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February 06

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1837 FIRST PLAY ON PARLIAMENT HILLOttawa Ontario – Actors in the British garrison on Barrack Hill, the site of Canada’s Parliament Buildings, produce Bytown’s first play, ‘The Village Lawyer.’

Also On This Day...

London England – King George VI dies in his sleep; born Dec. 14, 1895; his eldest daughter Princess Elizabeth accedes to the Throne as Queen Elizabeth II. The stamp was issued to commemorate her wedding to Prince Philip a year earlier.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Kate McGarrigle 1946-
singer, songwriter, sister of Anna, born on this day at Montreal in 1946. The McGarrigles started playing in public in Montreal coffeehouses in the early 1960s. In 1970 Kate married singer Louden Wainwright Jr., and based herself in New York. The sisters have produced the following albums – Kate and Anna McGarrigle (1976), Dancer With Bruised Knees (1977), Pronto Monto (1978), French Record (1981), Love Over and Over (1982) and Matapedia (1996) The last album contains a lament, Song For Gaby, written after the 1994 death of their mother Gabrielle Latremouille-McGarrigle. Linda Ronstadt has recorded Kate’s (Talk to Me of) Mendocino. In the Rolling Stone Album Guide, J. D. Considine refers to them as “probably the finest singer-songwriter team ever to go ignored by the American public.” Check out the new McGarrigles’ Web site, source of this photo, taken in Montreal in 1988.
Also Remington, Wade, Lance, William and Maxine Collier 1988-
born on this day in 1988 at Toronto, the first Canadian quintuplets conceived outside their mother’s womb.

Also Louis Dudek 1988-
born on this day in 1918 at Montreal. Dudek was a major figure in the Canadian poetry renaissance of the 1940s, founding Contact Press with Irving Layton and Raymond Souster, and launching the career of Leonard Cohen, among others.


In Other Events…
1990 Chicago Illinois – Brett Hull becomes the first son of an NHL 50 goal scorer (Bobby) to score 50 goals himself.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Federal competition tribunal approves $5 billion Imperial Oil takeover of Texaco Canada.
1977 Montreal Quebec – Premier Rene Levesque drives over a man lying in a Montreal street; coroner rules no criminal responsibility; Levesque fined $25 for not wearing his glasses at the time of the accident.
1975 Edmonton Alberta – Peter Lougheed’s government cuts personal income tax by 28%, making Albertans lowest-taxed Canadians.
1972 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian airport radar and communications technicians strike, halting all but military air traffic until March 2.
1968 Grenoble France – Canadian team attends opening of the 10th Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble; with total 37 nations and 1293 competitors; to Feb. 18.
1967 Winnipeg Manitoba – Manitoba brings in 5% sales tax to finance education and social services; to take effect June 1.
1962 Ottawa Ontario – National Advisory Council on Fitness and Amateur Sports gives first grants; first to Canadian Wheelmen’s Association (cycling) and the Canadian Amateur Ski Association.
1962 Ottawa Ontario – Department of Mines and Technical Surveys opens new Surveys and Mapping Building; Ottawa’s largest government building to date
1943 Mediterranean – German U-boat torpedoes Canadian corvette Louisbourg in the Mediterranean.
1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany – Canadian team attends opening of the 4th Winter Olympic Games in Garmisch; with total 28 nations and 755 competitors; to Feb. 16.
1932 Lake Placid New York – Canadian and American teams present Dog Sled Racing as a demonstration sport at the 3rd Winter Olympic Games at Lake Placid.
1901 Ottawa Ontario – Robert Laird Borden 1854-1937 chosen as Conservative Party leader, replacing Sir Charles Tupper; to July 10, 1920; becomes Leader of the Opposition at the same time.
1894 Ontario – Residents of Ontario vote for the prohibition of alcohol in a provincial plebiscite.
1893 Paris France – Canada signs reciprocity treaty with France, to come into effect October 14, 1895; French wines given low rates of duty.
1865 Ottawa Ontario – Confederation debates begin.
1813 Brockville Ontario – US Capt. Benjamin Forsyth crosses frozen St. Lawrence with 52 riflemen and attacks Brockville the next day; takes 52 hostages in War of 1812 skirmish.
1722 Quebec Quebec – The Council of New France makes abandoning children a death penalty offence; parish Priests are asked to publicize the law every few months.
In World Events…
1958 Munich Germany – Seven members of Britain’s Manchester United football team returning from a European Cup match are among 21 killed in a plane crash.
1931 Argentina – Isabel Peron born; dancer became a political leader and followed her husband Juan as president from 1974 to 1976.
1840 Waitangi New Zealand – Maori people sign the Treaty of Waitangi accepting Queen Victoria’s sovereignty in their lands.
1665 London England – Queen Anne born; the last of the Stuart monarchs, she reigned as Queen of England from 1702 to 1714.

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