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December 17

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1992 MULRONEY SIGNS FREE TRADE DEALOttawa Ontario – Brian Mulroney 1939- signs North American Free Trade Accord at ceremony on Parliament Hill; George Bush and Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari sign in separate ceremonies; deal still must be approved in legislatures of 3 countries.

Also On This Day...

Canada – Robert Laird Borden 1854-1937 leads Unionist government to victory in general election, 153 seats to 82 for the Liberals (62 of which are from Quebec); wins only three seats in Quebec due to opposition to conscription. Here he is shortly after in Whitehall with Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

William Lyon Mackenzie King 1874-1950
public servant, politician, Canada’s 10th Prime Minister, is born on this day at Kitchener (then Berlin) Ontario; dies in Ottawa 1950. The picture shows him with his sister, his father John King and his mother Isabel Mackenzie (daughter of 1837 Rebellion leader William Lyon Mackenzie); he attends local schools, then the University of Chicago and Harvard, before going to work for the Rockefellers as an industrial relations consultant, then joining the public service in Ottawa as Deputy Minister of Labour.Also Prince Rupert 1619-1682
soldier, scientist, investor, was born on this day at Prague, Czech Republic; died at London, England, Nov. 29, 1682; after his parents were deposed as rulers of Bohemia, Rupert became a professional soldier, gravitating to England where he helped his cousin King Charles I as a Royalist cavalry commander in the English Civil War (1642-51); returned with the restoration of Charles II, and headed the investors group that in 1670 got a charter for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and title to all lands draining into Hudson Bay; first Governor of the HBC.

Also Thomas C. Haliburton 1796-1865
judge, author, was born on this day in 1796 at Halifax Nova Scotia; died at Isleworth, Middlesex, England Aug. 27, 1865. Haliburton was the creator of Sam Slick, a resourceful Yankee clock peddler and cracker-barrel philosopher; first Canadian writer to get recognition outside the country.

Also Frances Dafoe 1929-
figure skater, judge, fashion designer, born on this day in 1929. Dafoe won the 1948 Canadian junior ladies championship; coach Sheldon Galbraith paired her with 1947 men’s singles champion Norris Bowden; 1952 5th at Chamonix Winter Olympics; 1954 won World Pairs championship, a first for Canadians; 1955 defended World Pairs; 1956 won Pairs silver medal at Cortina Winter Olympics.

Also Peter Kirby 1931-
geologist, bobsledder, was born on this day in 1931. Kirby was a member of Canada’s national ski team when he decided to bobsledding; joined Victor and John Emery and Doug Anakin to train for international competition; 1964 won gold medal at Innsbruck Winter Olympics, Canada’s first bobsled gold; also took 4th place with Victor Emery in the two man event; 1965 won the World Championships in St. Moritz Switzerland with Victor Emery Jerry Presley and Michael Young.

Also Eugene Levy 1946-
comedian, comedy writer, was born on this day in 1946 at Hamilton, Ontario. Levy is best known for his SCTV Network characters Earl Camembert, Bobby Bittman, Sid Dithers, and the Shmenge brothers’ Stan; won Emmy for writing The Energy Ball/Sweeps Week.

Also Mark Gane 1953-
guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, was born on this day in 1953 at Toronto. Gane played for Martha & The Muffins.

Also Craig Berube 1965-
NHL left winger, born on this day at Calihoo, Alberta; traded by the Calgary Flames to the Washington Capitals for fifth-round draft pick (Darryl LaFrance) on June 26, 1993.

Also Vincent Damphousse 1967-
NHL centre, born on this day at Montreal in 1967; selected by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round (sixth pick overall) of the 1986 NHL Entry Draft; traded by the Edmonton Oilers with 1993 fourth-round draft pick (Adam Wiesel) to the Montreal Canadiens for Shayne Corson, Vladimir Vujtek and Brent Gilchrist.

Also Eric Bédard 1976-
speed skater, born on this day at Shawinigan, Quebec in 1976; brought up in the village of Ste-Thècle; Bédard won the bronze in the 1000 m short track event, and gold as a member of the 5000 m relay team (in 7:06.075), with Derrick Campbell, François Drolet and Marc Gagnon, at the Nagano Winter Olympics.

In Other Events…
1996 Chechnya – Bandits kill 51-year-old Vancouver nurse Nancy Malloy and five other International Red Cross aid workers.
1996 Ottawa Ontario – Rodrigue Biron and Gilles Duceppe announce they are candidates to lead the Bloc québécois; Duceppe the eventual winner.
1991 St. John’s, Newfoundland – Joseph Smallwood 1900-1991 dies at age 90; led Newfoundland into Confederation; was Premier for 23 years; wrote ‘I Chose Canada.’ A native of Gambo, he died leaving his Encyclopedia of Newfoundland unfinished.
1991 Montreal Quebec – Quebec government unveils Innovatech Grand Montreal, $415 million plan to renew city economy.
1985 Toronto Ontario – Queen’s Park rules that acid rain polluters must cut sulphur dioxide emissions by 64% in the next eight years.
1982 Brussels Belgium – European Economic Community bans import of harp and hooded seal pelts, main market for the fur.
1974 Quebec – Pierre Laporte cleared of charges linking him with organized crime; by the Quebec Commission on Organized Crime; late Quebec Labour Minister killed by FLQ terrorists in 1970.
1969 Ottawa Ontario – Bank of Canada to print new bank notes; portraits of former Prime Ministers to replace Queen; Laurier on $5, Macdonald on $10, King on $50, Borden on $100.
1969 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa puts the Company of Young Canadians under stricter management and financial control.
1968 Montreal Quebec – City of Montreal offers $10,000 reward for the arrest of FLQ terrorist bombers.
1966 Quebec – Opening of Quebec Autoroute 15.
1964 Ottawa Ontario – Senate approves new National Flag of Canada after Commons passage December 15. House of Commons votes to keep flying Union Jack as symbol of Canada’s membership in Commonwealth.
1960 Quebec Quebec – Quebec joins National Hospital Insurance Plan, effective January 1, 1961; last province to join.
1960 Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court of Canada rules that food stamp premiums are legal.
1953 Vancouver BC – Vancouver’s first TV station, CBUT, goes on the air.
1947 Sept-Iles, Quebec – Sept-Iles linked with the world by telephone.
1946 Ottawa Ontario – Paul Martin Sr. sworn in as federal Minister of National Health and Welfare.
1945 Ottawa Ontario – Mackenzie King Cabinet passes three orders-in-council providing for the deportation of five classes of Japanese Canadians.
1941 Hong Kong – Japanese repeat demand for surrender of the colony, but it is summarily refused by the British governor; garrison, which includes 450 Canadians, has no hope of relief, with the sinking of two British battleships off Singapore, and the crippling of the US fleet at Pearl Harbor; invasion comes the following day.
1939 Britain – First contingents of Canadian First Division start arriving in England for service in World War II.
1939 Ottawa Ontario – Canada signs British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, a $1.281 billion program to train pilots, navigators, wireless operators and gunners from UK, Canada, Australia and NZ; instructors from the Royal Canadian Air Force working at 107 schools and 184 ancillary units across Canada will eventually train 130,000 Allied aircrew.
1924 Victoria BC – BC Iegislature adopts resolution opposing continued Oriental immigration.
1921 Ottawa Ontario – Beaver design of the new nickel 5¢ coin proclaimed; originally silver, but quickly changed to pure nickel; based on North West Company trade tokens.
1917 Ottawa Ontario – Samuel William Jacobs from Montreal the first Jewish Canadian elected to the House of Commons.
1891 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the Canadian Bankers Association.
1875 Montreal Quebec – Violent bread riots at Montreal.
1867 Victoria BC – British Columbia Legislature meets for the first time at the new capital of Victoria.
1864 USA – US requires passports for entry from British North America for the first time.
1859 Montreal Quebec – Victoria Bridge opened to passenger train traffic; will be formally opened by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, on Aug. 25, 1860; the single-track iron tubular bridge entirely enclosed, which causes ventilation problems; slit 20″ wide will be cut the full length of the bridge to let smoke escape.
1844 Montreal Quebec – Founding of the Institut canadien; printer Joseph Guiborda member.
1822 Dauphin Manitoba – Peter Fidler dies at Fort Dauphin, Hudson’s Bay Company fur-trader, explorer and cartographer.
1792 Quebec Quebec – Opening of the first assembly of Lower Canada.
1640 Montreal Quebec – The Company of One Hundred Associates agreed to grant the whole of Montreal Island to the Société de Notre Dame de Montréal; except for mountain and area to southwest (Lachine).

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