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January 24

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1978 SOVIET SATELLITE FIREBALL OVER NWTNWT – Nuclear-powered USSR satellite Cosmos 954 re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrates over the Northwest Territories, scattering radiation; Canadian Armed Forces launches large operation to recover debris.

Also On This Day...

Calgary Alberta – ABC network agrees to pay $386 million for US TV rights to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics; a record sum to that date.


Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – Charles Vincent Massey 1887-1967 appointed Governor General; first Canadian-born; serves from February 28, 1952 to September 15, 1959.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Michael Ontkean 1950-
actor, poet, born on this day at Vancouver BC in 1950. Ontkean has starred in Rookies (Police Officer Willie Gillis, Slap Shot (with Paul Newman), Legacy of Lies, Twin Peaks (Sheriff Harry S. Truman), Postcards from the Edge, Peacekillers. For more details, check out the Internet Movie Database.
Also Jack Scott 1936-
country-rock singer, guitarist, songwriter, was born Jack Scafone Jr. on this day in 1936 at Windsor Ontario. Scott’s hits include My True Love (1958), Goodbye Baby, What In the World’s Come Over You (1959), Burning Bridges.


In Other Events…
1988 New York City – Ben Johnson named the Associated Press (AP) athlete of the year, the first Canadian track athlete so honoured. On Sept. 26, at the Seoul Summer Olympics, Johnson will test positive for steroid use, and will be stripped of the Gold Medal he won in the 100 Metre Sprint two days earlier.
1981 Uniondale New York – Montreal native Mike Bossy, of the NHL Islanders, is the second player in league history, after Maurice Richard, to score 50 goals in the first 50 games of the season, as his team scores 5 power play goals against the Quebec Nordiques. On this day in 1986, Bossy will score his 1,000th NHL point.
1973 Vietnam – Canada joins the International Commission for Control and Supervision in Vietnam for 60-day period; ICCS a truce-observance commission; with Hungary, Poland, Indonesia.
1971 NWT – Panarctic Oils caps a natural gas well on King Christian Island that had burned out of control for 3 months.
1955 Des Joachims Ontario – Start of first Canadian nuclear power plant at Des Joachims.
1946 London England – Canada is appointed to the UN Atomic Energy Commission.
1942 Ottawa Ontario – Wartime Prices and Trade Board rations sugar to 3/4 lb per person per week; cut to 1/2 lb on May 19; coupon rationing July 1
1923 Nova Scotia – George Henry Murray 1861-1929 resigns as Premier of Nova Scotia after 27 years; replaced by Ernest Howard Armstrong 1874-1946.
1903 USA – Britain and US refer Alaskan boundary dispute to commission which sits from September 3 to October 2; the result of the Anglo-American Convention will be largely in favor of American interests, enraging the Canadian public.
1885 Vancouver BC – The CPR telegraph reaches the Pacific from Halifax; now operating from coast to coast.
1848 Quebec/Ontario – Reformers led by Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine sweep elections in both Canada East and Canada West.
1688 Quebec Quebec – Francois de Laval 1623-1688 resigns as Bishop due to growing ill health.

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