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December 14


maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1956 TORIES CHOOSE DIEF AS THEIR CHIEFWinnipeg Manitoba – John George Diefenbaker 1895-1979 chosen as party leader on first ballot by Progressive Conservative Party, replacing George Drew; wins 744 votes, to Donald Fleming’s 393 and Davie Fulton’s 117.

Also On This Day...

St-Eustache, Quebec – Sir John Colborne leads 1,200 British regulars, a regiment of 600 from the Quebec garrison commanded by Wetherall and Maitland, and 200 militia to the town of St-Eustache, in the County of Deux-Montagnes 31 km northwest of Montreal; most Patriotes have fled, but 400 rebels remain, led by Dr. Jean-Olivier Chénier and Amury Girod, holed up in the church, the presbytery, the convent and neighbouring houses; after noon Colborne gives the order to attack; nearly 100 rebels are killed, including Chénier, in five hours of withering British cannon and grapeshot fire; 18 taken prisoner and the village burned to the ground.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Deanna Durbin 1921-
actor, born Edna Mae Durbin on this day at Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1921. Durbin was the highest paid female star in the world at age 14, and by age 18 her income was $250,000 a year. She was bigger than July Garland – in fact the two broke into pictures at the same time – here she is with Judy (Frances Gumm) at the piano in their first role, Every Sunday (1936). She was blessed with a lovely singing voice, and her rendition of One Fine Day, from Madame Butterfly, with Leopold Stokowski conducting, was famous. She was a major Hollywood vehicle, with Deanna Durbin dolls and dresses, and her first screen kiss was a sensation. But at the peak of her career she abandoned Hollywood and now lives in total seclusion in the French village of Neauphlé-le-Château. Her major motion pictures were Three Smart Girls, Mad About Music and That Certain Age. For more, check out the Internet Movie Database .Also Francis Hincks 1807-1885
politician, colonial administrator, born on this day at Cork, Ireland, in 1807; died at Montreal Aug. 18, 1885). Hincks founded the Toronto Examiner newspaper in 1838; 1841 joined with Robert Baldwin in his alliance with L.H. LaFontaine to create the Reform Party; 1842 entered the Bagot government; 1843 resigned over control of patronage; 1844 founded the Montreal Pilot newspaper; 1848 Inspector General in the Baldwin-LaFontaine ministry; 1851 replaced Baldwin as leader; 1854 defeated in the election; 1856-69 served as governor of 2 Caribbean colonies; 1869 Minister of Finance in Macdonald government; 1874 retired to private business.

Also Arthur Hardy 1837-1901
lawyer, politician, born on this day at Mount Pleasant, near Brantford, Ontario, in 1837; died at Toronto June 13, 1901. Hardy began his career as a lawyer and city solicitor in Brantford; 1873 elected liberal MPP for South Brant; 1877-79 Provincial Secretary; 1889-96 Commissioner of Crown Lands, bringing in timber and mining legislation and establishing Algonquin Park to protest the headwaters of Ontario rivers; July 1896 succeeded Oliver Mowat as Ontario Premier and Attorney General; 1898 won narrow electoral victory; 1899 resigned for reasons of health.

Also Cecil Edward Denny 1850-1928
NWMP officer, Indian agent, author, born on this day at Hampshire, England, in 1850, the 6th baronet of Tralee Castle; died at Edmonton Aug. 24, 1928. Denny joined the North West Mounted Police in 1874 and served in the Whoop-Up country; resigned following a scandal involving a woman; served as Indian agent at Fort Walsh, in Treaty No 7 and as a special Indian agent during the North West Rebellion; worked as police scout, packer, guide and fire ranger; 1922-27 Assistant Archivist of Alberta; author of The Riders of the Plains: A Reminiscence of the Early and Exciting Days in the North West (1905) and The Law Marches West (1939).

Also Steve MacLean 1954-
physicist, astronaut, born on this day at Ottawa in 1954. MacLean earned his doctorate in physics from York University; Dec 1983 entered the Canadian Astronaut Program; trained as a payload specialist involved in improving the efficiency of the Space Shuttle’s Canadian-made Canadarm remote manipulator; Oct. 22 – Nov. 01, 1992 third Canadian to fly in space, aboard the Shuttle Discovery; tested TV vision system for controlling the Canadarm.

Also Dave Steen 1959-
decathlete, Olympic medalist, was born on this day in 1959. Steen’s thirteen year decathlon career was capped with a Bronze Medal performance (8328 points) in the ten-sport event at the 1988 Seoul Olympiad; Steen is a vocal advocate against drugs in sport.

Also Also Bill Ranford 1966-
NHL goaltender, born on this day at Brandon, Manitoba; selected by the Boston Bruins in the third round (52nd pick overall) of the 1985 NHL Entry Draft; traded by the Edmonton Oilers to the Boston Bruins for Sean Brown, Mariusz Czerkawski and a 1996 first-round draft choice on Jan. 11, 1996; acquired from Washington for a 1998 third-round draft pick and a 1999 second-round pick; acquired by Tampa Bay Lightning.

Also Chris Therien 1971-
NHL defenseman, born on this day at Ottawa; selected by the Philadelphia Flyers in the third round (47th pick overall) of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft; member of the 1994 Canadian National Team that won the silver medal in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

In Other Events…
1996 Honolulu, Hawaii – Ottawa diva Alanis Morissette makes the final stop of her 1996 tour at Richardson Field; after her last song, she celebrates the end of the tour by throwing whipped cream pies at her four band members.
1993 Quebec Quebec – Daniel Johnson 1944- acclaimed as leader of the Quebec Liberal Party on resignation of Robert Bourassa; serves as Premier of Quebec 1993-94; son of the late Quebec premier Daniel Johnson and older brother of Quebec premier Pierre-Marc Johnson; educated at the universities of Montreal, London and Harvard Business School; 1973 joined Power Corp.; 1978 Vice-President; 1981 Liberal MNA; Bourassa’s Minister of Industry and Commerce ; 1988 President of the Treasury Board; 1994 lost Sept 12th election to Jacques Parizeau’s PQ.
1993 Montreal Quebec – Richard Barnabé beaten by 6 Montreal police officers.
1990 Winnipeg Manitoba – Canadian Wheat Board has $1 billion loss; bigger than total of all losses since founding in 1935; selling wheat for $40-50 a tonne less than it pays farmers.
1987 Toronto Ontario – Ben Johnson named Canada’s Male Athlete of the Year.
1982 Los Angeles California – Kings’ Marcel Dionne becomes ninth NHLer to score 500 goals.
1968 Montreal Quebec – FLQ terrorists plant three bombs in Montreal; two disarmed, one explodes.
1967 Ottawa Ontario – Lester Bowles L. B. Pearson 1897-1972 announces he will resign as Liberal leader, after Party selects a successor at an April 1968 conference.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament passes Act to incorporate The Bank of British Columbia; opens July, 1968; Canada’s 10th chartered bank.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Pacific Railway authorized to abandon the Montreal and Ottawa line from Ottawa Union Station across the Interprovincial Bridge to Hull.
1962 Victoria BC – Remi J. De Roo 1924- ordained Roman Catholic bishop of Victoria; believer in social action and liberation theology; a founding member of the World Conference of Religions for Peace, and Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of British Columbia.
1961 Quebec Quebec – Claire Kirkland-Casgrain sworn in as Quebec’s first female MNA; another new member is Pierre Laporte.
1960 Ottawa Ontario – Government sets retirement age of Supreme Court judges at 75; effective March, 1961.
1960 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa University starts $31,500,000 expansion; $7 million hospital included.
1957 Quebec Quebec – Opening of the new Quebec Airport at l’Ancienne-Lorette.
1951 Ottawa Ontario – Canada lifts all foreign exchange controls.
1950 Yokohama Japan – Lieutenant-Colonel J.R. Stone and the 2nd Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry arrive in Yokohama en route to Korea; begin intensive training at Miryang, near Taegu after Communist China had intervened on the side of the North Koreans.
1943 Casa Berardi, Italy – Canadian Major Paul Triquet wins VC in capturing Casa Berardi, north of Moro.
1929 Ontario – Canada hands over control of and revenue from, land, water, oil and other provincial natural resources to Manitoba and Alberta; under the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement; unlike other Canadian provinces, the prairie provinces did not receive control over mineral resources or Crown lands when they became provinces; agreement made with Saskatchewan and British Columbia the following year; BC a Crown colony when it joined Confederation, with control over its resources, but transferred most to federal jurisdiction when it transferred provincial railway lands to Ottawa in the 1880s.
1916 Quebec Quebec – Quebec bans women from entering the legal profession.
1901 Yoho BC – Opening of Yoho National Park, with land set aside in 1885.
1841 Halifax, Nova Scotia – Samuel Cunard awarded 8 year contract to operate a fast stage coach service between Halifax and Pictou through Truro; required each trip to be completed within 17 hours, one way, with four horses per coach; given annual subsidy of £1550; to connect at Pictou with the steam packet boats running between Pictou and Quebec, and at Halifax with boats running to England; line a link in the British Admiralty’s new London-Quebec Royal Mail service
1837 Brantford Ontario – Charles Duncombe and his rebel followers disperse as Alan MacNab’s militia approaches from Hamilton.
1708 Placentia Newfoundland – Philippe Pasteur de Costebelle 1661-1717 Governor of Placentia, leads company of 170 men to attack St. John’s; with Joseph de Mombeton de Saint-Ovide de Brouillan 1676-1755.

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