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February 03


maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1947 BBRRRRR!!!Snag Yukon – Thermometers in Snag register -64C (-83F), the lowest temperature recorded in Canada; likely the lowest temperature on record in North America.

Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – Fire destroys the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings, killing seven. The gothic Parliamentary Library is saved by a quick thinking clerk, who closes the iron doors. The tragedy is widely blamed on German wartime saboteurs. The building, containing the Commons and Senate, will be rebuilt in the Gothic revival style, and completed in 1920.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

William Cornelius Van Horne 1843-1915
railway builder, born on this day at Chelsea, near Joliet Illinois in 1843; died in Montreal Sept 11, 1915. Van Horne started working at age 14 as a telegraph boy on the Illinois Central Railroad. By 1880 he was manager of the Milwaukee Road, where he caught the eye of the CPR syndicate, who appointed him General Manager on Oct 1, 1882. Van Horne built the Winnipeg-Calgary section of the line by Aug 1883, and completed it to Port Moody by 1885. Three years later he replaced George Stephen as President. In 1991 he inaugurated the Canadian Pacific Empress line of steamships to the Orient. Van Horne was an accomplished amateur painter and architect, and helped plan the Banff Springs and Chateau Frontenac hotels.
Also Stephen McHattie
actor, was born on this day at Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Steve McHattie is currently playing Uncle Jimmy Murray in the new CBC/Salter Films production of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon. He has appeared in many films and TV shows including Centennial, Law & Order and The X-Files. For more, consult the Internet Movie Database .

Also ‘Stompin Tom’ Connors 1936-
singer, was born on this day at Saint John New Brunswick in 1936. Connors grew up in Skinners Pond PEI. He started singing for a living in 1964, at the Maple Leaf Hotel in Timmins Ontario, when he found himself broke. His foot stomping style was developed to keep the beat over the noise of the tavern. His trademark song is Bud the Spud, about a potato trucker from Prince Edward Island.

Also Robert Charbonneau 1911-1967
novelist and literary critic, was born on this day at Montreal in 1911; died in St-Jovite June 26, 1967. Charbonneau was leader of the postwar generation of French Canadian novelists.



In Other Events…
1994 Ottawa Ontario – Federal Court of Canada upholds human rights tribunal ruling on mandatory retirement in the Canadian Forces; recommends developing fitness standard instead of relying on an arbitrary age rule.
1981 Montreal Quebec – Petro-Canada offers to acquire control of Petrofina Canada Ltd. from foreign owners, at $120 a share.
1981 Winnipeg Manitoba – Manitoba Court of Appeal rules as legal Ottawa’s constitutional proposals and amendments.
1977 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa makes first allocations of $200 million Canada Works program to cut unemployment.
1975 Winnipeg Manitoba – New Syncrude agreement saves tar sands project: Alberta in for 10%, Ontario 5%, Ottawa 15%.
1972 Sapporo Japan – Canadian team attends opening of Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo, the first held in Asia; with total 35 nations and 1,231 competitors; to Feb. 13.
1966 Ottawa Ontario – Lester B. Pearson 1897-1972 bans all imports of Rhodesian goods, and all exports of Canadian goods to Rhodesia; with limited exceptions.
1961 Toronto Ontario – Canadian Bank of Commerce merges with Imperial Bank of Canada; to form Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
1960 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa grants $25 million to help subsidize the Commonwealth Transpacific Cable.
1959 Toronto Ontario – Gold bullion is traded on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange for the first time; today the TSE provides a market for gold futures.
1956 Toronto Ontario – Imperial Bank of Canada permitted to merge with Barclays Bank (Canada).
1941 Ottawa Ontario – Government extends compulsory military training from one month to four.
1932 Ottawa Ontario – Arthur Meighen 1874-1960 appointed to the Senate by Bennett; made Government Leader in the Senate.
1927 Washington DC – William Phillips appointed first United States Ambassador to Canada.
1916 Ottawa Ontario – French-speaking teachers protest pay freeze, imposed after they refuse language restrictions; strike by 122 teachers closes 17 bilingual schools in Ontario.
1901 Sydney Nova Scotia – Dominion Iron and Steel Company starts up first of four new blast furnaces at Sydney.
1865 Quebec Quebec – Canadian legislature resolves in an Address to the Queen to ask for Union of the Provinces of British North America.
1831 Montreal Quebec – Matthew Whitworth-Aylmer, Lord Aylmer 1775-1850 appointed Governor-General of British North America.

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