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January 25

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1932 GG MAKES FIRST TRANS CANADA PHONE CALLSOttawa Ontario – Governor General, the Earl of Bessborough speaks to the Lieutenant Governor of each province, to inaugurate the Trans-Canada telephone system.

Also On This Day...

Winnipeg Manitoba – Louis Riel leads two week convention to consider the Canadian proposals put forward by Donald Alexander Smith, later Lord Strathcona 1820-1914.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

William McDougall 1822-1905
hockey player, born on this day at York County in 1822; dies in Ottawa May 29, 1905. McDougall founded the Toronto newspaper The North American, and was one of the fathers of Confederation. He was appointed lieutenant governor of the Northwest Territories in 1869, but was prevented from taking his post by the Red River Insurrection.
Also Paul Rowe 1917-1990
football player, was born on this day in 1917 at Victoria BC; died Aug 26 1990. Rowe graduated from the University of Oregon and played pro football for three years with the Calgary Bronks, before leaving in 1941 to serve in WW II. On his return he played for the Calgary Stampeders and was leading scorer in the Western League in 1939 and 1948 (Dave Dryburgh Memorial Trophy), leading the Stamps to the 1948 Grey Cup.


In Other Events…
1996 Red Deer Alberta – Leilani Muir awarded $750,000 by Alberta judge; she was wrongly diagnosed as mentally disabled and sterilized by the province’s Eugenics Board in 1959.
1979 Ottawa Ontario – Jean-Luc Pepin and John Robarts release the Report of the Task Force on Canadian Unity; recommend that Quebec should have the power to maintain its language and culture.
1977 New York New York – Rene Levesque 1922-1987 tells Wall Street audience at the Economic Club of New York that ‘separation is inevitable’.
1976 Toronto Ontario – Stuart Smith elected leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, succeeding Robert Nixon (b1928).
1973 BC – Freighter Irish Stardust grounds north of Vancouver Island., spilling 378,000 litres of fuel oil; spill spreads 320 km south.
1972 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa issues injunction, on behalf of her husband and the unborn child, to prevent a woman having an abortion.
1965 Quebec Quebec – Archbishop Maurice Roy of Quebec appointed a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
1963 Newfoundland – Wilson Kettle dies at age 102; has 582 living descendants.
1962 St. John’s Newfoundland – Bank of Montreal acquires Newfoundland Savings Bank.
1953 Liverpool England – Canadian Pacific liner Empress of Canada destroyed in a dockside fire; used as a troop ship during World War II.
1948 Winnipeg Manitoba – Investors Syndicate of Canada incorporates Investors Mutual of Canada Ltd.; Canada’s first public mutual fund will be first sold to the public in 1950.
1924 Chamonix France – Canadian team attends the opening of the Winter Olympic games.
1905 Toronto Ontario – George William Ross 1841-1914 Liberal government defeated by Conservatives under James Whitney.
1791 London England – British Parliament approves bill splitting the old province of Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada.
1627 Quebec Quebec – Louis Hebert c1575- 1627 dies of a fall, after ten years in Quebec; body later reinterred in church attached to the Quebec General Hospital; Canada’s first doctor, settler.

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