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January 07

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1955 TV CAMERAS FIRST ENTER PARLIAMENTOttawa Ontario – The Speech from the Throne and the opening ceremonies of the Canadian Parliament are broadcast live on television for the first time.

Also On This Day...

Quebec Quebec – Louis de Buade et de Palluau, Comte de Frontenac 1622-1698 is forced to issue card money to pay the troops in the Quebec garrison, due to the non-arrival of a supply ship.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Sanford Fleming 1827-1915
civil engineer, born on this day at Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland in 1827; dies in Halifax Nova Scotia July 22, 1915. Fleming came to Canada in 1845 and became one of North America’s greatest railway surveyors and engineers. He also developed the concept of international standard time, which was adopted in 1884. As well, Fleming designed the first Canadian postage stamp, the Three Penny Beaver, first issued in 1851.
Also Jules Huot 1908-
golfer, was born on this day at Montreal in 1908. Huot was the top Canadian at the Canadian Open in 1931 and 1935, won the CPGA championship in 1934, 1939 and 1946, and in 1937 became the first Canadian to win a USPGA-sanctioned tournament at Fonthill Ontario. He also played in the first ever Masters Tournament. Huot’s book Le Golf went through three printings.


In Other Events…
1996 Ontario – Blizzard kills two Ontario men in separate traffic accidents; two-day storm blamed for at least 100 deaths in north-eastern US, worst to hit the region in 70 years.
1986 Kingston Ontario – Chris Clifford of the Kingston Canadians the first goalie in the Ontario Hockey League to score a goal; in 53 year history of the OHL.
1984 Medicine Hat Alberta – Train wreck near Medicine Hat releases dangerous gases, forcing evacuation of 800 people.
1983 Toronto Ontario – Ontario seizes assets of Greymac Trust Company, Crown Trust Company, and Seaway Trust Company, owned by Leonard Rosenberg.
1981 Los Angeles California – Marcel Dionne of the NHL Kings scores his 1,000th point with a goal in a 5-3 victory over the Hartford Whalers.
1974 Ottawa Ontario – Bora Laskin 1912- sworn in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, succeeding Joseph-Honoré-Gérald Fauteux 1900-.
1971 Ottawa Ontario – US-owned Mercantile Bank of Canada to begin program to have at least 75% Canadian ownership by 1980.
1969 Manitoba – 600 Indians and Metis protest Manitoba Hydro project calling for a 10.7m (35-foot) increase in water level.
1966 Africa – Canada sends emergency food supplies to drought-stricken Zambia, Rhodesia, Bechuanaland, Basutoland; together with Britain and Australia
1963 Manitoba – Manitoba awards contracts for Red River Floodway, largest earth-moving job ever undertaken in Canada; called ‘Duff’s Ditch’
1960 Quebec – Antonio Barrette 1899-1968 becomes Premier of Quebec on the death of Paul Sauvé.
1925 Montreal Quebec – Harry Broadbent of the NHL Montreal Maroons scores five goals in a 6-2 victory over Hamilton.
1920 Toronto Ontario – Joe Malone of the Quebec Bulldogs scores two goals, leading his team to a 4-3 victory over the Toronto Arenas. Malone becomes the NHL’s all-time leading goal scorer to that date with 59.
1902 Toronto Ontario – Toronto Mining Exchange Ltd. changes name to Standard Stock and Mining Exchange Ltd..
1896 Ottawa Ontario – Mackenzie Bowell 1823-1917 loses seven members of his Cabinet, as half resign in opposition to his leadership.
1867 Quebec – Private Timothy O’Hea is awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery in 1866, protecting the lives of 800 emigrants on a Grand Trunk train menaced by a fire in a boxcar carrying explosives. This is the only VC awarded for a brave deed not done in the face of the enemy.
1859 Montreal Quebec – First Canadian silver coins issued.
1839 London Ontario – Crown executes rebels Hiram Lynn, Daniel Bedford, Albert Clark, Cornelius Cunningham, Joshua Doan and A Perley.
1836 Toronto Ontario – William Lyon Mackenzie 1795-1861 loses his Assembly seat in a rowdy, corrupt election; Tories win majority; Bidwell also loses
1799 Quebec Quebec – Founding of the Quebec Library.
1756 Halifax Nova Scotia – Charles Lawrence appointed Governor of Nova Scotia; serves from July 23 to September 24, 1761.
1608 Port Royal Nova Scotia – Jean de Biencourt, Baron de Poutrincourt 1557-1615 gets Port Royal grant reconfirmed; De Monts’ trading monopoly extended for one year; one ship to go to Port-Royal, one to the St. Lawrence, one with Champlain to Quebec.

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