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December 22

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1809 US NON-INTERCOURSE ACT HURTS CANADAWashington DC – US passes Non-Intercourse Act; opens trade with all nations except Britain and France; to retaliate against Napoleon’s Decrees and British blockade; causes commercial depression in Canada.

Also On This Day...

Fort Erie Ontario – Buffalo & Lake Huron Railroad opens from Fort Erie to Stratford.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

François de la Vérendrye 1715-1794
fur trader, explorer, born on this day at Sorel Quebec; dies in Montreal July 31, 1794. La Vérendrye was the third son of the family of French explorer Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, Sieur de La Vérendrye. He discovered the Saskatchewan River in 1739 and spent over 10 years on the Prairies, including a trip to the Mandan country on the Missouri in 1739. He and his brother Joseph (in the picture) may have been the first white men to see the Rocky Mountains. After the British conquest of Quebec he inherited a seignory and lived in Montreal.Also Sara Jeannette Duncan 1861-1922
journalist, novelist, born on this day at Brantford, Ontario, in 1861; died at Ashstead, England, July 22, 1922. Duncan joined the Toronto Globe in 1886-87, as its first female full time journalist; 1887-88 worked for the Montreal Star; 1888 started round-the-world tour and wrote her first novel A Social Departure (1890); married and settled in India for 25 years, then moved to England; of her 22 books, The Imperialist (1904) and Cousin Cinderella (1908) have Canadian themes.

Also James Robert Gowan 1815-1909
lawyer, jurist, senator, born on this day at Cahore, County Wexford, Ireland in 1815; died at Barrie, Ontario, Mar. 18, 1909. Gowan was appointed to the bench at age 27; 1843-83 judge in Simcoe County; helped John A. Macdonald with draft legislation; sat on many royal commissions, including the 1873 investigation of the Pacific Scandal; 1855, founded The Upper Canada Law Journal, today’s Canadian Bar Review; 1885 appointed to the Senate.

Also George Monro Grant 1835-1902
Presbyterian minister, educator, born on this day at Albion Mines, Nova Scotia, in 1835; died at Kingston, Ontario, May 10, 1902. Grant studied at Pictou Academy and West River Seminary in Nova Scotia as well as Glasgow University; 1860 ordained in the Church of Scotland; 1863 Minister of St Matthew’s Church, Halifax; 1877-1902 Principal of Queen’s University, Kingston; 1889 Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Canada; books include Ocean to Ocean (1873), about his journey overland to the Pacific with Sandford Fleming’s expedition in 1872, and The Religions of the World (1894).

Also Ralph Horner 1854-1921
evangelist, church leader, born on this day in Pontiac County, Quebec, in 1854; died at Ivanhoe, Ontario, Sept. 12, 1921. Horner began his career as Methodist minister; 1883-85 studied theology at Victoria College, Cobourg, Ont.; 1887 ordained by the Montreal Conference of the Methodist Church; 1894-95 deposed after he proved unwilling to follow church discipline; joined the Wesleyan Methodists of NY; 1897 formed independent Holiness Movement Church, with a Bible college and a publishing house in Ottawa; 1916 schism led him to found the Standard Church of America.

Also Lucien Bouchard 1938-
lawyer, politician, born on this day at St-Coeur-de-Marie, Quebec in 1938. Bouchard studied law at Laval University, as a classmate of Brian Mulroney; 1971 joined the Parti québécois; 1973 campaigned for Jonquière PQ candidate; 1974-75 member of Cliche Commission of inquiry into violence and corruption in the construction industry; 1977 Lévesque government’s chief negotiator with the province’s 300 000 public servants; 1980 chaired pro-sovereigntist side in the referendum campaign; 1988 appointed Canadian Ambassador to France; 1988 Mulroney’s Secretary of State; 1988-90 Minister of the Environment; May 21, 1990 resigned from Mulroney Cabinet and the Conservative Party to protest potential watering down of Meech Lake Accord; founded Bloc Québécois with like minded MPs; 1993 election won his riding of Lac-Saint-Jean as BQ candidate; got 50% of the popular vote in Quebec and 54 seats, making them the Official Opposition in Ottawa; 1995 resigned to lead Parti québécois and become Quebec Premier.

Also Ian Turnbull 1953-
hockey player, born on this day in 1953; Turnbull played with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Also Myriam Bédard 1969-
biathlon athlete, was born on this day at Loretteville, Quebec in 1969. Bédard took up biathlon while an army cadet at age 15; 1987 member of Canadian national team; 1991 got good results in World Cup; 1992 won bronze medal in 15 km event at the Albertville Olympic Games; 1993 won gold in the 7.5 km event and silver in the 15 km event at world championships; 1994 won gold medals in the 7.5 and 15 km events at the Lillehammer Olympic Games; first Olympic biathlon golds won by a non-European.

Also Caroline Olivier 1971-
Canadian acrobatic skier, born on this day at Cap Rouge, Quebec.

Also Kirk Maltby 1972-
NHL Left winger, born on this day at Guelph, Ontario in 1972; selected by the Edmonton Oilers in the third round (65th pick overall) of the 1992 NHL Entry Draft; traded by the Edmonton Oilers to the Detroit Red Wings for Daniel Gillis on Mar. 20, 1996.

In Other Events…
1995 Quebec – Lucien Bouchard 1938- announces that he is a candidate for the leadership of the Parti québécois.
1992 Ottawa Ontario – Perrin Beatty licenses 4 companies to provide digital Personal Communication Services (PSA) phone services; Telezone, Rogers Cantel, Mobility Canada (Bell) and Canada Popfone (MH).
1987 Moscow Russia – Canada beats Finland 4-1 to win first-ever gold medal at the annual Izvestia hockey tournament.
1986 Montreal Quebec – Quebec Court of Appeal declares that Article 58 or Bill 101 making French the sole language authorized on commercial signs is unconstitutional.
1977 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa starts building first six new naval frigates; part of $1.5 billion naval program.
1976 Ottawa Ontario – Olive Diefenbaker dies; wife of John.
1974 Boston Massachusetts – Bruins Phil Esposito the 6th NHLer to score 500 goals.
1973 Toronto Ontario – Pierre Berton quoted in Canadian Magazine as saying, ‘A Canadian is somebody who knows how to make love in a canoe.’
1972 New York City – Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell receives a gold record for her album, For the Roses; includes song, ‘You Turn Me on, IÕm a Radio’.
1969 Montreal Quebec – Supreme Court rules 1968 Montreal lottery illegal; Quebec sets up provincial lottery corporation; first draw to take place March 14, 1970.
1969 Ottawa Ontario – John Lennon and Yoko Ono spend an hour with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and meet the Minister of Health, John Munro to discuss drug abuse.
1969 Toronto Ontario – Anglican Church of Canada ordains first woman deacon.
1969 Montreal Quebec – FLQ terrorists explode bomb in a post office truck.
1967 Ottawa Ontario – Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau tells the Commons that “There is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.”
1965 Ottawa Ontario – Report of Organizing Committee recommends setting up Company of Young Canadians as a Crown Corporation.
1964 Quebec – Opening of the Eastern Townships Autoroute.
1963 Ottawa Ontario – Reginald Binette kills four parishioners of Christ the King Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa in robbery attempt; sentenced to life imprisonment May 1, 1964.
1952 Ottawa Ontario – Government announces plans to build the National Library of Canada.
1950 Korea – HMCS Athabaskan relieved for repairs and general maintenance; had performed carrier screen duty, escorted shipping, carried out blockade patrols and provided anti-aircraft protection and general support for the forces evacuating Inchon.
1943 Ortona Italy – Canadian First Division surrounds Ortona, cuts off German retreat; starts week-long battle with savage house to house fighting.
1941 Hong Kong – Japanese capture Sugar Loaf Hill at 12 noon, but Canadians from C Company of the Royal Rifles recapture the hill; later taken out to Stanley Fort down the peninsula, for a rest; will hold out until their ammunition, food and water are exhausted.
1924 Toronto Ontario – Babe Dye of NHL’s Toronto St Patricks scores 5 goals as his team beats the Boston Bruins 10-2.
1922 Montreal Quebec – Official opening of the Mount Royal Hotel, with 1.046 rooms.
1897 Ottawa Ontario – Bering Sea Claims Commission recommends US pay Canadian sealers $463,454; to compensate for seizure of vessels.
1877 Montreal Quebec – Laval University opens a branch campus in Montreal, later the U of M.
1869 Newfoundland – Newfoundlanders vote against joining Confederation.
1859 Winnipeg Manitoba – The Nor’Wester the first newspaper published on the Canadian Prairies.
1837 Toronto Ontario – George Arthur 1784-1854 appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada; from March 23, 1838 to Feb. 9, 1841. last.
1821 Pictou, Nova Scotia – Thomas McCulloch publishes the first of his Letters of Mephibosheth Stepsure in serial form in the Acadian Recorder, chiding his fellow Pictonians to improve their farming practices and style of life; until Mar 1823; reprinted in 1862 and then in 1960 as The Stepsure Letters.
1807 Washington DC – US passes Embargo Act to stop all trade with foreign ports; to retaliate against Napoleon’s Decrees and British blockade.

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