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January 26

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1993 TOBIN WINS THE ROCKSt. John’s Newfoundland – Brian Tobin sworn in as Premier of Newfoundland; calls election for Feb. 22; the former federal Cabinet Minister was chosen by the provincial Liberals to replace outgoing Premier Clyde Wells.

And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Wayne Gretzky 1961-
hockey player, born on this day at Brantford, Ontario in 1961. Gretzky, also known as The Great One, began his pro career with the Indianapolis Racers of the World Hockey Association in 1978 and was then acquired by the NHL Edmonton Oilers. He became the youngest player to score 50 or more goals and 100 or more points in a season, with 212 points in 1982. He led the Oilers to four Stanley Cup championships (1984, 85, 87, 88), and during the 1988-89 season became the highest scorer in the history of the NHL. On Aug. 9, 1988 Edmonton owner Peter Pocklington traded him to the Los Angeles Kings. Gretzky won the Art Ross Trophy for leading the NHL in scoring nine times (1981-87, 1990-91), and the Hart Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player nine times (1979-87, 1989). Gretzky is the all-time points leader (goals and assists combined) in the NHL for both the regular season and the playoffs. On Mar. 23, 1994 he surpassed his hero Gordie Howe by setting a new record for the most career goals in the NHL – 802. He was traded to the St. Louis Blues in 1996, and is currently with the New York Rangers.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Hans Selye 1907-1982
endocrinologist, born on this day at Vienna Austria in 1907; died in Montreal Oct 16, 1982. Selye is famous for his studies of the effects of stress on the human body. After medical training in Prague, Paris and Rome, Selye moved to Canada in 1932, and taught at McGill University. In 1945 he was lured to the Université de Montréal to head its Institute of Experimental Medicine and Surgery, where he developed his General Adaptation Syndrome about the effects of stimuli or strain on the human body – alarm, resistance and exhaustion – and the role of stress in disease. His major popular works are the Stress of Life (1956) and Stress Without Distress (1974).
Also Frank Nighbor 1893-1966
hockey player, was born on this day in 1893; died Apr 13 1966. Nighbor turned pro in 1913 with Toronto, moved to Vancouver and helped them win the Stanley Cup in 1915, then moved to the Ottawa Senators until 1929, where he played for four more Stanley Cup winners and was the first winner of two trophies – the Hart (MVP) and the Lady Byng (Most Gentlemanly Player – twice).

In Other Events…
1993 Montreal Quebec – Jeanne Sauvé 1922-1993 dies in hospital at age 70; born in Prud’homme, Saskatchewan April 26, 1922, Sauvé served as Canada’s first woman Governor General, also the first female Speaker of the House of Commons.
1990 Halifax Nova Scotia – Donald Marshall Jr. exonerated in Marshall Enquiry Report nearly 19 years after he was falsely convicted, and wrongly served 11 yrs for stabbing death of Sandy Seale in Sydney, NS; report says Marshall a victim of ineptitude and unfairness, as well as racism, because he was a Micmac Indian.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Space Agency signs $146 million contract with Spar Aerospace for first phase of Radarsat, to be launched in 1994 to send back high-resolution images of Arctic ice, oil spills, etc.
1988 Toronto Ontario – CIBC buys 65% of Wood Gundy for $190 million, mostly in shares; will also provide $100 million in subordinated loans
1985 Edmonton Alberta – Edmonton Oiler Wayne Gretzky 1961- scores his 50th goal in the 49th game of season, to beat the Maurice Richard/Mike Bossy record.
1984 Ottawa Ontario – Federal government announces land claims settlement with Yukon first nations, who receive $620 million and title to 20,000 sq km.
1980 Ottawa Ontario – Prime Minister Joe Clark warns USSR that Canada will boycott Summer Olympics in Moscow if Soviet troops do not leave Afghanistan by Feb. 20th. Canada does not attend the Games.
1972 Ottawa Ontario – Gerald LeDain issues part one of his Commission on the Non-medical Use of Drugs Report; recommends legal heroin for pain treatment; later rejected by government.
1956 Cortina d’Ampezzo Italy – Canadian team attends opening of seventh Winter Olympic games at Cortina.
1924 Ottawa Ontario – Parliament approves the Red Ensign as Canada’s official flag for government buildings at home and abroad; until the Maple Leaf is adopted.
1887 Nova Scotia – John Alexander Macdonald 1815-1891 wins majority of votes in Nova Scotia; dampens repeal movement. Charles Tupper 1821-1915 had resigned from the Canadian High Commission in London to return and run in the election; he is re-elected.
1836 Montreal Quebec – John Colborne, Baron Seaton 1778-1863 assumes his new post as Commander-in-Chief of British forces in British North America.
1776 Quebec – Eustache Chartier de Lotbinire 1716-c1785, a Canadian priest, is appointed chaplain to serve Canadians who joined the American invading force; US Congress ratifies appointment Aug. 12; US Army’s first chaplain is a French Canadian.
1666 Europe Canada – War between England and France until July 31, 1667.
1612 Port Royal Nova Scotia – Gilbert du Thet c1575-1613 arrives at Port-Royal with a relief ship; lay Jesuit sent to administer missions
1611 Dieppe France – Madame de Poutrincourt leaves Dieppe with Jesuits Pierre Biard and Enémond Masse (1575-1646) and her son, Charles Biencourt; first titled lady, first Jesuits in Canada

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