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January 30

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1920 JOE MALONE SCORES RECORD SEVEN GOALSQuebec City – Quebec Bulldogs’ Joe ‘The Phantom’ Malone 1890-1969 sets NHL record of 7 goals in one game against Toronto. He had previously scored nine goals in a Stanley Cup game against Sydney in 1913, and eight against the NHA Montreal Wanderers in 1917. In his first NHL season he scored 44 goals in only 20 games, and had 146 goals in only 125 games.

Also On This Day...

St Moritz Switzerland – Canadian team attend opening of the fifth Winter Olympic games in St Moritz. Among those attending is Barbara Ann Scott, who will win the Gold in Figure Skating, and the RCAF Flyers ice hockey team, who will also take home the gold.


Also On This Day...

Guelph Ontario – First Grand Trunk train arrives in Guelph from Toronto. On this day 67 years later the Grand Trunk is absorbed into Canadian National Railways. Here’s one of the first GTR engines.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

John Crosbie 1931-
politician, born on this day at St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1931. Crosbie started his political career in St. John’s city politics, and in 1966 joined the Cabinet of Joey Smallwood. He failed to unseat Joey at a leadership convention in 1969 and joined the Frank Moores Conservatives in 1971, helping them win the 1972 provincial election, and serving in the Cabinet. In the 1976 election he won a federal seat for the Conservatives, and served as Joe Clark’s Finance Minister. His 1979 ‘No pain, no gain’ budget helped bring down the Ministry. He finished third in the 1983 Tory leadership convention, and served as minister in the Justice, Transport, Trade and Fisheries and Oceans portfolios in the Mulroney Cabinet. He retired before the 1993 defeat, and was appointed Chancellor of Memorial University.
Also John Ireland 1914-1992
actor, was born on this day at Vancouver BC in 1914; died at Santa Barbara California Mar 21, 1992. Ireland TV/Movie/Stage Actor, Swimmer, over 200 movies and TV shows including All the King’s Men (1949); Rawhide’s Jed Colby, Cassie & Company. For more, check out his entry in the Internet Movie Database .

Also François Bigot 1703 -1778
civil administrator, lawyer, was born on this day in 1703 at Bordeaux, France; died in poverty at Neufchatel, Switzerland Jan 12, 1778. Bigot was the last Intendant of New France (1748-60). A gambler whose lavish living scandalized Quebec, Bigot’s corruption and fraud weakened the colony and helped the British conquest. In 1763 he was forced to return 1.5 million Livres to the French Crown.


In Other Events…
1991 Toronto Ontario – The Hudson’s Bay Company announces it is selling its fur business due to declining sales; the HBC was originally founded as a fur trading company in 1670.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – CBC President Gerard Veilleux announces 500 jobs to be cut at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation over the next year.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Finance Minister Michael Wilson gets 7% Goods and Services Tax bill through first reading in the Commons; to start January, 1991.
1985 Ottawa Ontario – Federal government states that metric measurement will continue to be mandatory, but retailers can use the imperial system at the same time.
1981 Ottawa Ontario – Parliamentary Committee accepts proposed native rights amendments to the Constitution.
1975 Toronto Ontario – Ontario starts Wintario lottery to raise money for recreation and cultural activities and facilities.
1973 Japan – Winnipeg-based Investors Growth Fund of Canada first foreign mutual fund to sell units in Japan; through Nikko Securities; after liberalization of investment controls.
1969 Vandenberg AFB California – Canadian ISIS 1 satellite launched, to continue ionospheric research from the Alouette series; mass of 241 kg.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Government announces that over 100,000 Canadians aged 69 are now eligible for $75 Old Age Security pensions.
1964 Montreal Quebec – Terrorists raid armoury in Montreal for weapons and ammunition; group calling itself Comité révolutionnaire du Québec.
1942 Ottawa Ontario – Byrne Hope Sanders appointed first head of Consumer Branch of Wartime Prices and Trade Board; ex-editor of Chatelaine Magazine.
1930 Toronto Ontario – Police arrest 9 members of the Standard Exchange for fraud; including members of the 5 biggest mining companies; later 27 sent to jail.
1923 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian National Railways Company takes over the Grand Trunk Railway, starting the amalgamation of other lines to create what is now CN Rail.
1897 Washington DC – UK-US convention establishes BC-Yukon boundary.
1868 Halifax Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia legislature opens first session after Confederation.
1839 London England Britain – John Lambton, Lord Durham 1792-1840 completes his ‘Report on the Affairs of British North America’; two months after resigning; handed over the following day.
1815 Toronto Ontario – John Strachan 1778-1867 writes letter to ex-President Thomas Jefferson protesting actions of US forces in the War of 1812.
1654 St. Peters Nova Scotia – Nicolas Denys 1598-1688 Governor of Gulf Islands, Canso to Gaspe, makes headquarters at St. Pierre; has royal concession to mine Cape Breton gold, silver and copper.
1646 Trois- Rivières Quebec – Father de Nouë, a Jesuit priest, freezes to death in a blizzard on the way to Fort Richelieu.

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