felt they should step up patrols in case people were tempted to cruise at high speeds.

“We figured we should be out there and become visible right away and I’m glad we did,” he said. “We could tell there were going to be some speeds and right away, doing a couple of speed enforcement operations, we wrote as many as 30 speeding tickets and probably 10 other tickets for a variety of things.

“That was realistically in a matter of four hours in total that we wrote those 40 tickets.”

MacDonald said the speed limit is 100 km/h and he would like to see motorists do that speed or less with some construction still taking place.

“These next couple of weeks there’s going to be high volumes of traffic,” he said. “The key is to slow down, drive for the conditions and be safe.”

(Just looking at this new section of 125 makes me think how we could have used that back in the days of boot legging coal – the Coal Cops would never have been able to get turned and catch us. – CAPER)


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  1. Posted by mike beaton on December 13, 2010 at 09:02

    wow George, just think, highways and cell phones, no running through the woods to warn Wally and Eric and the others about the coal cops at the turn. lol


    • Yeah Mike it would be a lot easier now. Old days from Point Aconi you had to make it to Bras d’Or corner then you had some choices like, through Sydney Mines and North Sydney on to Sydney, or Villa Drive, or Johnson Road, or if you were desparate up to Grand Narrows Road and on out to 125 to Sydney. From Alder Point you had Little Pond Road, Number 4 (Toronto) Road, or to Bras d’Or corner then the same options as for Point Aconi. Of course you kept meeting boot leggers who would slow down and yell out the window, “dere in the bushes bye on the Johnson Road” so then we had to go in another direction lol


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