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February 01

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1963 NEIL YOUNG'S FIRST GIGWinnipeg Manitoba – 17 year old Neil Young performs his first professional date at a Winnipeg country club 35 years ago today.

Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, comprising the Royal North-West Mounted Police (RNWMP), formed in the 1870’s to administer the NWT, and the Dominion Police, that had guarded government buildings and enforced federal statutes since 1868; headquarters moved to Ottawa while training stays in Regina; size of force set at 2,500.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Louis Stephen St. Laurent 1882-1973
lawyer and jurist, Prime Minister 1948-57, born on this day at Compton Quebec in 1882, the son of Jean-Baptiste St-Laurent and Mary Broderick; dies July 25, 1973 at Quebec. St. Laurent will attend Collège St-Charles, Sherbrooke and l’Université Laval.
Also Herve Filion 1940-
harness racing driver, trainer, and owner, was born on this day in 1940 at Angers Quebec. Filion became North America’s most successful sulky jockey.

Also Conn Smythe 1895-1980
ice hockey player, coach, manager, and owner, was born on this day in 1895 at Toronto; died Nov 18, 1980 at Caledon, Ontario. Smythe was builder of Maple Leaf Gardens and founder of the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team.


In Other Events…
1983 Canada – New channels first available on cable as pay TV launched in Canada; First Choice, Superchannel and C-Channel.
1982 Fort McMurray Alberta – Amoco Canada and Chevron Standard Ltd. withdraw from $13.5 billion Alsands oil consortium.
1977 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa agrees to give the 3 maritime provinces 100% of the royalties from future offshore mineral finds inside the 5 km limit; 75% of royalties beyond.
1973 Ottawa Ontario – Gerald Keith Bouey 1920- succeeds Louis Rasminsky as Governor of the Bank of Canada.
1971 Montreal Quebec – Quebec Press Council founded out of 4 news organizations representing more than 700 reporters; first of its kind in Canada or US
1971 Ottawa Ontario – Canada and China open diplomatic relations; exchange diplomats in both countries, and officially recognize each other.
1971 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Post Office starts ‘assured mail program;’ next-day delivery of letters posted before 11 am; in most major Canadian cities.
1965 Churchill River Newfoundland – Hamilton River in Labrador renamed Churchill River in honour of Winston Spencer Churchill.
1943 Ottawa Ontario – Gordon Graydon calls for creation of a Ministry of Food to control Wartime Prices and Trade Board; Leader of Opposition
1912 Edmonton Alberta – Edmonton and Strathcona amalgamate to become the city of Edmonton.
1904 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of Dominion Railway Commission; power to fix rates, regulate operations and settle dispute.
1893 Prince Albert Saskatchewan – Coldest day on record in the province: -56.7 degrees Celsius.
1890 Ottawa Ontario – James Wilson Robertson 1857-1930 appointed first Dominion Dairy Commissioner; also Central Experimental Farm’s agriculturalist
1878 Quebec Quebec – Cyrille Duquet patents a version of the telephone; from Quebec City.
1870 Quebec Quebec – Founding of the Quebec Provincial Police force.
1858 New Westminster BC – Douglas Law goes into effect in British Columbia; requires miners to obtain licences to search for gold in the Fraser Valley.
1856 New Brunswick – New Brunswick Electric Telegraph leased by American Telegraph Company.
1854 Quebec Quebec – Fire destroys Parliament Buildings at Quebec.
1849 Toronto Ontario – William Lyon Mackenzie 1795-1861 returns to Toronto from the US on the same day the Amnesty Act grants full immunity to 1837 rebels who fled; some rebels now back from Van Diemen’s land, some remain, others have died
1799 Charlottetown PEI – Royal Assent given to change the name of Ile St. Jean to Prince Edward Island.
1796 Toronto Ontario – Capital of Upper Canada transferred from Newark (Niagara) to York.
1754 Cape Breton Nova Scotia – Augustin Boschenry de Drucour 1703-1762 appointed Governor of Cape Breton Island; last French Governor; from August 15 to August 15, 1758
1663 Quebec Quebec – The town of Quebec is rocked by an evening earthquake.

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