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December 31

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1929 SWEETEST MUSIC THIS SIDE OF HEAVENNew York City – Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians play Auld Lang Syne to usher in the New Year for the very first time, in their first annual New Year’s Eve Party at the Hotel Roosevelt Grill. The show is broadcast over the CBS radio network. Born in London Ontario, Guy founded the Lombardo Orchestra with his brother Carmen in 1916. Auld Lang Syne was his band’s theme song before 1929, but tonight was the start of a New Year’s Eve tradition. The Lombardo Orchestra is the longest running act in show business history, and has premiered over 500 hit songs, more than any other musical organization.. The Lombardo New Year’s Eve Party, which later switched to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, was the longest running annual special program in radio history. The Lombardo Orchestra has performed for more than 1.5 billion TV viewers since they first telecast their New Year’s Eve Party in 1954. Guy Lombardo died in 1977.

Also On This Day...

Quebec Quebec – American Brigadier-General Richard Montgomery 1738-1775 orders the attack on Quebec from the Lower Town at 5 am during a bitterly cold blizzard; he is killed at a fortified gate during the fire fight; Benedict Arnold is wounded. Guy Carleton, Baron Dorchester 1724-1808 repels Americans with the aid of Col. Allan Maclean.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Burton Cummings
rock singer, songwriter, born on this day at Winnipeg Manitoba in 1947. In 1964, the Winnipeg group Chad Allan and the Expressions release the hit single Shakin’ All Over with a question mark on the label inviting listeners to ‘Guess Who’ the band really is – the name sticks. In December 1965, Cummings joins The Guess Who to replace Chad Allan on vocals, and from 1965-75 he is the lead singer and keyboardist, with partners Randy Bachman, Jim Kale, Kurt Winter, Bill Wallace, Don McDougall (later Dominic Troiano) and Gary Peterson. On Sept 19, 1968, the band record their debut album Wheatfield Soul at A&R Studios in New York. On Aug 16, 1969 they appear on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand to be awarded a gold record for their Top 10 hit single These Eyes and to perform (She’s Come) Undun. On May 9, 1970 they rocket to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and stay there for three weeks with their hit single American Woman/No Sugar Tonight – making them the first Canadian group to have a number one record in the US and the first to have a Top 10 album (American Woman). Cummings plays his last gig with The Guess Who at the Montreal Forum on Sept 13, 1975, and on Nov 8, 1976, plays his first solo concert at the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg. Cummings’ most notable songs are I’m Scared, Stand Tall, These Eyes, Laughing, Undun, No Time, American Woman, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature and Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon. On March 27th, 1996, he released his latest (32nd) solo album, Up Close and Alone, recorded live at the Glenn Gould Studio in TorontoAlso Elizabeth Arden 1884-1966
beautician and cosmetics manufacturer, was born Florence Nightingale Graham on this day in 1884 at Woodbridge, Ontario; died Oct 19, 1966. After training as a nurse, Graham went to New York in 1907 and opened the Elizabeth Arden beauty salon on Fifth Avenue in 1910. She was a shrewd business person, and spurred by competition with her rival, Helena Rubinstein, started developing a worldwide chain of beauty salons, with its own line of cosmetics. By introducing eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick tinted to match clothing, she succeeded in making make-up acceptable to ‘respectable’ women. She also operated Maine Chance Stables in Kentucky, and bred the 1947 Kentucky Derby winner.

In Other Events…
1991 Port-au-Prince Haiti – Seventeen Haitian activists surrender to police after occupying Canadian Embassy for six weeks.
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa reports 12.8% unemployment, the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
1980 Toronto Ontario – Marshall McLuhan 1911-1980 dies; University of Toronto writer, communications guru; born Jul. 21, 1911; famous for his statement that The Medium Is The Message.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Lester B. Pearson 1897-1972 lights Centennial Flame at entrance to Parliament Hill to begin celebrations.
1963 North Bay Ontario – Nuclear warheads for Bomarc missiles arrive at RCAF base near North Bay.
1943 Canada – RCAF at peak, with 215,000 men and women, 78 squadrons, including 35 overseas and 6 heading there; Canada has produced 11,000 planes so far.
1941 Canada – RCAF has 14 squadrons operating overseas, 7 more authorized; plus 16 at home, including 8 on west coast.
1931 Canada – Canadian stock index plunges 37.2%; GNP declines 12.7%; worst business year on record in the country.
1931 Henderson Lake BC – Henderson Lake ends the year with a total of 319.78 inches of rain; wettest place on record in Canadian history.
1883 Fredericton New Brunswick – First mustering of ‘A’ Company of the Infantry School Corps; first unit of Canadian Permanent Force; later becomes Royal Canadian Regiment.
1860 Brockville Ontario – Canada’s first railway tunnel opened in Brockville; connecting harbour and Grand Trunk Railway.
1857 Canada – Canada officially goes on system of decimal currency at midnight.
1857 Ottawa Ontario – Queen Victoria 1819-1901 chooses the town of Ottawa as the new capital of Canada; on advice of George-Etienne Cartier; official announcement made January 27th.
1853 London Ontario – Great Western Railway reaches London from Hamilton.
1799 Toronto Ontario – Asa Danforth completes Danforth Road from York 96 km to Hope Township.
1791 Ontario – William Osgoode 1754-1824 first chief justice of Upper Canada; gave his name to Osgoode Hall, HQ of the Law Society of Upper Canada.
1646 Quebec Quebec – Martial Piraubé, Governor Montmagny’s secretary, plays the lead in ‘Le Cid,’ by Corneille; first play performed at Quebec.
1638 Huronia Ontario – A lunar eclipse in Huron country panics natives, who place blame on Jesuits.

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