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1920 FARMERS' GROUPS ESTABLISH THE PROGRESSIVE PARTYWinnipeg Manitoba – T. A. Crerar chairs a meeting of Ontario and Prairie farmers’ organizations to establish the National Progressive Party; he had resigned from Borden’s Union cabinet in 1919 to protest the high tariff. The Progressive Party will elect 65 members to Parliament in the election of Dec. 1921.

Also On This Day...

Montreal Quebec – Paul de Chomedy, Sieur de Maisonneuve, plants a cross at Ville Marie to offer thanks to God for saving the community from flooding.


Also On This Day...

Saint John New Brunswick – First sitting of the NB legislature takes place at Saint John.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Ian Millar 1947-
equestrian, born on this day in 1947. Millar has represented Canada in 5 Olympic Games, three with his partner Big Ben, acquired in 1983. In 1987 Millar was the first Canadian ranked #1 in the World by the International Equestrian Federation. Big Ben retired in 1994.
Also Dickie Moore 1931-
NHL player, Montreal Canadiens, was born on this day in 1931. Moore holds the Stanley Cup Individual Record for points scored in a period – 4, on March 25, 1954.



In Other Events…
1992 Quebec Quebec – Quebec judge rules that a 25-year- old paralyzed woman, ‘Nancy B,’ suffering from a rare neurological disorder and on life support, has no hope of recovery and has the right to die. Doctors will remove her life support on February 13, after a 30 day appeal period lapses.
1978 Montreal Quebec – Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada to move head office from Montreal to Toronto.
1977 Lakefield Ontario – Prince Andrew starts attending Lakefield College School near Peterborough, for two terms; second in line to the British throne
1975 Winnipeg Manitoba – Manitoba to require disclosure of assets and business interests of legislators and senior officials.
1974 Ontario – Startup of the Global Television network in southern Ontario; Canada’s third TV network is now known as CanWest-Global and is controlled by Izzy Asper.
1971 Toronto Ontario – Neil Young returns to Canada for his first concert since pre-stardom days.
1966 NWT – ‘The Drum’ first issued in English, Inuit, and Loucheux dialect; first newspaper of its kind in the Arctic.
1966 Ontario – Ontario lets federal government take responsibility for Native education, housing, and employment.
1965 Halifax Nova Scotia – Canada part of new NATO anti-submarine destroyer squadron.
1936 Webbwood Ontario – Barbara Hanley elected in the Northern Ontario town of Webbwood; Canada’s first woman mayor.
1915 France – Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry go into action in France.
1877 Manitoba – McLean’s open the first flour mill in Manitoba; wheat is quickly replacing fur as Manitoba’s main product
1845 Stratford Ontario – Protestants and Catholics riot in Stratford following the council election; eighty men fight in the streets
1824 Quebec Quebec – First meeting of Literary and Historical Society of Quebec.
1818 Ontario – Peregrine Maitland 1777-1854 appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada; serves from Aug. 13, 1818 to Aug. 23, 1828
1789 Quebec Quebec – Guy Carleton, Baron Dorchester 1724-1808 founds an agricultural college at Quebec.

<!– “The way to get things out of a government is to back them to the wall, put your hands to their throats, and you will get all they have.”
Agnes MacPhail
Speech to Southern Progressive Association
Regina, Saskatchewan

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