Scotch Barley Broth

Imagine Tucking into a Bowl of this Barley Broth after  coasting or skating or hockey eh?


2 lb shoulder of mutton
1 c dried green peas
1/2 c pearl
2 qt cold water
2 tsp
1/4 tsp pepper
3 diced carrots
1 c diced turnip
1/2 c diced
1 tbsp chopped parsley

Soak green peas overnight and soak barley for 2 hours. Wipe meat and trim
off fat. Put into broth pot with cold water, salt and pepper.  Slowly bring to
the boiling point and skim. Add peas, barley and onions and simmer gently
for 2 hours. Cool, then skim fat from broth. Bones may be removed if desired.
Add carrots, turnip and celery and simmer 30 minutes until vegetables are
tender. Season with more salt if needed and pepper to taste. Twenty minutes
before serving,  add parsley and remove any film of fat that has gathered on
the surface.

(Absolutely out or this world especially on a Cold Winter Day – CAPER)

(I always liked kissing a girl outdoors when her nose was cold, something about that turned my crank – CAPER)

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Bette (Ryan) Turnbull on January 21, 2011 at 18:37

    I just made a barley soup down here in FL. I use beef instead of mutton. All the rest of the ingredients were pretty much the same. Of course I throw in any left-over veggies etc. (or the kitchen sink)


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