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December 16

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1992 SPAN OF GREEN CABLES ??Charlottetown PEI – Ottawa, New Brunswick and PEI sign deal to build 13 km $800 m bridge to mainland; Ottawa to supply $60 m for roads and redevelop Borden, Cape Tormentine; the Confederation Bridge does not yet have a name.

Also On This Day...

Quebec Quebec – Honoré Mercier 1840-1894 dismissed as Premier of Quebec by Lieutenant-Governor Auguste-Réal Angers; after a federal Senate inquiry and provincial Royal Commission found he awarded subsidies for the Baie des Chaleurs Railway in return for Liberal party funds. In 1902, he is indicted for corruption, but is acquitted Nov. 04, 1892.


Also On This Day...

Halifax Nova Scotia – Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps organized to interest young men in serving in a planned Canadian Navy.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

George Ignatieff 1913-1989
diplomat, born on this day at St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1913; died in Sherbrooke Quebec Aug. 10, 1989. Ignatieff joined the Department of External Affairs in 1940; 1956-58 Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia; 1963-66 Canadian permanent representative to NATO; 1966-69 Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations; 1968-69 President of the Security Council; 1972-79 Provost of Trinity College; 1980-86 Chancellor of the University of Toronto; 1985 published memoirs, The Making of a Peacemonger; 1986 he was Brockington lecturer, Queen’s University.Also James Carmichael 1819-1903
financier, politician, born on this day at New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, in 1819, son of the founder of the town, James Carmichael; died there May 01, 1903. Carmichael was a prominent shipowner and merchant; 1882 invested in Nova Scotia Steel, Canada’s first steel company; 1867-71, Liberal MP; defeated for his anti-Confederation, pro-free trade views; 1874-78 re-elected; 1899-1903 Senator.

Also Henri-Raymond Casgrain 1831-1904
priest, critic, biographer, born on this day at Rivière-Ouelle, Quebec, in 183l; died at Quebec City Jan. 12, 1904. Casgrain entered the priesthood in 1856; taught at Collège Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière; served as vicar at Beauport, then Notre-Dame de Québec; 1861-65 founding editor of literary magazine Les Soirées canadiennes; 1863-66 ditto Le Foyer canadien; books include Légendes canadiennes (1861); as well as biographies of Marie de L’Incarnation (1864), François-Xavier Garneau (1866), Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé (1871), Francis Parkman (1872) and Antoine Gérin-Lajoie (1886).

Also Charles Harriss 1862-1929
organist, choirmaster, conductor, born on this day at London, England, in 1862; died at Ottawa July 31, 1929. Harriss was appointed to St Alban’s, Ottawa, in 1882; then Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal; 1900 returned to Ottawa; 1924 music director of the British Empire Exhibition in Wembley.

Also Ernest G. Shipman 1871-1931
film producer, movie promoter, born on this day at Ottawa/Hull in 1871; died at New York City Aug. 07, 1931. Shipman studied at Ryerson Institute in Toronto; 1912 moved to California to work as a publicist, agent; 1918 got film rights of James Oliver Curwood’s Canadian stories; 1919 set up a company and studio in Calgary to film Back to God’s Country (1919), Cameron of the Royal Mounted (1921), God’s Crucible (1921) and Blue Water (1924 – not released); known as ‘Ten Percent Ernie’, he founded the Canadian Entertainment Bureau in Toronto and production companies in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Sault Ste Marie and Saint John; 1931 moved to New York to promote theatre stock companies..

Also Gérard Parizeau 1899-1994
financier, insurance broker, professor, born on this day at Montreal in 1899; died at St Lambert, Quebec Jan. 25, 1994). Parizeau studied at the École des hautes études commerciales at the University of Montreal; 1920-25 worked in the civil service; 1925 head of the francophone section of Irish & Maulson, insurance brokers; 1925 founded L’Actualité économique; 1928 started teaching at the École des hautes études commerciales; 1938 founded his own brokerage house; 1961 co-founder of reinsurance brokerage house Le Blanc, Eldridge, Parizeau; 1965 acquired La Nationale, the Canadian subsidiary of La Nationale of Paris; 1972 founded Sodarcan management group with his son Robert; his other son Jacques became of the Parti Québécois and Premier of Quebec.

Also Harry Gunning 1916-
chemist, professor, born on this day at Toronto in 1916. Gunning earned a PhD in chemistry at the University of Toronto in 1942; 1957 Professor and Head of the Chemistry Department at University of Alberta; board member of the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority; founded Chembiomed Ltd. and the Edmonton Research and Development Park.

Also Kenneth Gilbert 1931-
musician, musicologist, born on this day at Montreal in 1931. Gilbert won the Quebec government’s Prix d’Europe for organ in 1953; produced new editions of the harpsichord works of Couperin, Rameau and Scarlatti; 1965 started performing in North America and Europe as a harpsichord recitalist; recorded complete harpsichord works of Couperin (1970-71) and Rameau (1976), and J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations (1987).

Also André-Philippe Gagnon 1960-
humorist, entertainer, born on this day in 1960; mimic, master of a thousand voices; his tour de force was a celebrated rendition of the 18 voices on We Are the World, that he repeated to universal acclaim on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Also Donovan Bailey 1967-
track athlete, 100m, 4x100m, born on this day at Manchester, Jamaica, in 1967; grew up in Oakville, Ontario; has business diploma from Sheridan College; 1996 Atlanta Olympics: anchored Canada’s Gold Medal Olympic Relay Team (4x100m), and won the 100 m in a world record time of 9.84 seconds; 1997 second at the World Championships (9.91), plus gold medal as a member of the 4x100m Relay Team.

In Other Events…
1994 Montreal Quebec – Pop diva Céline Dion marries her long-time manager René Angélil.
1994 Halifax, Nova Scotia – Last direct VIA train between Montreal and Halifax.
1994 Quebec – Bloc québécois and Parti québécois organizations join forces to fight in the referendum campaign.
1991 Sydney Australia – Conrad Black’s Hollinger Inc. purchases 15% of Australia’s John Fairfax Group Ltd for $1.32 billion; largest single shareholder.
1991 Ottawa Ontario – Gerald ‘Ged’ Baldwin dies at age 84; elected MP for Peace River in 1958; served for over 20 years; the prime mover behind Canada’s access to information legislation.
1991 Halifax Nova Scotia – Bernard Bradley performs Canada’s first transplant of fetal tissue to battle effects of Parkinson’s disease; Victoria General Hospital procedure stimulates dopamine.
1991 Ottawa Ontario – Tom Siddon and Inuit of Eastern Arctic draft Nunavut land deal; $1.15 billion in grants, title to 250,000 sq km; plebiscite set for April 1992 after 15 years of negotiation.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Brian Mulroney 1939- appoints MP Jim Edwards, Senator Gérald Beaudoin to head joint Committee on Constitutional Reform; to devise new amending formula.
1986 Ottawa Ontario – Independent MP Robert Toupin joins the New Democratic Party, giving them their first Member of Parliament from Quebec.
1984 Montreal Quebec – Olympic champion diver Sylvie Bernier announces her retirement from the sport.
1976 Ottawa Ontario – Réal Caouette 1917-1976 dies; politician, leader of the Social Credit Party; born at Amos, Quebec Sept. 26, 1917. Caouette joined the Socreds in 1939; 1946 elected MP in a by-election as a member of the Union des électeurs; 1961 allied his Ralliement des Créditistes with the national Social Credit Party; ran for leadership against Robert Thompson; 1962 won 26 of the 30 Social Credit seats, holding the balance of power in the Diefenbaker minority government; 1963 broke with Thompson as leader of his own Ralliement des créditistes with 12 Quebec MPs; 1971 reunited the party as national leader; 1976 retired due to ill health; André Fortin became leader.
1971 Arvida Quebec – Arvida smelter produces its 10 millionth ingot of aluminum.
1953 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament passes Bill to establish Department of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources.
1951 Ottawa Ontario – Vancouver actor Raymond Burr (later of Perry Mason and Ironside fame) plays Sgt. Joe Friday’s boss in an NBC-TV preview of the police drama Dragnet.
1950 Montreal Quebec – Canadien rookies Jean Béliveau and Bernie Geoffrion play their first NHL game, tying the Rangers 1-1; Boom Boom scores his first career goal.
1949 London England – British Parliament amends British North America Act; Canadian Parliament can now amend the Constitution in federal matters only.
1948 Winnipeg Manitoba – Walter Kaufmann conducts the first performance of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in the Winnipeg Auditorium; 1958 succeeded by Victor Feldbrill; 1968 moves to the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall with George Cleve conducting; official orchestra of the Manitoba Opera Association and Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
1922 Toronto Ontario – Montreal Canadiens great Aurèle Joliat scores 2 goals in his NHL debut, but his team loses to the Maple Leafs 7-2.
1910 Ottawa Ontario – Group of 800 farmers marches on Ottawa, to demand US reciprocity and more preference for British goods.
1901 St. John’s, Newfoundland – Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 is officially notified by the Anglo-American Telegraph Company that it will take legal action against him unless he immediately ceases his wireless experiments and removes his equipment from Newfoundland; Anglo-American had a fifty-year monopoly on electrical communications in Newfoundland, that began in 1858, and is determined to hinder radio telegraphy, which it knows is a serious threat to its transatlantic electric telegraph business operated by submarine cables; Marconi soon decides to move his base of operations to Cape Breton Island, and is welcomed there on Dec. 26 with open arms.
1895 Port Menier, Quebec – French chocolate baron Henri Menier acquires Anticosti Island in the St. Lawrence for $125,000; builds a chateau and imports a herd of deer for hunting; previous attempts at colonization had failed.
1892 Quebec – Louis-Olivier Taillon reelected Conservative Premier of Quebec.
1884 St. Laurent, Saskatchewan – Louis Riel 1844-1885 helps the Metis of St. Laurent send petition on Metis grievances and demands to the Secretary of State in Ottawa.
1837 St-Benoît, Quebec – Sir John Colborne 1778-1863 orders 150 Patriotes captured at St-Benoît released, but puts the village to the torch; orders Colonel Maitland to proceed to St-Scholastique and Ste-Thérèse.
1824 Langley BC – Hudson’s Bay Company Chief Trader James McMillan arrives at the Fraser River near Derby; later the site of the first Fort Langley.

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