Netanyahue, Clinton and Abbas – Going Through the Motions



Much like John Cleese said to Michael Palin in the Monty Python skit, “this parrot is no more, this is an ex-parrot.” So it is with the Israel – Palestinian peace negotiations. Like the pet shop owner Michael Palin, the U.S. State Department continues to insist that the obviously dead process is still alive. To say so is absolute fiction. No Israeli in authority will admit that they will take on the Jewish settlers in the West Bank and force through a land for peace deal – forget it. And of course there is not a unified government on the Palestinian side to talk to so there is no prospect for a peace settlement in this generation and maybe in generations to come.

The U.S. pleaded with Israel to extend the building freeze of homes on the West Bank. It expired after ten months and has not been extended. The U.S. attempted to bribe the Israelis by pledging to them new F-35 fighters. That did not dissuade the Israelis. Netanyahu refused to grant Barack Obama the extra time because he was afraid that the settler lobby in his cabinet might bring his shaky coalition government down. Maybe he, just as many of his predecessors, and present day countrymen oppose a land for peace deal with the Palestinians – probably both cases.

You Better Play Nice – Israel Battle Tanks

Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the PLO, only controls the West Bank and has limited powers. Hamas which does not recognize Israel controls the Gaza Strip. They are like children playing in a sand box, the U.S., the PLO and Hamas. The Israelis, the U.S. and the PLO claim they want a two state solution but are doing very little to achieve it. Mix in the democratically elected Hamas who oppose any such solution and do not even recognize Israel and you have continued conflict. Shamefully the U.S. administration would not dare to make such a proposal of unity for fear of being ripped apart by the strong Israeli lobby in the United States and its allies in the U.S. Congress. So there is no such a thing as a peace process. There is no consensus on the Israel side nor is there on the Palestinian side.

Hamas Rockets aimed at Israel

The continuation of this false ‘two-state solution” continues by the U.S. is because of its financial and strategic interests  in both Israel and in the adjoining dictator led Arab countries. This situation has lasted for over a decade now and there is every indication it will last for decades more. It will be interrupted from time to time by skirmishes by Israel launching punishing attacks on Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in retaliation for rocket attacks on its people. It will not go on forever but then again forever is a long time. Read Gwynne Dyer for more details.

(What a sad state of affairs by these mature nations that should know better. With proper leadership the U.S. could solve with a pen stroke – but leadership is needed and is sorely lacking. – CAPER)

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