Old Sydney Town “Down Memory Lane”

MicMac Camp – Sydney

.(Thanks to everyone who sent in the wonderful stories about the Steel City)


Remember at the corner of George and Argyle streets – Colborne’s Grocery Store and behind this on Argyle the Old Grist Mill at the Mill Dam which flowed into Wentworth Park.

Next to Colborne’s was Bill Kyte’s Barber shop and then Vaughn’s store where Mr. Vaughan made his own sour krout in the back shop.

Also at the end of Trinity Avenue by Chappell’s Court was Mr. Nahe’s small store very popular in the neighbourhood where the late Anne Huntington worked for many years before returning to teaching at Colby School on Cottage Road.

Remember the Saturday night dances with Emelio Pace in the old barracks across the street from Sacred Heart Parish and the Lyceum Theatre.

Remember playing badminton in the old fertilizer plant on Prince Street (long gone). I remember playing there with the late Tommy Glover, Ernie Edwards, Jo Mitchell and ? ? ?

Remember Wimpy’s on Townsend Street corner of MacKenzie where we went every Saturday for the best hamburgers all dressed.

Remember the dances at the Silver Rail on the Sydney Glace Bay highway – corner of the old road into the airport (burnt down many years ago)

                                                                                                           Sydney Tar Ponds

I remember coming from Glace Bay to Sydney on the old Tram Car you changed at Reserve Mines. The Tram followed a route to the right of the highway past Grand Lake and the Sydney Garbage Dump and eventually came out on Prince Street down Prince to Townsend to the Esplanade to Dorchester to Charlotte to Townsend to George to Cottage Road to Whitney Avenue to Prince and back to Reserve Mines to change for Glace Bay.

I lived across the street from Rita Offer ne O’Callaghan at 13 Beacon. Wonder if she knows the names of all the families who lived there when we did. I do. Would love to hear from her. Where are her sisters and brother?

Remember the newspaper called the “Sydney-Booster” printed in Sydney with the by line “Down Where the East Begins” I have a March 15,1935 issue with a picture of the cast of “The Cottar’s Saturday Night” on the front page. Does anyone remember this half hour radio program heard on CJCB radio every Saturday night.


Some railway costs shown in this paper – Montreal to Sydney Return $27.95, Toronto to Sydney Return $40.60, Windsor Ontario to Sydney return $49.15.
Oh these old memories are priceless…… Herb MacDonald

      I’m sitting here in my living room in Barrie, Ontario and on the wall I have a print of……… you guessed it…… Crowell’s. It is a print of a painting which was done of the store by Marie Moore. It depicts the store as it may have looked in 1905. My wife and I both grew up in Cape Breton and we remember the store well. I bought it for her for her birthday one summer. I always thought it was so neat how they would send the money up to the accounting office with those tubes.

                                                                                   Sydney River – A Little Piece of Heaven

Where else could you go to ride an elevator in Cape Breton?? I also remember Christmas shopping with my parents on Charlotte Street. There were lots of people and cars everywhere.

     I don’t think the Mayflower Mall has the same atmosphere somehow. It saddens me to see the store in its present state.
     My dentist was Dr. Cleaner whose office was on the second or third floor of one of the stores. Ms. Elliot I think was the hygienist. I can still remember how it felt when they hit a nerve on that not completely frozen tooth.
     I also remember when they first put in the escalator at the airport in Sydney. Does anyone remember referring to the multi-story apartment building by the Holiday Inn as “The High Rise”??
     Being from Cape Breton is not like being from any place else. You can talk to anyone who lived there and they have had the same kinds of experiences. I feel privileged to have grown up in Cape Breton!!!! …… Vincent and Suzanne MacNeil

      I remember the old court house on Charlotte St, north of the old post office building. The Sydney Library was located in the basement at the back.
      The old Branch 12 legion was behind it at the time on George street. There was also a used car dealer in that lot .

      Hasiuk’s store was in the refurbished building now occupied by an engineering firm I beleive and a training center. Cohen’s store was next door and the Quinin Hall next door.       Sacred Heart Parish owned the Quinin Hall and it was used for cubs, scouts and basketball and youth groups. Across the street was the old Lyceum which was being used as St F.X. Junior College forerunner of the UCCB.

                                                                                             University of Cape Breton – Sydney

Next to that was the Melrose Restaurant occupied by a computer business now. They had a juke box there and they had the booths just like you see on Happy Days with a coin operated machine in each one to play a record.

Old Central School was on the corner where Cape Breton Post is now. It was built in the same design as the old court house. ……. Colin Waye


 Sydney in Winter by Mike Henick – If we were there Carmen would have me feeding the Ducks                      
(Great Memories from all you Sydney types who wish you were from the Northside – CAPER)



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