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January 01

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1947 HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU'RE A CANADIANOttawa Ontario – Canadian Citizenship Act comes into effect, officially creating Canadian citizens; Canadian citizenship is paramount to being a British subject.

Also On This Day...

London England – Canada agrees on Imperial Penny Postage; letter delivered anywhere within British Empire for 2 cents; the stamp was designed by Postmaster General Sir William Mulock.


Also On This Day...

Montreal Quebec – William Cornelius Van Horne 1843-1915 appointed first General Manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway; the ex Illinois Central manager will finish the line far ahead of schedule.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Jackie Parker 1932-
CFL football quarterback, born on this day in 1932. Parker joined the Edmonton Eskimos in 1954, and led them to a Grey Cup victory his first season, repeating the feat in 1955. In 1956 he played halfback as the Eskimos won their third consecutive national title. Parker retired to coach after several seasons with the Toronto Argonauts and one with the BC Lions.
Also Michael Hanson 1963-
Rock & Roll drummer, of Glass Tiger, born on this day in 1963.

Also John C. Garand 1888-1974
firearms engineer, was born on this day in 1915 at St-Rémi, Quebec; died in Springfield, Massachusetts Feb. 16, 1974. Garand invented the M1 semiautomatic rifle, used by the US infantry in World War II and the Korean War.


In Other Events…
1994 Canada – North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA) goes into effect, creating a potential tariff free zone in Canada, the US and Mexico.
1991 Ottawa Ontario – Federal 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST) comes into effect. Brian Mulroney created 8 Senate seats to pass the legislation, after it stalled in a Senate filibuster.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – MPs get pay raise to minimum $82,700, plus $20,000 tax free allowance; Prime Minister’s salary to $153,700.
1989 Ottawa Ontario – Canada-U-S free-trade agreement takes effect; to cut or eliminate tariffs on trade over a 10-year period; sets up dispute settlement mechanism.
1987 Ontario – Ontario lawyers allowed to advertise their services by the Law Society of Upper Canada.
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Post office raises first class mail rates from 17¢ to 30¢.
1981 Chapais Quebec – Fire in a recreation club kills 48 New Year’s Eve celebrants in the northern Quebec mining town of Chapais.
1980 Europe – Ottawa ski jumper Horst Bulau wins world cup 90 Metre ski jumping event.
1976 Windsor England – John George Diefenbaker 1895-1979 former Prime Minister appointed a Companion of Honour by Queen Elizabeth.
1974 Montreal Quebec – Montreal and Canadian Stock exchanges merge as the Montreal Stock Exchange.
1972 Ottawa Ontario – Edgar Benson’s Tax Reform Act passed by Parliament.
1970 Thunder Bay Ontario – Cities of Fort William and Port Arthur unite as Thunder Bay.
1969 Halifax Nova Scotia – Halifax annexes five western suburbs, increasing the city’s population to 123,000.
1967 Ottawa Ontario – Prime Minister Lester Pearson ignites the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill to mark the first centenary of Confederation, and the birth of the second.
1967 Victoria BC – Centennial train starts cross-country travels, to mark the first centenary of Confederation.
1966 Canada – Canada Pension Plan comes into operation.
1964 Quebec Quebec – Quebec passes new Electoral Act; lowers minimum voting age in provincial elections to 18 years.
1961 Quebec – Quebeckers now part of National Hospital Insurance Plan.
1959 Canada – Federal-provincial hospital plan goes into effect in Ontario and Nova Scotia.
1957 Canada – Start of Mid-Canada radar warning line operations; from James Bay to Peace River area; Bell Canada, representing Trans-Canada Telephone System, is project agent
1953 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the National Library of Canada; formerly part of the Department of Agriculture
1952 Ottawa Ontario – New Old Age Security Act comes into effect, giving universal pensions to those 70 and over; an additional Old Age Assistance Act gives pensions to the needy from 65 to 69.
1945 France – Luftwaffe attacks RCAF in last major offensive.
1943 England – RCAF No. 6 Bomber Group begins operations from England; RCAF now has 31 squadrons overseas, 36 at home; Canada’s largest air formation.
1942 Washington DC USA – A. F. W. Plumptre opens Wartime Prices and Trade Board Washington office; works with US Office of Civilian Supply and Office of Price Administration.
1941 Ottawa Ontario – Lorne Greene 1915- appointed as first announcer in CBC’s new national news service; his stentorious tones in wartime broadcasts earn him the nickname, The Voice of Doom.
1940 Yellowknife NWT – Yellowknife becomes first municipal government in North West Territories.
1923 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the Department of National Defence; as National Defence Act comes into effect
1922 BC – Motorists in British Columbia switch to driving on the right hand side of the road at midnight.
1917 Newfoundland – Prohibition comes into effect in Newfoundland.
1908 Thunder Bay Ontario – Doukhobor group reaches Fort William; returned to homes by Ontario government; began pilgrimage from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, in July 1907
1906 Montreal Quebec – L. E. Ouimet opens Ouimetoscope, Montreal’s first specially built movie house.
1905 Edmonton Alberta – City of Edmonton establishes Edmonton Telephones.
1894 Ontario – Ontario votes for prohibition.
1885 Global – Sanford Fleming’s proposal for Standard Time and time zones put into effect by 25 nations.
1878 Belleville Ontario – Belleville gets city charter.
1858 Canada – Decimal system of currency comes into effect in Canada.
1856 New Brunswick – NB’s second prohibition law takes effect, as the ‘mashers’ defeat the ‘rummies.’
1855 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa incorporated as a city.
1851 Windsor Ontario – Henry Walton Bibb publishes first issue of ‘Voice of the Fugitive,’ a journal for escaped US slaves; son of white father and black mother
1851 Canada – Government abolishes primogeniture, where eldest son gets greater part of deceased father’s property; all property divided equally among all children if there is no will
1849 New Brunswick – New Brunswick Electric Telegraph opens service.
1835 Halifax Nova Scotia – Joseph Howe 1804-1873 criticizes Halifax magistrates in his newspaper, The Nova Scotian; acquitted for libel May 3 when his remarks are called ‘fair comment.’
1833 St. John’s Newfoundland – Newfoundland Assembly meets for the first time at St. John’s; first representative government
1830 Brockville Ontario – Ogle River Gowan opens the first Grand Lodge of Orange Order in Canada.
1823 Halifax Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia the first province to issue its own coinage.
1807 London England – Orders-in-Council blockade all neutral commerce with Europe, to retaliate against Napoleon; cause of War of 1812.
1743 North Dakota – François and Pierre de la Vérendrye see snow-capped mountains on the western horizon; thought to be the Rocky Mountains, it is more likely they are the Black Hills.
1714 Cape Breton Nova Scotia – Philippe Pasteur de Costebelle 1661-1717 appointed Governor of Cape Breton (Ile Royale).
1709 St. John’s Newfoundland – Philippe Pasteur de Costebelle 1661-1717 takes St. John’s.
1685 Quebec – Jacques-Rene de Brisay de Denonville 1637-1710 appointed Governor of New France; serves from August 1, 1685 to August 12, 1689
1653 London England – Charles I grants a Coat of Arms to the Newfoundland Colony.
1637 London England – Royal Charter granted to Newfoundland Colony.

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