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January 10

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1920 CANADA JOINS LEAGUE OF NATIONSGeneva Switzerland – Canada becomes a founding member of the League of Nations on the day the Treaty of Versailles, ending the First World War, takes effect; Canada and the other Dominions now speak for themselves on international affairs.

Also On This Day...

Alberta – Norwester David Thompson 1770-1857 crosses the height of land of the Rocky Mountains on the Athabasca Pass; he will ascend the Columbia River to its source, then descend it to Astoria, becoming the first person to explore and map the whole length of the river.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Frank Mahovlich 1938-
hockey player, born on this day at Sudbury, Ontario in 1938. Mahovlich played for Mt. Michael’s College as a Junior, then joined the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs full time in 1957-58, winning the Calder Trophy as NHL Rookie of the Year (he out-polled Bobby Hull). He played with the Leafs 1956-68 (Stanley Cup 61-62, 62-63, 63-64, 66-67), Detroit Red Wings 1967-71 and Montreal Canadiens 1970-74 (Stanley Cup 70-71, 72-73). Frank was also a member of the Team Canada squad in the 1972 Summit Series against the Soviet Union. In 1974 he jumped to the WHA, playing with the Toronto Toros 1974-76 and the Birmingham Bulls 1976-78. He had 619 goals in 22 pro seasons and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1981. [Photo: NHLPA]
Also Craig Russell 1948-1990
female impersonator, was born Russell Craig Eadie on this day at Toronto in 1948; died in Toronto of AIDS-related stroke Oct 30 1990. Russell starred in the films Outrageous! (1977) and Too Outrageous! (1987).

Also Jerome Drayton 1945-
marathon runner, was born on this day in 1945. Drayton won his first major race in 1969 at the Motor City Marathon in Detroit. In 1970 he set a world 10- mile record and in 1975 set a world record for the indoor 3- mile event. He took three Fukuoka Marathon titles in Japan in 1975 and 1976, and capped his career by taking the Boston Marathon in 1977.

Also Giselle MacKenzie 1927-
TV/radio actress, singer, pianist, violinist, was born Marie Marguerite Louise Gisele LaFleche on this day in 1927 at Winnipeg Manitoba. MacKenzie starred on Your Hit Parade, and had her own TV show.

Also George Orton 1873-1958
track athlete, scholar, Canada’s first Olympic medal winner, was born on this day in 1873; died Jun 26 1958. Orton started his competitive career while attending the University of Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania, where he got his Ph.D. In 1900, Canada did not send a team to the Olympic Games but Orton attended with the American team, and he won the Gold Medal in the 2500 Metre Steeplechase, and Bronze in the 400m Hurdles. By 1921 he had won 15 US championships.

Also Charles G. D. Roberts 1860-1943
poet, writer, was born Charles George Douglas Roberts on this day at Douglas, New Brunswick in 1860; died in Toronto Nov 26, 1943. Roberts was the first Canadian writer to express the new national feeling aroused by the Confederation, and he inspired a whole nationalist generation in the late 19th-century poets. He also wrote several volumes of animal short stories.

Also Saint Isaac Jogues 1607-1646
Jesuit missionary, was born on this day in 1607 at Orléans France; tortured and burned to death Oct 18, 1646 at an Iroquois village near present-day Albany New York. Jogues was martyred in his efforts to bring Christianity to the Hurons and Iroquois.


In Other Events…
1993 Oakville Manitoba – 400 Oakville residents return home after three week exile in shelters and motels; as risk from toxic chemicals released in a train derailment.
1990 Paris France – Roger Lemelin receives France’s Légion d’honneur medal; Montreal author (Les Plouffes); publisher of La Presse
1980 Quebec – Claude Ryan 1925- Quebec Liberal leader suggests more power to the provinces; in policy paper on constitutional reform
1977 Ottawa Ontario – Canada expels four Cubans, including two diplomats, after RCMP spy investigation.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – First meeting of National Indian Advisory Board in Ottawa.
1950 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa and provinces meet to discuss constitutional amendment issues and Trans-Canada Highway; federal-provincial conference until January 12
1946 London England – Canadian diplomats attend first General Assembly of the United Nations; until February 15; Canada to serve on the Atomic Energy Commission, the Economic and Social Council, and the International Court of Justice
1942 Montreal Quebec – Elizabeth Monk and Suzanne Filion admitted to the Quebec Bar – Quebec’s first female lawyers.
1931 Montreal Quebec – Philadelphia Quakers ended the Montreal Maroons 15-game winning streak, the longest in NHL history to date.
1920 Montreal Quebec – The Montreal Canadiens clobber the Toronto St. Patricks 14-7, in the highest point total NHL Hockey game; Chicago and Edmonton equalled the total goals in 1985.
1910 Montreal Quebec – Henri Bourassa 1868-1952 publishes first issue of ‘Le Devoir’; opposes reciprocity with the US; claiming it will lead to American interference in Canadian affairs.
1850 Plymouth England – Robert McClure & Richard Collinson set sail in the Enterprise and Investigator to search for Franklin expedition; McClure sails into the Beaufort Sea via Bering Strait, to Banks Island.
1842 Charles Bagot 1781-1843 arrives to take post as Governor General of British North America.
1823 Quebec – opening of third session of eleventh Parliament of Lower Canada; meets until March 22; licences to regulate public houses and sale of liquor and wine
1817 Fort Douglas Manitoba – Miles Macdonnell recaptures Fort Douglas from Metis; occupies the Fort for Lord Selkirk
1815 London England – British Government bans Americans from settling in Canada.

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