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February 07

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1867 PARLIAMENT PONDERS BNA ACTLondon England – Lord Carnarvon, Secretary of State for the Colonies, introduces a draft bill into the House of Lords to unite the Provinces of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. It is called the British North America Act.

Also On This Day...

Toronto Ontario – Toronto Maple Leaf Captain Darryl Sittler, centering a line with Lanny McDonald and Errol Thompson, scores 6 goals on Boston Bruins goalie Dave Reece. He adds 4 assists, in the 11-4 victory, for a record 10 points in one game, a feat unequaled in NHL history (even by Wayne Gretzky). Sittler wound up the season with 100 points, the first player in Leaf history to reach that plateau.


Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – John Alexander Macdonald 1815-1891 declares ‘A British Subject I was born, a British subject I will die’ during his final speech in the House of Commons, before entering his last election campaign.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Oscar Brand 1920-
folk singer, born on this day at Winnipeg Manitoba in 1920.
Also Arthur Ozolins 1946-
pianist, was born on this day in 1946.


In Other Events…
1998 Nagano, Japan – Canadian team competes in the opening events of the 18th Winter Olympic games at Nagano.
1990 Halifax Nova Scotia – Donald Marshall Jr. wins apology from Nova Scotia for suffering due to 11 years false imprisonment for a murder committed in 1971; after a royal commission exonerates him; he eventually receives $270,000 in cash damages from Province.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Vancouver-Quadra MP John Napier Turner 1929- resigns as Leader of the federal Liberal party; replaced by Herb Gray as interim leader.
1982 Toronto Ontario – Bob Rae 1949- elected Ontario NDP leader.
1980 Ottawa Ontario – Justice L. P. Pigeon retires from the Supreme Court of Canada; TV cameras are allowed into the Court for the first time to film the proceedings.
1973 Ottawa Ontario – Canada officially recognizes North Vietnam.
1972 Montreal Quebec – La Presse employees end four-month strike; began Oct. 27, 1971
1968 Ottawa Ontario – Ten provincial premiers agree to draft new constitution giving the French language equal status with English throughout Canada.
1926 Red Bank Ontario – Start of gold rush at Red Bank.
1922 New York New York – Lila Acheson Wallace 1889-1984 and her husband Dewitt Wallace sell the first 5,000 copies of their new magazine, the Reader’s Digest, the most-read periodical in history, with a current circulation of 15 million. Lila was born in 1889 at Virden, Manitoba.
1918 Ottawa Ontario – Cabinet sets up War Purchasing Board; authority to make all purchases for government.
1878 Ottawa Ontario – Richard Scott brings in Canada Temperance Act (Scott Act); gives provinces and local governments the option in licensing.
1874 Victoria BC – Crowd of several hundred people marches into BC legislature to demand resignation of Premier Amor de Cosmos for delaying building of the CPR.
1870 Winnipeg Manitoba – Donald Alexander Smith, later Lord Strathcona 1820-1914 invites at least two Metis to go to Ottawa to present list of rights to government.
1792 Niagara Ontario – John Graves Simcoe 1752-1806 advertises Upper Canada Crown Lands for sale; with fee scales; how to apply; US citizens wishing to settle can get free land grants.
1758 Halifax Nova Scotia – Governor Charles Lawrence proclaims a resolution passed by the Nova Scotia Council to organize the first Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia; it will be the first popularly elected parliament in Canada.
In World Events…
1994 Brussels Belgium – European Union backs use of air strikes to relieve Sarajevo, under siege by Serbians.
1992 Maastricht Netherlands – European Community ministers formally sign the Maastricht Treaty of European Union; provides for a common currency.
1990 Moscow Russia – Soviet Communist Party leadership agrees to give up 70-year monopoly on power, allowing a multi-party democracy.
1986 Port-au-Prince Haiti – President Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier flees to France after demonstrations against his rule.
1971 Switzerland – Swiss vote in a referendum in favor of giving the vote to women.
1964 Switzerland – The Beatles pop group arrive in the United States for the first time; mass hysteria greets them at the airport.
1301 London England – King Edward I of England revives the title of Prince of Wales, bestowing it on Edward of Carnarvon, later Edward II.

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  1. I was reading the wonderful stories about the flour sacks and I had to tell you about My Dear Mother`s Sugar Bags ,she would make the most beautiful table cloths ,Runners ,pillow cases ,slips with lace fringes ,baby sheets and dish cloths ,all embroidered with the most beautiful designs of her owm making .Patricia


    • Ah yes Patricia, those wonderful ladies like your dear Mother had such talents. And, you wonder when and how they found the time. Of course Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil and or The View or Oprah weren’t around to mess up their daily routine. lol


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