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 February 02

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1897 LADY ABERDEEN FOUNDS THE VONOttawa Ontario – Countess Ishbel Aberdeen, wife of the Governor General, starts organizing the Victorian Order of Nurses – the VON.

Also On This Day...

Vancouver BC – Ottawa proclaims western British Columbia a ‘protected area’ under wartime regulations, and orders Japanese nationals moved inland for security reasons; within weeks, the government includes second and third generation Canadians of Japanese origin under the edict; they are treated as aliens and deprived of their property.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...


Charles Edward Saunders 1867-1937
plant breeder, Dominion Cerealist, born on this day at London Ontario; died in Toronto July 25, 1937. Saunders was educated in chemistry at the University of Toronto and Johns Hopkins, and in 1903 was appointed by his father William, head of the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, as a research scientist. Rigorously straining crosses of Red Fife and Hard Red Calcutta wheat made by one of his brothers, Saunders tested a new frost-resistant strain he called Marquis in 1907 at Indian Head Saskatchewan. It was a sensation, and by 1910, over 2000 local farmers in were growing wheat where it not had been grown before. By 1920, 90% of the entire Prairie wheat crop was Marquis, and Saunders had helped open Canada’s Prairies to large scale wheat farming.
Also Alexander Rutherford 1857-1941
lawyer, politician, was born on this day in 1857 at Osgoode Ontario; died in Edmonton June 11, 1941. Rutherford studied law at McGill, and practised law in Kemptville until 1895 when he headed west to Alberta. In 1905 he became the first Premier of the new province of Alberta.





In Other Events…
1977 Toronto, Ontario – Maple Leafs’ Ian Turnbull scores 5 goals in a game against Detroit Red Wings, setting a record for an NHL defenceman
1976 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa signs agreements with Newfoundland and PEI to put public employees under the federal AIB – Anti-Inflation Board.
1974 Christchurch New Zealand – Canada finishes in 3rd place at 10th Commonwealth Games at Christchurch, New Zealand; 25 gold medals, 19 silver, 18 bronze.
1968 Ottawa Ontario – Founding of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, effective Jan. l, 1969; cities of Ottawa & Eastview, County of Carleton, Township of Cumberland.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – David Croll issues report of his Senate Committee on the Elderly; recommends guaranteed annual income at age 65; and programs to help seniors stay productive.
1963 Charlottetown PEI – Construction begins on the Fathers of Confederation Memorial Building in Charlottetown.
1955 Sisson Dam NB – New Brunswick experiences the coldest day in recorded history in the Province: -47.2 degrees Celsius.
1942 Ottawa Ontario – Arthur Meighen 1874-1960 loses by-election; resigns as Leader of the Conservatives and retires to practice law in Toronto; former Prime Minister was pro-conscription.
1942 Ottawa Ontario – Delegation of 400 Saskatchewan farmers and businessmen visit Ottawa to demand ‘Dollar Wheat.’
1926 Ottawa Ontario – Henry Herbert Stevens 1878-1973 releases damaging information about Customs officials accepting bribes; customs scandals lead to Mackenzie King’s resignation June 28.
1899 Paris France – Joseph-Israel Tarte 1848-1907 appointed head of the Paris Exposition Commission for Canada; organizes Canadian display at World’s Fair in Paris
1848 Halifax Nova Scotia – James B. Uniacke d1858 appointed Attorney-General in first Liberal government in Nova Scotia; Joseph Howe 1804-1873 Provincial Secretary.
1807 Toronto Ontario – Upper Canada Legislature passes bill setting up provincial grammar schools in all districts.

<!– “The Earl himself was a sensible and inoffensive man, but his wife was the most aggressive busybody who ever presided over Rideau Hall.”
Saturday Night Magazine
Oct 4 1898
on Ishbel, Lady Aberdeen

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