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December 15

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1902 GG SAYS HELLO TO KINGSydney, Nova Scotia – Governor-General Gilbert John Elliot, Earl of Minto 1854-1914 sends greetings to King Edward VII using Marconi’s radio system based at Table Head in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, via Poldhu, Cornwall, England; this is the first intelligible transatlantic radio message; a year earlier, Marconi had successfully sent a test signal from Cornwall to St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – Commons votes 163-78 to adopt design for a new National Flag of Canada at 2 am, after closure invoked December 14, and a total of 250 speeches; Senate approval followed Dec. 17; Royal Proclamation signed by Her Majesty Jan. 28, 1965; flag officially unfurled Feb. 15, 1965; based on a Royal Military College design suggested by George Stanley; Canada’s official flag from 1867 had been Britain’s Union Flag, although the Red Ensign with the Canadian badge was regularly flown for qualified purposes; the red and white colours and the maple leaf emblem were authorized by George V on Nov. 21, 1921, as advocated by A. Fortescue Duguid.


Also On This Day...

Louisiana USA – Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville 1661-1706 reaches Louisiana and moves settlers to Massacre (Dauphin) Island, to prepare for Mobile River colony.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Sam Pollock 1925-
hockey player, manager, born on this day at Montreal, Quebec, in 1925. Pollock played in the Montreal Canadiens minor system, and started scouting for them in 1947; 1950 Director of Personnel; 1964 V-P and General Manager; during his tenure the Canadiens won an astonishing 9 Stanley Cups in 14 seasons (1965-78); also assembled the national team that won the Canada Cup in 1976.Also Neil McLeod 1842-1915
lawyer, politician, judge, was born on this day at Uigg, PEI, in 1842; died at Summerside, PEI, Oct. 19, 1915). McLeod was called to the PEI Bar in 1872; 1879 elected to the Legislative Assembly; 1882 and 1886 re-elected; 1889-91 Conservative Premier of Prince Edward Island; 1892 appointed judge for Prince County.

Also Joseph-Alphonse Couture 1850-1976
veterinarian, was born on this day at Ste-Claire, Quebec, in 1850; died at Quebec City Mar. 12, 1922. Couture served in the Canadian militia 1866-68 against the Fenians; 1868-70 served in the Papal Zouaves; 1870-73 studied at the Montreal Veterinary College and McGill; 1876-78 lectured in animal anatomy to French-speaking students at Montreal Veterinary College; 1878 federal veterinary inspector in Quebec City; 1879-1922 Superintendent of the Animal Quarantine Station at Lévis; 1882 published first Canadian textbook on breeding and livestock diseases.

Also John DeGruchy 1860-1940
footballer, sports manager, was born on this day in 1860; died Jan. 23, 1940. DeGruchy served as President of the Ontario Rugby Football Union for 25 years; also President of the Canadian Rugby Union 1925, 1930 and 1935.

Also Richard McBride 1870-1917
lawyer, politician, was born on this day in 1870 at New Westminster British Columbia; died in London England Aug. 6, 1917. McBride got his law degree at Dalhousie University in 1890; 1898 first elected to the BC legislature; 1900-01 serves in the Dunsmuir cabinet; 1903 June 01 forms the first government in BC based on party lines when his Conservatives narrowly win the election; campaigns for better terms from Ottawa, delivers the BC federal vote to Borden in 1908 and 1911, and when World War I threatens, buys two British submarines to defend the province; 1915 Dec. 15 retires to London as BC Agent General.

Also Robert Meldrum Stewart 1878-1954
astronomer, was born on this day at Gladstone, Manitoba in 1878; died at Ottawa Sept. 02, 1954). Stewart served as astronomer at the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, 1902-24; 1924-46 Director of the Dominion Observatory; established a time service within the government offices in Ottawa which ultimately became the NRC official time signal.

Also Margaret Bannerman 1896-1976
film actress, was born on this day at Toronto in 1896; died Apr. 25, 1976. Bannerman started in silent pictures in 1918; for more, consult the Internet Movie Database.

Also Ida Haendel 1924-
violinist, was born on this day at Chelm, Poland, in 1924). Haendel was a child prodigy in her native Poland; immigrated to England before World War II; 1952 immigrated to Canada in and settled in Montreal; has performed with the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver symphony orchestras; 1977 gave the Canadian premiere of Benjamin Britten’s Concerto with a CBC orchestra conducted by Franz-Paul Decker.

Also Robert Salter 1924-
orthopedic surgeon, professor, was born on this day at Stratford, Ontario, in 1924. Salter was appointed to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto in 1955; 1957 Chief of Orthopedic Surgery in 1957; 1966 Surgeon in Chief; 1976 appointed head of Orthopedics at U of T; originated concept of continuous passive motion (CPM) of joints to stimulate cartilage regeneration; has written a textbook on the musculo-skeletal system.

In Other Events…
1995 Quebec Quebec – Jacques Parizeau resigns as Quebec’s 26th Premier; after referendum loss and comments about being defeated by the ethnic vote and money.
1994 Paris France – UNESCO declares million hectare Tatshenshini-Alsek wilderness in the north-west corner of BC as a world heritage site; along with adjacent wilderness preserves in Alaska and the Yukon, amounting to world’s largest site, with a total of 8.5 million hectares.
1993 Montreal Quebec – Synchronized swimmer Sylvie Fréchette finally receives her Barcelona Olympics gold medal that was awarded to American Kristen Babb-Sprague because of a judge’s error.
1992 Montreal Quebec – Former Expo 67 French pavilion on Ile Notre-Dame announced as the site of the first casino in the province.
1991 Fajardo, Puerto Rico – Ronald George leads BC chiefs protesting Columbus 500th Anniversary celebrations; asks Spanish consul to apologize for native oppression.
1988 Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court strikes down sections of Quebec’s Bill 101 requiring that commercial signs be in French only; called an unreasonable violation of freedom of expression. On Dec. 18, Robert Bourassa will exercise Clause 33 of the Charter of Rights, the ‘notwithstanding clause’, Quebec’s constitutional right to override the decision; also passes Bill 178 requiring French only on outside signs; permits bilingual signs inside; three of his anglophone cabinet ministers resign, and on Dec. 19, Premier Gary Filmon withdraws his resolution to ratify Meech Lake from the Manitoba legislature.
1988 Quebec Quebec – Jean Perron appointed head coach of the Quebec Nordiques, after Ron Lapointe resigns to battle cancer.
1984 New York City – Springhill, Nova Scotia’s Anne Murray has a Billboard #1 hit with Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (with Dave Loggins).
1982 Toronto Ontario – Ontario caps wage raises for 500,000 public employees at 5%; from Oct. 1, 1982 to Sept 30, 1983.
1980 Canada – Canadian dollar closes at US$.8271, a 47-year low.
1979 St. Catherines, Ontario – Photo editor Chris Haney and sportswriter Scott Abbott devise the Trivial Pursuit board game, with a current events theme; form investor group with Haney’s brother John and friend Ed Werner, and 30 others, including a copyboy from their newspaper; raised $40,000, rented an office and paid some of their help with shares; first 1,100 sets cost $75 each to manufacture; sold to retailers for $15 a game; took off at 1983 New York Toy Fair when distributed by US game company Selchow and Righter; now in 19 different languages.
1978 Cape Canaveral, Florida – NASA launches Anik IV, Canada’s 4th domestic communications satellite.
1973 USA – Canadian jockey Sandy Hawley first jockey to win 500 races in one year.
1969 Winnipeg Manitoba – Opening of Red River Community College in Winnipeg.
1960 Dorval Quebec – Opening of Montreal’s new $30 million International Air Terminal at Dorval.
1959 Toronto Ontario – European tubercular refugee group and families arrive in Canada; part of Canadian responsibility in World Refugee Year.
1951 Ottawa Ontario – Canada abolished foreign exchange controls.
1941 Ottawa Ontario – Cabinet War Committee discusses financial aid to Britain; ‘the billion dollar gift’.
1925 New York New York – Montreal Canadiens beat NY Americans 3-1 in first NHL hockey game played in Madison Square Gardens.
1922 Ottawa Ontario – Canada signs new commercial treaty with France.
1919 Ottawa Ontario – Government proclaims general amnesty for those who avoided conscription during World War I.
1915 Victoria BC – William John Bowser 1867-1933 sworn in as BC Premier, replacing Richard McBride, in office since June 1, 1903; Bowser moved to Vancouver in 1891 to set up a law practice; 1903 first elected to the legislature as a Conservative; 1907 Attorney General; Premier until defeat Nov. 23, 1916; Leader of the Opposition until his defeat in 1924.
1913 Toronto Ontario – Irving Berlin attends opening of Loew’s Yonge Street Theatre (today the Elgin), a vaudeville house; premieres his new song, The International Rag; theatre closed in 1982, but renovated and reopened in 1985 as the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre.
1891 Springfield Massachusetts – Dr. James Naismith, from Almonte Ontario, asked by staff of YMCA’s Springfield Training College to devise a game able to keep a group of incorrigible students busy during the winter months. A year later, Naismith’s students played the first organized basketball game.
1869 Montreal Quebec – Prince Arthur opens the Montreal Curling Club, the city’s first covered rink..
1858 Truro, Nova Scotia – Opening of Nova Scotia Railroad from Halifax to Truro; distance of 150 km.
1837 St-Benoît, Quebec – John Colborne, Baron Seaton 1778-1863 marches from St-Eustache to St. Benoît; gets remaining 150 Patriotes to surrender their arms without a fight; the following day, Colborne orders them released, but puts the village to the torch.
1629 Paris France – Samuel de Champlain returns home after meeting with the King of France regarding the settlement and trade at Quebec.

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