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January 21

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1907 KENORA WINS STANLEY CUPMontreal Quebec – Kenora Thistles ice hockey team sweep the Montreal Wanderers in 2 games for the Stanley Cup.

Also On This Day...

Trois-Rivières Quebec – Ezekiel Hart d1843 elected to the Lower Canada Assembly for Three Rivers; re-elected in 1808 but again barred from sitting because of his religion; first Jew elected to a Canadian legislature.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

James Murray 1721-1794
soldier, born on this day at Ballencrieff, East Lothian, Scotland in 1721; dies at Battle, Sussex, England June 18, 1794. Murray was at the battle of the Plains of Abraham, and served as military and civilian Governor of Quebec from 1760 to 1768
Also Ilana Miller 1979-
actor, was born on this day in 1979 at Toronto. Miller played on Disney’s reincarnated Mickey Mouse Club from 1989-93.


In Other Events…
1992 Ottawa Ontario – Supreme Court starts review of David Milgaard murder conviction in the death of Saskatoon nursing aide Gail Miller; he will be freed April 16th, after 22 years in jail, when the Court finds a miscarriage of justice.
1989 St John’s Newfoundland – Tory Brian Peckford resigns after 10 years as Newfoundland Premier; replaced by Clyde Wells after election.
1985 Uniondale New York – Ottawa native Dennis Potvin of the New York Islanders ties Bobby Orr’s career record of 270 NHL goals.
1983 Regina Saskatchewan – Joanne Wilson found murdered in her garage; ex-wife of politician Colin Thatcher, son of ex-Premier Ross Thatcher, who will be found guilty of first-degree murder.
1936 London England – Edward, Prince of Wales, proclaimed King Edward VIII, one day after the death of his father, George V; will abdicate Dec 11th to marry divorced American Wallis Simpson.
1911 Washington DC – Canada and US agree to comprehensive reciprocity bill; ratified by Senate in July, but fails to pass in Canadian Parliament.
1900 Halifax Nova Scotia – Second Contingent of Canadian troops sails from Halifax for South Africa; more troop ships leave January 27 and February 21
1891 Boston Massachusetts – Calixa Lavallée dies at age 48; composer of O Canada.
1880 Victoria BC – Jeffree & Pendray install Victoria’s first business telephones; W. J. Jeffree’s Clothing store, W. I. Pendray’s Soap Factory
1864 Parry Sound Ontario – William Beatty granted 2,000 acres on site of Parry Sound.
1850 Scarborough Ontario – Incorporation of the Town of Scarborough; council meets at Dowsell’s Tavern on the Markham Road
1839 Wolfville Nova Scotia – Acadia College opens in Wolfville; now Acadia University
1796 Quebec – Robert Prescott 1725-1816 appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Lower Canada; serves from June 21 to Dec. 15, 1796
1757 Ticonderoga New York USA – Robert Rogers 1731-1795 defeated with his Rogers Rangers by French near Ticonderoga.

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