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February 15

maple leaf Today's Canadian Headline...
1946 KING REVEALS GOUZENKO SPY PROBEOttawa Ontario – William Lyon Mackenzie King 1874-1950 tells Parliament about Soviet spy ring activities in Canada; explains measures needed to investigate, detain suspects; based on revelations from Igor Gouzenko, a former clerk at the USSR Embassy in Ottawa; charges are later laid against 21 people, and 11 are convicted.

Also On This Day...

Grenoble France – Nancy Greene 1943- wins Gold Medal in Women’s Giant Slalom at the Tenth Winter Olympics in Grenoble. Here she is on the podium after her win.


Also On This Day...

Ottawa Ontario – Canada’s new Maple Leaf flag is unfurled in ceremonies on Parliament Hill; adopted after two-year debate and Royal Proclamation Jan. 28; replaces the Red Ensign.

In Other Events…
1996 Victoria British Columbia – Ottawa settles claim with the Nisg’a Indians of BC; grants $190 million and full title to 1,930 sq km
1996 Hull Quebec – Prime Minister Jean Chrétien scuffles with a protestor disrupting Flag Day ceremonies.
1991 Washington DC – Canada joins Mexico and US in talks on a continental free-trade pact.
1982 Newfoundland – Oil drilling rig Ocean Ranger capsizes and sinks during a fierce storm on the Grand Banks 315 km east of St. John’s; all 84 crewmen, mostly Newfoundlanders, drown in worst marine disaster in Canada since World War II.
1980 United Nations New York – Iran officially complains to the UN that Canada had abused diplomatic privilege by smuggling six Americans out of Iran using diplomatic passports.
1980 Edmonton Alberta – Wayne Gretzky ties NHL record with 7 assists.
1979 Hollywood California – Anne Murray wins Grammy Award for top female vocalist. pianist Oscar Peterson, wins the jazz instrumental soloist Grammy.
1977 Toronto Ontario – Royal Bank transfers three head office departments from Montreal to Toronto.
1976 Innsbruck Austria – 12th Winter Olympic games close at Innsbruck. Kathy Kreiner takes home the Gold Medal in Womens Giant Slalom.
1973 Victoria BC – Pearson College of the Pacific to be built near Victoria; modeled after United World College of the Atlantic in Wales; named after Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson 1897-1972.
1973 Ottawa Ontario – Ottawa restricts oil exports to US, due to possible shortages.
1950 Ottawa Ontario – Government lifts the last wartime price controls on goods; brought in during World War II.
1932 Lake Placid New York – Third Winter Olympic games close at Lake Placid; Winnipeg Hockey Club team takes home Gold Medal in Ice Hockey for Canada.
1930 Ottawa Ontario – Cairine Wilson appointed Canada’s first woman Senator.
1926 Prince Albert Saskatchewan – William Lyon Mackenzie King 1874-1950 wins by-election in Prince Albert after losing North York riding Oct 29, 1925.
1910 Berlin Germany – Canada signs reciprocity agreements with Germany; mutual tariff reductions.
1888 USA – Joseph Chamberlain signs Chamberlain-Bayard Treaty giving US fishermen rights in inshore Canadian waters; later rejected by British Parliament, but US fishermen allowed to take out Canadian licenses.
1881 Ottawa Ontario – Canadian Pacific Railway contract receives Royal Assent.
1880 Little Egypt Nova Scotia – Canada’s first quintuplets born in Little Egypt, near Pictou; three live one day, the other two survive two days.
1872 Victoria BC – BC Legislature meets for the first time as a Province of Canada.
1781 Coteau du Lac Quebec – William Twiss finishes building North America’s first lock canal at Coteau du Lac, on the St Lawrence River.
1764 St. Louis Missouri – Pierre Laclède founds a fur trade post at St. Louis.
1625 Paris France – Samuel de Champlain appointed representative of the viceroy of Canada and instructed to find a route to China.
In World Events…
1994 North Korea – North Korea allows International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to check 7 nuclear plants, after a year-long standoff.
1993 Slovakia – Slovak Parliament elects economist Michal Kovac as the newly-independent country’s first President.
1989 Kabul Afghanistan – Last 100,000 Soviet troops leave Afghanistan under UN accord; 10 years after troops sent to help Marxist government.
1971 London England – Britain changes over to decimal currency from pounds, shillings and pence, after 1200 years of sterling.
1961 Belgium – Entire US figure skating team of 18 dies in Sabena 707 plane crash.
1950 New York City – Walt Disney premieres his masterpiece of animation, Cinderella.
1942 Singapore – British-led force of 85,000 troops surrenders Singapore to a Japanese force less than half its size after week-long battle.
1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany – Sonja Henie of Norway wins her third consecutive Olympic figure skating gold.
1932 Lake Placid New York – Eddie Eagan wins Gold Medal for US in bobsledding; also won Summer Olympics Gold Medal in Boxing; the only athlete to win gold in both Summer and Winter Olympics.
1922 The Hague Netherlands – Permanent Court of International Justice holds its first session.
1898 Havana Cuba – Spanish-American war began after the battleship USS Maine, on a goodwill mission, strikes a mine and blows up in Havana Harbour, killing 258 sailors.
Today’s Global Birthdays…
1954 USA – Matt Groening, cartoonist, Life in Hell, The Simpsons.
1934 Switzerland – Niklaus Wirth, computer programmer, inventor of the PASCAL language.
1931 London England – Claire Bloom, actor, Charly, Look Back in Anger.
1882 USA – John Barrymore, actor, Beloved Rogue.
1874 Ireland – Earnest Shackleton, explorer of Antarctica.
1820 USA – Susan B. Anthony, woman’s suffragist.
1812 Killingly Connecticut – Charles Lewis Tiffany, jeweler.
1809 USA – Cyrus Hall McCormick, inventor of the mechanical reaper.
1710 Paris France – Louis XV 1710-1774, King of France.
1564 Pisa Italy – Galileo Galilei, astronomer, physicist.

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