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January 13

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1947 SUPREME COURT RULESLondon England – Britain’s Privy Council rules that Canada is within its rights in passing legislation making the Supreme Court of Canada the final court of appeal; marks the end of legal recourse to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, except in federal-provincial matters.

Also On This Day...

Mediterranean, off Italy – Royal Canadian Navy Corvette Ville de Québec sinks a U-boat in the Mediterranean; RCN’s first U-boat kill.



And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Lionel-Adolphe Groulx 1878-1967
Catholic priest, historian, nationalist, was born on this day at Chenaux, near Vaudreuil, Quebec in 1878; dies in Vaudreuil May 23, 1967. After his seminary training at Ste-Thérèse, Groulx taught at Valleyfield College, then the University of Montreal, where he edited a monthly journal Action Française, and developed a Quebec history curriculum that saw the Conquest and Confederation as a disaster, and Quebec’s only hope in fostering a Catholic Quebec as a bulwark against English power. Groulx inspired the Quebec nationalist movement for over 50 years. His major works are his Histoire du Canada Français (1951) and Notre Maître le passé.
AlsoArthur Howie ‘Art’ Ross 1886-1964
hockey player, coach, manager was born on this day in 1886; died Aug 5 1964. Ross played defense for 14 years, and was on two Stanley Cup winners – with Kenora in 1907 and the Montreal Wanderers in 1908. He then became a referee, and finally manager/coach of the Boston Bruins when they joined the NHL. He coached them to three Stanley Cup winners. The Art Ross Trophy has been given to the NHL’s top scorer since the 1947-48 season.



In Other Events…
1982 Ottawa Ontario – Ann Cools appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau; first black Canadian to serve in the Upper Chamber.
1976 Ontario – Ontario signs agreement with Ottawa; 400,000 public sector employees put under the Anti-Inflation Board.
1966 Sri Lanka – Canada gives $1 million long-term loan to Ceylon, for purchase of industrial raw materials.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa starts skills program for unemployed; announced at federal-provincial conference on manpower training
1965 Ocean Falls BC – Avalanche kills 7 people at Ocean Falls.
1961 Ottawa Ontario – The third federal-provincial conference on the Constitution reaches a general agreement on the need to amend the BNA Act.
1949 Charlottetown PEI – Prince Edward Island bans sale and manufacture of margarine, to protect dairy industry.
1944 Ottawa Ontario – W. Clifford Clark d1952 suggests new Family Allowance scheme; estimates cost at $200 million.
1908 Montreal Quebec – Montreal Wanderers sweep Ottawa Victorias in 2 games for the Stanley Cup.
1849 Vancouver Island BC – Hudson’s Bay Company signs lease with the British government for monopoly of trade on Vancouver Island for ten more years; for a fee of seven shillings per year.
1838 Buffalo New York USA – William Lyon Mackenzie 1795-1861 evacuates Navy Island and goes to Buffalo.
1837 Saint John New Brunswick – Fire devastates business district of Saint John.

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