Glace Bay native elected to top position with the Salvation Army


Linda Bond Promoted to General in the Salvation Army


Submitted by the Salvation Army

Linda Bond, a native of Glace Bay who now lives in Australia, was elected world leader of the Salvation Army this week.

GLACE BAY — Having a “general” in the family has led to lots of discussion among Linda Bond’s family.

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The Salvation Army has named Bond, 64, as its new world leader and 19th general.

“We wondered, ‘How are we going to feel when the general walks in, how are we going to treat her?’” said Bond’s sister Audrey Mugford of Glace Bay.

“Then my sister said, ‘We treat her like … our sister.’”

Mugford said family from across the country have been calling each other this week, excited by the news.

Mugford said there are 11 siblings in the family and they grew up on the corner of Eighth Street in New Aberdeen.

“Linda is very dedicated, it is like she is married to the Lord,” said Mugford, who spoke to her sister since her new job was announced.

“She is very easy to get along with, very unique, you like to be in her company.”

It has been three years since Mugford saw her sister.

“She is coming in June and we are excited about that.”

Rhonda Harrington, a spokesperson for the Salvation Army Maritime division, explained that Bond now holds the top position in the Army.

“She is the head of the more than one million Salvationists in 123 countries.”

Harrington said Bond is the third woman, fourth Canadian and first Maritimer to ever hold this post in the Army.

“She is coming in June and we are excited about that.” – Audrey Mugford

“How exciting it is to have one of our own people from the Maritimes hold this position. It is such an honour for us in the Maritimes to know one of our own is leading the way.”

Bond has 42 years of experience in Christian ministry and leadership and past service includes corps officer of Halifax North Corps (now Fairview Citadel) from 1976-78,secretary of the Maritime Division from 1991-93 and commander of the Maritime Division from 1993-95.

Most recently she has been heading up the church and registered charity’s work in the Australian Eastern Territory.

Bond was elected general by the high council of the Salvation Army, which is comprised of senior leaders from around the world. The high council met this week in England. 

She will have the title general-elect pending the April retirement of the current world leader, Gen. Shaw Clifton.

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in Canada in 1882.


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