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January 15

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1878 TORIES ADOPT NATIONAL POLICYToronto Ontario – John A Macdonald’s Liberal Conservative Party adopts a high-tariff National Policy platform, due to frustration in restoring freer trade with the US; the Party opts for protective tariffs, while keeping the door open to reciprocity where possible.

Also On This Day...

Alberta – French King François I appoints Jean-François de La Roque de Roberval c1500-1560 first Viceroy of Canada, Newfoundland, and Labrador.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Mazo de la Roche 1879-1961
author, was born on this day at Newmarket Ontario in 1879; died in Toronto July 12, 1961. Mazo de la Roche is known for her popular series of novels about the Whiteoak family of Jalna (the name of their estate), set in the 1920s, that have sold over 9 million copies. The saga was made into a CBC series, Jalna, in 1972, starring Kate Reid as the matriarch of the family.

In Other Events…
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Government announces massive VIA Rail cutbacks, due to $1 billion annual loss; will cut over 2,500 jobs and at least 14 of the company’s 38 routes.
1984 Ottawa Ontario – Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang starts 7-day state visit to Canada.
1982 Quebec Quebec – Quebec National Assembly forces 2,200 striking Montreal transit workers back to work.
1976 Toronto Ontario – Ontario Legislature votes to end two-month strike by 8,800 Toronto secondary teachers.
1970 Winnipeg Manitoba – George Maltby, Police Chief of St. James-Assiniboia, appointed first Ombudsman of Manitoba.
1964 Paris France – Lester Bowles L. B. Pearson 1897-1972 arrives in Paris; first official visit of a Canadian Prime Minister to France.
1963 Ottawa Ontario – The Board of Broadcast Governors (today’s CRTC) records its hearings for the first time; distributed to radio and TV stations by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.
1962 Ottawa Ontario – RCMP Musical Ride placed on permanent, full-time basis.
1941 Ottawa Ontario – J. L. Ilsley warns that Ottawa might have to invade provincial tax turf; in a tough speech to the Dominion-Provincial Conference.
1915 Basque BC – Canadian Northern Railroad completes line between Quebec City and Vancouver, British Columbia.
1892 Springfield Massachusetts – James Naismith, from Almonte, Ontario, first publishes his ‘Rules of Basketball’ in the YMCA’s Triangle magazine.
1836 Archibald Acheson, Lord Gosford 1776-1849 bans private army groups, such as the British Rifle Corps.
1835 Toronto Ontario – Upper Canada bans the sale of liquor to Indians; effective January 5, 1836
1808 Nova Scotia – George Prevost 1767-1816 appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia; from May 13, 1808 to Aug. 25,1811
1636 Quebec Quebec – Charles Huault de Montmagny c1583-c1653 appointed first titular Governor of New France before de Champlain’s death was known in France; soldier and Knight of Malta
1635 Saint John New Brunswick – Charles de St-Etienne de La Tour 1593-1666 granted land at mouth of Saint John River; builds Fort La Tour (Fort Jemseg).
1634 Beauport Quebec – Robert de Moncel Giffard 1587-1668 granted one of the first royal seigneuries by the Company of New France; he is a master surgeon.

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