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February 11

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1869 WHELAN HANGED IN OTTAWAOttawa Ontario – Patrick James Whelan c1840-1869 hanged in a snowstorm before a crowd of 5,000 people for the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee; denies he did it; second last public execution in Canada.

Also On This Day...

Toronto Ontario – Frederick Grant Banting 1891-1941 announces the discovery of insulin, used to treat diabetes, at the University of Toronto; with colleagues C.H. Best (1899-1978), J.B. Collip (1892-1965) and J.J.R. Macleod (1876-1935).


And in Today's Canadian Birthdays...

Leslie Nielsen 1926-
TV/Movie actor, comedian, born on this day at Regina Saskatchewan in 1926. Nielsen was raised in Fort Norman in the Yukon, where his father ran the RCMP detachment. He has starred in over fifty movies and 1,500 TV films. His most famous role is Lt. Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun series [in the picture]. One of his two brothers, Eric, became Joe Clark’s deputy Prime Minister. For more on his films, check the Internet Movie Database .
Also Abby Hoffman 1945-
runner, was born on this day at Toronto in 1945. Hoffman won her first national championship at age 15, running in the 880 yards.. She competed for Canada internationally from 1962-76, in four Olympics, four Pan-American Games (2 Golds) and two Commonwealth Games (1 Gold). After her retirement she served as Director of Sport Canada.



In Other Events…
1984 Edmonton Alberta – Wayne Gretzky sets NHL short handed season scoring record of 11 goals.
1978 Cranbrook BC – Pacific Western Airlines aircraft crashes at Cranbrook, killing 43 people; snowplow on runway during PWA jet’s landing.
1977 Nova Scotia – Fisherman catches 20.2-kg lobster off Nova Scotia; the world’s heaviest known crustacean.
1972 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa unveils $1.7 million aid package to bolster the Canadian book publishing industry.
1971 Montreal Quebec – Montreal Canadien captain John Beliveau scores his 500th NHL goal.
1971 Washington DC – Canada with 62 other countries signs treaty banning nuclear weapons from the ocean floor.
1969 Montreal Quebec – Student demonstrators destroy $1.4 million computer and set fire to data centre at Sir George Williams University; 97 persons charged with conspiracy to commit mischief and arson.
1967 Quebec Quebec – Opening of first Canada Winter Games; held for a week in Quebec City
1964 Port-au-Prince Haiti – Haiti expels eighteen Canadian Jesuits on grounds their activities are subversive.
1963 Kapuskasing Ontario – Shoot-out between loggers and independents sees three Kapuskasing loggers killed and nine wounded.
1957 New York City – Founding of the NHL Players Association, with Detroit Red Wings’ Ted Lindsay elected President of the NHLPA.
1940 Montreal Quebec – John Buchan, Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield 1875-1940 Governor-General dies in Montreal.
1928 St Moritz, Switzerland – Canadian team attends opening of the second Winter Olympic games in St Moritz.
1920 London England – Canada attends opening meetings of the Council of the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations.
1918 Ottawa Ontario – Government sets up Food Board, replacing the Food Controller; controlled by Ministry of Agriculture
1907 Edmonton Alberta – Founding of the Supreme Court of Alberta.
1901 Ottawa Ontario – William Lyon Mackenzie King 1874-1950 deplores employment of children under age 12; in the first Annual Report of the Bureau of Labour.
1897 Ottawa Ontario – Fire destroys part of the West wing of the Parliament Buildings.
1896 Ottawa Ontario – Prime Minister Mackenzie Bowell 1823-1917 introduces the Manitoba Remedial School Bill, to force Manitoba to restore separate schools; withdrawn on April 16 after no decision.
1887 Vancouver BC – CPR opens Pacific steamship service to the Orient.
1839 London England – John Lambton, Lord Durham 1792-1840 submits his ‘Report on the Affairs of British North America’ to Parliament; recommends Union of the Canadas and the provinces of British North America
1834 Toronto Ontario – William Lyon Mackenzie forcibly ejected from the Upper Canada legislature.
In World Events…
1968 Grenoble, France – Peggy Fleming wins Olympic Figure Skating Gold medal in Grenoble; her coach and the entire US team were killed in an air crash two years earlier.
1963 London, England – Sylvia Plath, US poet/novelist, kills herself at age 30 by putting her head in a gas oven.
1916 New York City – Emma Goldman arrested for lecturing on birth control.
1889 Tokyo Japan – Meiji constitution of Japan adopted; the first Diet convenes in 1890.
1531 London England – Henry VIII recognized as supreme head of the Church in England.
660 BC Japan – Emperor Jimmu Tenno founds Japan; traditional date.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1936 Waycross Georgia – Burt Reynolds, actor, Dan August, Gunsmoke, The End.
1925 USA – Dr Virginia E Johnson, physician, sexologist, Masters & Johnson.
1921 Budapest Hungary – Eva Gabor, actor, Lisa in Green Acres, Gigi.
1898 Hungary – Leo Szilard, physicist, A-bomb scientist, peace activist.
1846 England – William Fox Talbot, pioneer photographer/inventor.

<!– “I sometimes wonder if we are helped by too full a knowledge of medical literature. I must frankly confess that, had I read all that was written on diabetes and known all of the conflicting views and theories I would probably never have tackled the problem.”
Frederick Banting
Speech in Chicago
Mar 6, 1924

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