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February 08

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1984 CANADIANS IN SARAJEVOSarajevo Bosnia – Canadian team attends ceremony of lighting the Olympic flame to open the 14th Olympic Winter Games in Kosevo Stadium, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia; with 1,579 athletes representing 49 other countries. The Olympic facilities were virtually all destroyed during the civil war in Bosnia.

Also On This Day...

Toronto Ontario – Sanford Fleming first proposes adoption of Universal Standard Time, by dividing the world into 24 equal time zones, with standard time within each zone; in lecture at the Canadian Institute in Toronto. Idea adopted by North American railways four years later.


Also On This Day...

St Moritz, Switzerland – Fifth Winter Olympic games close at St Moritz. The RCAF Flyers win the Ice Hockey Gold, and Ottawa’s Barbara Ann Scott takes home the Gold Medal in Figure Skating.


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Air Vice-Marshal William Avery ‘Billy’ Bishop VC, DSO 1938-1956
fighter ace, father of the RCAF, born on this day at Owen Sound, Ontario in 1894; dies Sept 11, 1956 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Bishop shot down 72 German aircraft during World War I, 25 in one ten-day period in 1918. In August 1918 he joined the British Air Ministry and formed the Royal Canadian Air Force as a separate brigade.
Also Dino Ciccarelli 1960-
NHL right winger, was born on this day in 1960. Ciccarelli has played for the Minnesota North Stars and the Washington Capitals.


In Other Events…
1995 Ottawa Ontario – Romeo LeBlanc appointed Governor General; Acadian native; former teacher, journalist, federal Cabinet Minister.
1994 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa slashes tobacco taxes to reduce rampant cigarette smuggling; Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces follow; failure to control smuggling.
1992 Albertville, France – Canadian team attends opening of the 16th Winter Olympic Games in Albertville.
1990 Ottawa Ontario – Jean Chretien 1934- announces he will run for the Leadership of the federal Liberal party; on resignation of John Turner
1986 Hinton Alberta – Nine-car VIA Rail passenger train collides head-on with a CN freight, killing 29, injuring 93.
1983 Uniondale New York – Wayne Gretzky of the Edmonton Oilers scores all-star record four goals, all in the third period, as the Campbell Conference beats the Wales 9-3 at Nassau Coliseum.
1980 Montreal Quebec – Former NHL president Clarence Campbell found guilty of conspiring to give Senator Louis Giguère a benefit in connection with a contract for airport duty-free shops; the Sky Shop affair.
1967 Toronto Ontario – Longest losing streak in Toronto Maple Leaf history (10 games).
1960 Montreal Quebec – Federal-provincial conference on the Centennial backs Montreal bid for 1967 World’s Fair.
1945 Reichswald Germany – First Canadian Army attacks German positions in the Reichswald; part of Allied offensive into Germany; west of Rhine, north of Ruhr Valley.
1936 Toronto Ontario – Charlie Conacher notches the first successful Toronto Maple Leaf penalty shot, against the New York Rangers.
1918 Ottawa Ontario – George Eulas Foster 1847-1931 chairs new War Trade Board.
1905 Toronto Ontario – James Pliny Whitney 1834-1914 takes office as Premier of Ontario; first Conservative government in Ontario since 1872
1853 Ottawa Ontario – J. B. Turgeon, the Mayor of Bytown, petitions town Council to change name of Bytown to Ottawa.
1839 Aroostook New Brunswick – American and Canadian loggers clash in Aroostook lumber war over undefined boundary with Maine; truce struck on March 25.
1690 Schenectady New York – Louis de Buade et de Palluau, Comte de Frontenac 1622-1698 organizes attack by Mohawk natives and French troops against Schenectady; 60 people killed, 30 captured.
1631 London England – Charles I grants Cape Breton Island to Robert Gordon of Lochinvar and son Robert.
1631 Paris France – King Louis XIII 1601-1643 names Charles de La Tour Governor and Lieutenant-General of New France and Acadia; commission partly restored after peace treaty in 1632; La Tour builds Fort Ste-Marie at mouth of Saint John River, rich fur region.
1604 Paris France – Pierre de Gua de Monts c1558-1628 forms de Monts Trading Company with Champlain and Gravé du Pont; Canada’s first chartered company; with capital from Rouen, St. Malo and La Rochelle merchants.
In World Events…
1952 London England – Queen Elizabeth the Second takes the Oath of Accession to the Throne, following the death two days earlier of her father, King George the Sixth.
1965 Detroit Michigan – Supremes release ‘Stop In the Name of Love’.
1926 Hollywood California – Founding of the Walt Disney Studios.
1926 Dublin Ireland – Sean O’Casey’s The Plough & the Stars opens at the Abbey Theatre.
1861 Montgomery Alabama – Confederate States of America organize in Montgomery.
1587 Edinburgh Scotland – Mary, Queen of Scots beheaded.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1931 USA – James Dean, stage/film actor, Giant, Rebel Without a Cause.
1925 Boston Massachusetts – Jack Lemmon, actor, Days of Wine & Roses, Missing.
1906 USA – Chester F Carlson, inventor, xerography, the Xerox machine.
1828 France – Jules Verne, science fiction pioneer, From the Earth to the Moon.
1820 USA – William Tecumseh Sherman, Civil War general, author of the saying, ‘War is hell’.
1819 England – John Ruskin, writer, critic, artist, Gothic Revivalist.

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