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January 17

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1974 THE GOVERNOR IS A LADYToronto Ontario – Pauline McGibbon 1910- takes office as Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, the first women to hold a vice-regal post in Canada.

And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Mack Sennett 1884-1960
silent movie actor and director, The King of Comedy, was born Michael Sinnott on this day at Richmond, Eastern Townships, Quebec in 1884; died Nov 5 1960 in Woodland Hills, California. The son of Irish immigrants, Sennett moved with his parents at age 17 to the US, where in 1902, while dabbling in vaudeville, he met a fellow Canadian, actress Marie Dressler. She got him a job in burlesque and as a chorus boy, and in 1908 he began acting in Biograph films with another Canadian film pioneer, Mary Pickford. After some training from D.W. Griffith, he started directing his own films, including the Dressler vehicle, Tillie’s Punctured Romance. In 1912 he and two bookies formed the Keystone production company, featuring actors Mabel Normand, ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, Chester Conklin, Slim Summerville, Minta Duffee and Charles Chaplin. In 1914 alone, Sennett directed Chaplin in 35 comedies. Refining the slapstick chase gags of the Keystone Kops, Sennett gradually added the Bathing Beauties and the Kid Komedies to his repertoire. In 1915 he and Griffith and Thomas Ince founded Triangle Films, and started more tightly scripted films, with stars like Bobby Vernon and Gloria Swanson. In 1917 he formed Mack Sennett Comedies, distributing through Paramount and Pathé. When the Depression hit, he went to Paramount, and produced shorts featuring W.C. Fields, Bing Crosby musicals, and one Buster Keaton film, The Timid Young Man, but in 1935 he was broke, and returned to Canada a pauper. In 1937 he was awarded a special Oscar – ‘to the master of fun, discoverer of stars… for his lasting contribution to the comedy technique of the screen’. For a list of all Sennett’s 350 films, check out the Internet Movie Database. Here he is with his old friend Charlie Chaplin at D. W. Griffith’s funeral in Hollywood in 1948.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Jim Carrey 1962-
actor and comedian, born James Eugene Carrey on this day at Newmarket Ontario in 1962. Carrey is known for his slapstick work in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Cable Guy, Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, Batman Forever, Finders Keepers, The Duck Factory and Liar Liar (with fellow Canadian Jennifer Tilley). Click here for a complete Jim Carrey filmography.
Also Jacques Plante 1929-1986
NHL goaltender, was born on this day in 1929 at Montreal Quebec; died Feb. 27, 1986. Plante was the Montreal Canadiens goalie from 1954-1963. After a nose operation, he took to wearing a face mask permanently despite management opposition. Plante won one Hart Trophy as the NHLÕs MVP (1962). He had 6 Vezina Trophies (1956-60) with the Habs as best NHL goalie, and in 1968-69 the expansion St. Louis Blues coaxed him out of retirement where in combination with Glenn Hall he won his 7th Vezina. He played for six Stanley cup winners with 15 shutouts in 115 playoff games. He also played for the New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins.

Also Antoine-Aimé Dorion 1818-1891
politician, statesman and jurist, was born on this day in 1818 at Ste-Anne-de-la-Pérade Quebec; died May 31, 1891 in Montreal. A Liberal (Rouge) politician, Dorion was joint premier of the united province of Canada with George Brown in August 1858 and with John Sandfield Macdonald from 1863-64.


In Other Events…
1997 Geneva Switzerland – The World Trade Organization (WTO) rules against Canadian protectionist policies such as taxing Canadian editions of US magazines, preferential postal rates and tariff restrictions to protect its magazine industry from U.S. competition. Canada to look for other means to help industry.
1996 Detroit Michigan – Ottawa native Steve Yzerman scores his 500th goal, to help his Red Wings beat the Colorado Avalanche 3-2; 22nd player in NHL history to score 500 goals.
1995 Canada – Canadian dollar skids to a nine-year low of US 70.49 cents.
1976 Cape Canaveral Florida – NASA launches Canada’s $60 million Communications Technology Satellite from Cape Canaveral; world’s most powerful; will provide TV and phone services to Northern communities.
1975 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Armed Forces set up separate Air Command.
1972 Canada – Canadian air traffic controllers start 12-day strike, grounding most commercial flights.
1964 Winnipeg Manitoba – Opening of Winnipeg International Airport terminal.
1961 Washington DC – John George Diefenbaker 1895-1979 signs Columbia River Treaty with President Dwight D. Eisenhower; Canada gets half of power from dams on Canadian section; three dams in Canada
1961 Warsaw Poland – Canadian officials return Polish national treasures stored in Canadian vaults for safekeeping during World War II.
1933 Newfoundland – Newfoundland asks Britain to solve financial difficulties; wants Royal Commission
1861 Montreal Quebec – Mass meeting at Montreal protests forced return of escaped slaves to US.
1854 Hamilton Ontario – Celebration marks completion of Great Western Railway between Niagara Falls, Hamilton and Windsor; later part of Grand Trunk and CNR.
1850 Wolford Lodge England – Elizabeth Simcoe dies; buried beside husband John Graves Simcoe.
1840 Quebec Quebec – French complain that Lower Canadians not consulted about union of Upper and Lower Canada.
1839 Ontario – John Colborne, Baron Seaton 1778-1863 appointed Governor of British North America.
1838 Niagara Falls Ontario – Francis Bond Head 1793-1875 inspects Navy Island.
1651 Paris France – Jean de Lauzon c1584-1666 appointed Governor of New France; from October 14 to September 12, 1657

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