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Hey, do you remember when we all held the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in such high esteem? They were above reproach in every respect unless of course you were a bootlegger or operated a still producing good old Cape Breton shine. But you still respected the Mounties if not revering them. If you got caught, you simply turned over your bootlegging responsibilities to a sibling or friend, went to court and took your punishment and after a reasonable length of time resumed your illegal activities.

RCMP Member on the job – In the Arctic

But now you see where they are being charged with murdering an unarmed drunk in cells, tasering a teenager with limited mental capacity, perjuring themselves, beating up people on the street and most recently kicking an unarmed man down all fours in the face. You didn’t see these types of tactics from the RCMP or the local thugs at the Legions throughout Cape Breton on a Saturday night. We even had four Mounties taser a poor innocent immigrant to death while he waited for his mother to come collect him. Imagine four Mounties all supposedly highly trained couldn’t subdue one unarmed man. The shame of it makes me shutter.

What amazes me that they above all others should be aware of the fact that you can hardly go outside anymore without a camera recording your every move. The corner convenience store takes your picture; most businesses will have a camera covering you at the entrance as well as on the inside. Police cells and hall ways within the Cop Shops all have cameras yet we see the stupidity of Police kicking female and male prisoners, beating the crap out of unarmed victims. Do they not have any sense or are they just stupid or do they think they are above the law? Most of our modern day police are highly educated and go through rigorous selection processes yet we continue to hire and employ some of these Neanderthals and not only that we issue them a gun. Do they not have supervisors responsible for their supervision, conduct and employment?

I have nephews and cousins who are or were in the Police Services and I have always told them you guys (and now girls) are the only people in Canada who are authorized by the Laws of Country to kill someone legally. All you have to do is determine that your life is in danger and you can blast away. Not even members of our military have this authority.

Municipal Cop – A Dangerous Job

These incidents are not confined to the RCMP alone. We only need to watch in the news and we will see repeatedly incidents where Municipal Police Services are involved in despicable acts against civilians often without rhyme or reason. They continue be charged with drunken driving, murder, fraud, child molestation and you name it and they are doing it.

A Black and White – at the ready

Don’t get me wrong I am and always have been a great supporter of the police RCMP and Municipal. I am just pointing out a number of incidents of late that causes me grave concern. I appreciate that every police officer puts his or her life on the line every day they go to work. And for that I applaud them. I have the greatest respect for these men and women who are in place to serve and protect us. Ironically, as I type this article a police sergeant was hit and killed this morning in the line of duty by a nut case who ran out of a house in his bare feet and stole an operating snow plow and drove off.

OPP Badge

I do hope the whole situation improves. Our RCMP is not viewed in a very positive light these days. It is my firm belief that the RCMP should be a true Federal Police Service with provinces and municipalities looking after their respective police responsibilities and NOT THE RCMP. And, they should go back to having a uniformed Commissioner responsible to a police board yet to be formulated. (By CAPER)

RCMP Member of the Musical Ride


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Serita MacLellan on January 12, 2011 at 15:57

    I am not at all surprised by the actions of police officers, federal or municipal, after it’s the only place a “BULLY” can get a decent wage and apension. If it weren’t for those cameras they could all commit the “perfect crimes”.


  2. Posted by Serita MacLellan on January 12, 2011 at 16:22

    RCMP Member on the job – In the Arctic

    is this RCMP officer roundng up the residents to be put on ice floes


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