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February 04


maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1924 CANADA'S FIRST WINTER OLYMPIC GOLDChamonix France – First Winter Olympic games close at Chamonix. The Toronto Granite Club hockey team brings home the Gold Medal for Canada in ice hockey.

And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Cairine Ray Wilson 1885-1962
Canada’s first woman senator, was born on this day in 1885 at Montreal Quebec, the daughter of Senator Robert Mackay and Jane Baptist; dies in Ottawa March 3, 1962. Wilson was appointed in 1930 by Mackenzie King. She was President of the National Federation of Liberal Women 1938-48, the League of Nations Society 1938-42, and was Canada’s first delegate to the United Nations in 1949.



In Other Canadian Birthdays...

E.J. ‘Ned’ Pratt 1883-1964
poet, born on this day at Western Bay, Newfoundland in 1883; died in Toronto April 26, 1964. Pratt grew up in outport settlements served by his Methodist minister father. In 1904 he decided to enter the ministry himself, and attended Victoria College in Toronto, where he studied theology and psychology. He was ordained in 1913, but decided to teach instead, and joined the English Department at Victoria in 1920. He published his first collection of Poems, Newfoundland Verse, in 1923. Some of his more famous longer epic verses are The Cachalot (1926), The Titanic (1935) and Towards the Last Spike (1952).
Also Conrad Bain 1923-
actor, was born on this day in 1923 at Lethbridge Alberta. Bain has acted as Grandpa in Postcards from the Edge (1990), Philip Drummond in Diff’rent Strokes (1978), Dr. Arthur Harmon in Maude (1972) , Dr. Rubicoff in The Anderson Tapes (1971) and Semple in Bananas (1971). He is also a veteran of the Love for Life soap opera.
Also Etienne Desmarteau 1873-1905
policeman, strongman, was born on this day in 1873 at Boucherville Quebec; dies of typhoid fever in Montreal Oct 29, 1905. A Montreal policeman, Etienne Desmarteau was unbeatable in tug of war and other weight sports. He was the first Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal; for the 57-pound hammer throw at the 1904 St. Louis games.



In Other Events…
1992 St. John’s Newfoundland – Gulf Canada pulls out of the Hibernia oil project; Gulf’s 25% stake acquired by Ottawa, the remaining Hibernia partners and Murphy Oil.
1982 United Nations New York – With 20 other nations, Canada signs a UN declaration against ‘torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.’
1977 Ottawa Ontario – Official Languages Commissioner Keith Spicer recommends use of French as the language of work for Quebec employees of Air Canada and CN Rail.
1976 Innsbruck Austria – Canadian team attends opening of the 12th Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck; with total 37 nations and 1128 competitors; to Feb. 15.
1976 Halifax Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Supreme Court rules that province does not have right to censor motion pictures.
1975 Alberta – Ottawa, Alberta and Ontario invest $600 million in Syncrude Canada, to develop the Athabasca tar sands.
1970 Chedabucto Bay Nova Scotia – Liberian-registered tanker Arrow goes aground, splitting in two and spilling 15,500 metric tons of bunker C crude oil; inquiry will blame improper navigation.
1963 Ottawa Ontario – George Scott Harkness 1903- Defence Minister resigns over Canada’s refusal to accept US nuclear warheads for Bomarc missiles.
1958 Ottawa Ontario – Justice Kellock issues report of the Kellock Royal Commission; rules fireman unnecessary on CPR diesel railway engines.
1945 France – First Canadian Corps ordered to rejoin First Canadian Army on western front.
1932 Lake Placid New York – Canadian team attends ceremonies, as New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt opens the 3rd Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid; with total 17 nations and 306 competitors; to Feb. 15.
1903 Montreal Quebec – Montreal AAAs beat Winnipeg Victorias 2 games to 1, with 1 tie to win the Stanley Cup.
1901 Quebec Quebec – Quebec City revives its Winter Carnival; now a permanent annual event
1880 Lucan Ontario – James Donnelly, his wife Johannah, niece Bridget and sons Thomas and John are slain by night riders in Biddulph Township, north of London; six men will be acquitted in the ‘Black Donnelly’ murder case, after two trials. Members of the ‘White Boys’ faction likely carried out the crime, carrying into Canada an old religious feud originating in County Tipperary, Ireland.
1876 Winnipeg Manitoba – Manitoba abolishes its Legislative Council or upper house.
1873 Winnipeg Manitoba – Winnipeg gets charter; becomes a city.
1858 Langley BC – Gold is discovered along British Columbia’s Fraser River; leads to gold rush.
1839 London England – John Lambton, Lord Durham 1792-1840 submits his ‘Report on the Affairs of British North America’ to British Colonial Office; ‘Radical Jack’ recommends the anglicization of French Canadians to make them a minority.
1667 Quebec Quebec – Alexandre de Prouville, Marquis de Tracy c1596-1670 hosts first ball held in New France, to celebrate his victories over the Mohawks.
1629 London England – David & Lewis Kirke found Company of Adventurers to Canada with Sir William Alexander; to capture St. Lawrence and remove French.
1623 Quebec Quebec – Louis Hebert c1575- 1627 granted seigneury of Sault-au-Matelot by Henri, Duc de Montmorency; first seigneury of 150 founded during the French regime; beginning of feudal system to 1854.
In World Events…
1945 Yalta Russia – Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin meet at Yalta in the Crimea to discuss post-war plans and the defeat of the Axis powers.
1904 Lushun China – Japan starts siege of Port Arthur, starting the Russo-Japanese War.
1789 Philadelphia PA – George Washington chosen as the first President of the United States by the presidential electors.
1783 London England – England declares formal cessation of hostilities with the United States, ending the American Revolutionary War.

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