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January 22

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1874 MACKENZIE THRASHES SIR JOHN A.Canada – Liberal Alexander Mackenzie 1822-1892 defeats John A. Macdonald in the second Canadian general election, 138 seats to 67; of a total 206 seats. Macdonald suffered from the Pacific Scandal revelations.

Also On This Day...

Cape Canaveral Florida –
Roberta Bondar, a Canadian Space Agency Mission Specialist born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, blasts into Space from the Kennedy Space Center on an eight-day flight aboard the shuttle Discovery with six other astronauts. Here she is performing some on-board experiments. Bondar, an MD in Neurology and a PhD in Astrophysics, is Canada’s first woman astronaut.


Also On This Day...

Provencher Manitoba – Louis Riel 1844-1885 elected as the member of Parliament for Provencher in Manitoba. He will be prevented from taking his seat by a warrant for his arrest sworn in Ontario.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Mike Bossy 1957 –
hockey player, born on this day at Montreal in 1938. Bossy led the New York Islanders to 4 Stanley Cups. He was playoff MVP in 1982; scored 50 goals or more 9 straight years; has a total of 573 career goals.
Also Bill Durnan 1915-1972
NHL goaltender, was born on this day in 1915; died Oct 31 1972. After 9 years in the minors, Durnan was traded to the Montreal Canadiens, where he won the Vezina Trophy 6 times in his 7 years playing in the NHL, and led the Habs to 2 Stanley Cups. He recorded 4 consecutive shutouts in the 1948-’49 season, and retired with a career goals against average of 2.36.


In Other Events…
1992 Toronto Ontario – Boeing sells 51% of financially-troubled de Havilland Aircraft to Montreal-based Bombardier, with Ontario acquiring the remaining shares; after 8 years of ownership of the former Crown corporation.
1991 Ottawa Ontario – House of Commons votes 217-47 to endorse UN resolution on military action against Iraq. Most NDP members vote against the bill.
1991 Toronto Ontario – Northrop Frye 1913-1991 dies at age 78. Former Master of Victoria College, literary scholar Frye wrote over 20 books, including The Great Code, and Northrop Frye on Shakespeare (Governor General’s Award 1986).
1979 Ottawa Ontario – Edward Richard Schreyer 1935- takes office as Governor General of Canada; the former Manitoba Premier’s term ended in 1984.
1975 Ottawa Ontario – Pierre Elliott Trudeau 1919- declares International Women’s Year.
1974 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa and Premiers start two-day National Energy Conference in Ottawa; agree to subsidize Eastern prices and stabilize those in rest of country
1973 Toronto Ontario – Istvan Meszaros granted landed immigrant status; refused twice before as security risk; Marxist scholar and former Hungarian Culture Minister
1969 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa to discuss exchange of ambassadors with People’s Republic of China.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Guy Favreau defers Fulton-Favreau formula of 1964 for repatriating constitution, because of Quebec opposition; President of Privy Council.
1962 Ottawa Ontario – John George Diefenbaker 1895-1979 raises federal grants to universities by 33%.
1951 Korea – Canadian destroyer HMCS Huron put under United Nations command.
1944 Anzio Italy – Allies establish Anzio beachhead south of Rome; Canadians man static front on Adriatic coast
1931 Montreal Quebec – Tyrone Guthrie 1900-1971 broadcasts the first episode of The Romance of Canada; first series of radio dramas produced in Canada.
1906 Pacific – US steamer Valencia sinks off Vancouver Island; 126 drown.
1901 Windsor England – Queen Victoria 1819-1901 dies at age 82, ending her 64-year reign – the longest in British history.
1878 London England Britain – Canada wins right to decide whether or not to be included in British trade treaties.
1867 Peel Ontario – First meeting of the Peel County Council, after split from York County.
1864 Sapperton BC – First session of the Legislative Council of British Columbia opens at Sapperton.
1813 Frenchtown Michigan – Major General Henry Proctor leads 500 soldiers and militia, with Tecumseh’s 800 Indians from Amherstburg, in a counterattack across the frozen Detroit River after his defeat 4 days earlier. He recaptures the River Raison post, defeats 900 US troops led by Brig. Gen. James Winchester, and captures Winchester and 500 Americans.
1806 Ontario – Francis Gore 1769-1852 appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada; serves from Aug. 25,1806 to Jan 1, 1818
1699 Quebec Quebec – Jean-Baptiste de La Croix de Saint-Vallier 1653-1727 founds the first elementary school in New France; opens following year
1690 Onondaga New York – Iroquois sign treaty of peace with British and Great Lakes tribes.

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